Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We're baffled by Governor Tom Corbett's suggestion that incoming Attorney General Kathleen Kane use "outside counsel" to conduct her probe into Corbett's own bungling of the Jerry Sandusky case. (Times-Tribune, 1/11/13)

After all, Corbett has said the use of outside counsel to investigate fellow politicians is illegal. (York Daily Record, 7/22/08)

"It's obvious [he] doesn't understand the law," Corbett's spokesman and ex-political candidate Kevin Harley sneered when John Morganelli (and pretty much everyone else) suggested that Corbett appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the legislature.

For the record, we're also baffled why the Times-Tribune editorial board didn't ask Corbett about the contradiction.

But they're just following tradition. No one blinked when Attorney General candidate David Freed suggested that, if elected, he could assign the case against his father-in-law, Leroy Zimmerman, to a special prosecutor. (Patriot-News, 12/6/11)

Tell us, Kevin Harley, does anyone in Pennsylvania, even our Governor, understand the law?


JAEL said...

WOW!! The ultimate in hypocrisy and shadiness

Anonymous said...

Think about it, Corbett's call for an outside investigator makes perfect sense to him.

The facts: Corbett now wants an outside investigator to examine why he used an investigator from outside the Office of the Attorney General OAG) to investigate Sandusky.

Attorney General Kane is right. She needs an investigator who is loyal to her and not a billing machine. Corbett would love to see this become a budget buster for the new AG.

There are people inside OAG who know why Corbett and Fina sent the case to the Grand Jury. Time for staff to talk.

There are people inside OAG who know why Fina pulled his Child Predator Unit into the jury selection process for the House trials and ignore the Sandusky case. Time to talk, staff.

After losing the Ramaley Trial, Corbett and Fina decided that controlling the jury selection process was the #1 priority.

How much money did the tazpayers pay for Corbett and Fina to select their juries and ignore Sandusky?

Corbett and Fina are control freaks who will now claim the other called the shots or they don't recall.

The truth lies within the walls of OAG. I hope Attorney General Kane and her new staff unravel Corbett and Fina's abuse of the law.

Corbett will continue to throw things up on the wall to cause AG Kane pain.

What do you think the Lottery outsourcing is all about?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Harley like Charles Colson will be in Jail Tighst some day, he will not take the Gobbeles Route because he is too stupid.

When under the Grand Jury, he will lie until he has to admit he was part of very political prowling power that misued justice or cave like a crying child asking for forgivness.

Harley is going down too!

Anonymous said...

Was Harley one of Corbett's Executive Staff to receive a recent pay raise?

I wonder if Corbett arranged for Fina to get a raise in Philly?

Anonymous said...

Many Voters continue to hold Corbett at least partly responsible for what they consider unnecessary damage to the Commonwealth.

Corbett, remains on the wrong side of voters issue, according to all polls and his re-election is in serious doubt.

The majority of the state voters think Corbett's handling of the Sandusky, Bonusgate, and Second Mile campaign funds taking and his stewardship as Attorney General, with just 26 percent saying they approved.

Look for Corbett to retire for health reasons as the Republican party is now seeking damage control.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is now just experiencing a supernatural punishment of a person, a group of people, or all humanity by a deity in response to some wrongful human action.

What is happening is an example of divine retribution, the Bible refers to be divine retribution as being delayed or "treasured up" to a future time.

Divine retribution is aligned with divine vengeance. Almighty God alone is a just judge. Delayed judgment will eventually become eternally displayed closely associated with Divine administration of justice.

All involved into turning ethical violations into crimes and from Inevstigators, to Prosecutors, to Judges and those that benefited from such prowling for power from Republican Senate Staffers, to Corbett Campaign Contributors, to Corbett, Sam Smith, and Leroy Zimmerman are about to experience such Divine Justice, they never thought would happen, just like ricahrd Nixon.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean, Romans 12:19-21, do you not?

Nixon once said, you cannot appreciate the highest mountain until you have been in the deepest valley, Corbett is losing ground ever so minutes of each day.

You have an excellent point.

Anonymous said...

Governor Space Cadet mentioned that there is only one store in Adams county--Gettysburg.

There used to be 2--another in Littlestown--but the overhead of operating a even a 1-man store at limited hours for an insufficient demand/income led to its closing.

I wonder what mysteries will be uncovered about his political favors owed and repaid with Commonwealth resources when the new Attorney General starts peeling the layers off during her inquest into Sandusky Victims Gate?

Follow the money, folks--for years it was a major pharmacy chain that was hot for privatized liquor licenses.

People, especially politicians, do not do things out of the kindness of their hearts--it's got to have lots of cash beckoning, or a cushy post-political job, or a big favor in election to motivate a politician.

First, Corbett frakked us up real good and passed gas on us as and added insult.

Next, he and his posse of midnight law-passers pulled the plug on a lottery organization that has been used as the very model of a successful, efficient, and profitable lottery for a British Company not an American one.

Now, waving the flag of education, which is about as believable as any of his other campaign promises, the Beast from the Maclay Street Mansion opens its jaws to devour and excrete the 2nd largest single purveyor of alcoholic beverages in the world, which, by the way has made greater and greater profit margins each year, even when said purveyor was forced to allocate a huge chunk of its own profits to modernize its computers and software packages.

He took money from Cyber-Schools that now reveal they cannot educate our children???

And pensions?

The employees have been paying their share of the pension packages agreed to--but the Commonwealth has not kept up its side.

Get rid of your stereotypes and open your eyes and ears--broad statements about state workers are about as true as generalizations about .

Anonymous said...

Rumors flying that Corbett's Son-In-Law has troubles coming by means of needing a Lawyer.

The Republican Controlled Traffic Court Judges are about to lawyer up to stay out of prison.

Trouble brewing enough to the same as Agnew Was removed, then Nixon.

That is 1, 2, 3, Your Out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Philly news tonight said he took marked money. They also said that he and Corbett's daughter have been separated for a few months.

They say women often marry men who remind them of their father.

Sounds about right, now she'll have to decide which last name is worse?

I'm surprised that daddy in law didnt try and make a phone call to squash this one...... we will have to see what happens?

Birds of a feather......the FBI is looking into the wrong family member, might I suggest looking less in Philly and more in Harrisburg.

How soon till Corbett gets Harley to blame an Obama conspiracy for whatever his son-in-law may have done?

For people who like smaller government, the Corbett family has no problem collecting three government paychecks (including the job he gave his daughter in the AG's office). Such hypocrites.

Talk about Divine Retribution or Karma....what about Victim 1 and his mgther..who were left out in the cold by Corbett...for over 5 years and had to call the Philadelphia office of the FBI to push for some action against Sandusky?

Where is Fraud Fina now, and looks like more to come out on Corbett.

I see a quiet retirement due to wanting to spend more time with his family and to avoid a second term election disaster.

Anonymous said...

So far as the Sandusky case is concerned, everybody who deserves to be taken down.......should be taken down......and taken down hard, including Corbett.

"The Second Mile, the charity founded by Sandusky, contributed more than $200,000 to his campaign. Once he was elected, Corbett's administration approved a $3 million grant to the charity"
Yes folks, the GOP, the party that wants us to worry about deficits.

"Mark Madden, who writes for the Beaver County Times, has said that Sandusky might have been pimping out children with The Second Mile program to rich Penn State donors."

Sandusky Scandal Will Take Down Governor Too. You think he has a 36% approval rating because he looks like Spencer Tracy?

Anonymous said...

Reading the article, I'm wondering if Daddy Governor wasn't involved in the opposite direction..... to his son in law before he ever assessed the content of his character, if you get my drift here

Amusing that someone on this board said that it did not appear awkward for Linda Kelly, a lame-duck Corbett appointee, to give Corbett's daughter a job as a Deputy AG -- ummmm, okay, maybe not to them, but it smacks of "nepotism" to any straight thinking party.

Then I had someone else tell me that she is an Assistant AG -- which she is not, she holds title of Deputy AG.

Anyway, it sounds to me like everybody knew this guy was an unprincipled, "low character" individual for a long time (including his wife and powerful father-in-law I would suspect).

Being without principle and character is not a good place to be with the likes of the Corbett's - it makes you their beatch so to speak.

The second they feel done with you - look out, your little secrets are going to be made public.

I just found his wife's comments rather interesting - they were very terse, but interesting if you ask me.

He is not winning any points with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Are you folks at Casa keeping tabs here? Remember when the R's chastised the hiring of Dan Surra to take the lead of the state program he had written the legislation to create years earlier? The R's said it was an inside job-ignoring that he was supremely qualified. Then he took on a second job's responsibilities, but still making the same salary he was already getting. Two jobs for the price of one-qualified person-sounds like a bargain for the people of PA.

Now, where are those R's now??? Brad Mallory, Tom Ridge's Secretary of Transportation just got himself inside-jobbed back into PennDot. After he was FIRED from Michael Baker Corp because he so badly devalued the company. Guess he will just go back to sucking off the public after screwing up in the private sector. R's? The silence is deafening!