Saturday, February 1, 2014


The US Department of Justice recently indicted former Governor Bob O'Donnell in Virginia for accepting gifts from a businessman in exchange for favors (Associated Press 1/21/2014). Now, it is hard at work in New Jersey investigating Governor Chris Christie's involvement in the lane closures onto the George Washington Bridge and real estate developments in Hoboken.

When will one of the US Attorneys in Pennsylvania begin an investigation of Governor Tom Corbett's relationship with fracking waste hauler John Moran? 

There were gifts exchanged in return for very exclusive access for Moran and favors to his business. That certainly rises to the level of graft outlined by the O'Donnell indictment. And, we're talking about toxic fracking waste from the shale gas extraction industry. That has to be as important an issue as tying up traffic headed onto the George Washington Bridge for a few days.

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Will Bunch has done a fantastic job showing how within the span of a few months, Corbett received vacations and other gifts from Moran in exchange for a blind eye from the Corbett administration's Department of Environmental Protection. (Inquirer 1/16/13) In short, Corbett decided to allow millions of gallons of fracking waste to roll through dozens of Pennsylvania cities and counties in exchange for helicopter rides and a free vacation (State Impact 1/20/12)

Oh, Corbett tried to hide the gifts from the public, too. (Inquirer 1/20/12)

US Attorneys may also want to check into how Corbett used agents from the Office of Attorney General to intimidate Democratic State Representative John Galloway during Corbett's gubernatorial campaign in 2010. (Daily News)  Galloway had the temerity to question and have a public shouting match with the Attorney General over Corbett's laughably selective use of the grand jury investigating the state legislature. 

Keep in mind that the grand jury report on the PA General Assembly as a whole - not just the bonusgate figures - said "hundreds of legislative employees who, although paid by taxpayer dollars to do legislative work, do campaign work on state time." (28th Statewide Grand Jury Report Number One) So, when agents with subpoena power showed up at Galloway's office immediately after his spat with the Attorney General, it wasn't a subtle message from Corbett to the legislator that "you will be next if you don't shut up."

In New Jersey, US Attorneys are investigating how Christie's Lieutenant Governor was a messenger to the Hoboken mayor on a controversial real estate development.  How are two law enforcement officers barging into Galloway's office any less a scene of intimidation that that?  Based on the grand jury report of the ENTIRE state legislature, Galloway certainly had reason to be concerned if subpoenas started landing in his Capitol and district offices. Just look at what is happening to State Senator Leanna Washington after someone decided to look a bit closer at the work her taxpayer funded staff did on her campaign (Inquirer 10/24/13).

Maybe one of Pennsylvania's three US Attorneys are already investigating Corbett's connections to Moran or his unethical use of the Office of Attorney General as a tool of political intimidation. If not, there certainly is enough here - and publicly reported - to look into. Let's hope they get to work.


JAEL said...

This sounds a lot like what goes on here in Bensalem. We have a mayor and a Public Safety Director who think they are above the law, and are getting away with similar things. Do you know of anyone in the DOJ that help us out??

Anonymous said...

John Moran? Stay tuned for a report later tonight.

Anonymous said...

In 2010, John D Moran, Jr's BEST PAC passed $20,000 from former state Rep. Steve Cappelli to Corbett's Campaign Committee. If you recall, Corbett refused campaign contributions from state legislators as a result of his arrests in the Republican Caucus of the state House of Representatives.

Please review the Campaign Finance Reports on the PA Dept of State website. Look under 2010, Cycle 3 reports for Tom Corbett for Governor, BEST PAC and People for Cappelli.

I believe the US Attorney General would be interested in this money trail. Moran certainly knew what was taking place.

Anonymous said...

Where is Besalem?

Anonymous said...

Want Answers to questions?

If you want to know who knew what when, why not simply ask the Penn State Freemason Mafia board of trustees who knew all about Sandusky since 1998 and chose to do nothing.

Corbett knew all about Sandusky as Attorney General and filled in the BOT upon his election as governor and hence BOT member.

Of course the tract of all information will out during the upcoming Curley, Schultz and Spanier trials, which will lead to many members of the Freemason Mafia BOT packing their bags and departing Happy Valley, albeit none too soon.

Anonymous said...

Did I read this correctly, that the OAG deleted the email? Interesting that in June 2013, the OAG refused to hear any additional information from two PSU employees regarding the Sandusky investigation, stating that Sandusky is in jail and the case is closed.

This looks like just the opening round of certain people scurrying about trying to avoid becoming "it."

It sounds like the internal emails from within the Attorney General's Office that are critical to this investigation had become lost, but have now been found (maybe NSA had them). The Central Mountain High School officials reported the Sandusky concern, but it took over 2 years for law enforcement resources to be specifically assigned to the case? It is at least odd that the school officials would not be wondering after 2 years what happened with the concern they had reported

Anonymous said...

Moulton's work impinges on Grand Jury matters that have not been previously made public? It sounds like Kane is now privy to Pandoras Box and doesn't know where to proceed next. She must let the chips fall or she'll pay with her career.

Kane is doing it right unlike Corbett and Fina. It's a legal requirement, no one should want her to be like Corbett and skirt legal requirements!

The biggest news that will come out of this is how prosecutors and the AG worked this case around Paterno instead of including him in the investigation.

Corbett just signed a disaster emergency proclamation, maybe it included his Investigations when he was AG and did not investigate one Senate Staffer that got the highest bonuses but hire them for his campaign?

Anonymous said...

Funny how as Pennsylvania's former attorney general, Mr. Corbett never found the time to prosecute a case of the voter fraud Corbett insist is rampant in the state?????

Anonymous said...

The senate staffer, referred to above, was not indicted and probably worked the Corbett campaign in 2010 as an unpaid volunteer.

Regarding the "Votergate" case, Corbett probably assigned one state trooper to the case. You must be patient, it takes time to build a solid case.

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferarri,
Would you be able to ask Rick if he can obtain the OAG destruction of email policy and publish it for your readers?

AG Kane stated that her special inquiry into Corbett's investigation of Sandusky was derailed due to the lack of an email trail.

Under the 32 year Republican control of the AG's Office, prosecutors subpoenaed emails going back many years. They especially applied this process to "all four caucuses" and PSU.

So, why would OAG destroy their documents in a timely manner? Protection from future prosecution?

To be safe from prosecution, it seems like all individuals, local government officials, school district officials and businesses leaders should adopt the same policy as Corbett's OAG.

If this is good policy for the OAG employees, then it is good policy for everyone in the Commonwealth.

Another fine contribution from the Corbett Administration.

Anonymous said...

Corbett has done nothing right as AG or Governor! He is trying to get re-elected by pushing a bunch of highway jobs from Commonwealth employees to a private venture capital scheme (Public-private-partnership--P3). He has sold our gas rights to the oil industry and the Commonwealth citizens do not get a tax benefit or cheaper natural gas. Heck yeah, Corbett knew about Sandusky and they should be sharing a jail cell together, or better yet, send them both to Corbett's new beach house paid for by the gas industry. What a bad person and a bad leader of our time! Kathleen Kane must stop this guy or the US Attorney General should help us get rid of a greedy self absorbed man. Shame on him for being so self-righteous!!

Anonymous said...


Signor Ferarri,
Please thank Rick, or whomever you tasked, with the disclosure of the OAG "emailgate." The AP just reported that Bill Ryan, acting AG in February 2011, ordered the destruction of OAG emails after six months vs. five years.

Does this mean they destroyed internal emails during ongoing investigations? Sandusky as an example. No wonder AG Kane has a difficult job with her review of the Sandusky investigation.

Attorney General Corbett's Administration internal emails were destroyed soon after Corbett became Governor. The reason was COST? I believe we are talking about internal emails, not emails associated with outside evidence attached with cases. How much cost for how many internal emails?

By the time Kane became AG in January 2013, all of the OAG internal emails were destroyed.

Corbett and Fina used emails to put people in jail, now they rapidly destroy their own emails. Is this the quality of law enforcement expected of the citizens of the Commonwealth? C'ON MAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill Ryan became the acting AG on January 18, 2011, when Corbett took the next step to the office of Governor. Linda Kelly was nominated by Corbett on February 8, 2011 to complete Corbett's second term as AG. Was the order made by Ryan and completed under Kelly's eye?

Anonymous said...

Public records of court filings with the Commonwealth Court and Superior Court indicate that OAG prosecutor Fina admitted that dozens of witness and proffer notes were destroyed prior to the Republican "Computergate" trial and Steve Stetler's trial. This was in defiance of a court order to produce the documents, summer of 2011. Did Bill Ryan order the destruction of witness and proffer notes? Did Fina extend Ryan's email destruction policy to witness and proffer notes?

Anonymous said...

Great to see how AG Citizen Kane responded to anonymous attacks on her with a load of false BS which, if left unanswered, could have harmed her.

Kane not only lets fly at them within a few hours yesterday, she CALLS A PRESSER TODAY and lights them up all over again.

They started the argument, and she had such a devastating counterpunch that she threw it twice.

Their response thus far?

Crickets as Cowards attempts at Scurrilous misinformation.

Politics day to day is about the claim and counterclaim, back and forth.

The usual routine is 3 steps--claim, response, reply, sometimes repeated.

When you make the claim you hold something back. When the other side makes its response/reply it does so assuming you said all you know. They lie, got 'em!

When one side is more skilled, or has better evidence, or both, and it is DEFENDING the attack launched by an aggressor, the response is overwhelming, and reveals many new facts.

When the response lasts into the second day, with no reply, scoring is easy.

Kane counterpunched them stupid and they are frighten what she knows now and found out about them.

This Woman's has got some skillz and bigger balls they do not have and they know it too!.

Anonymous said...

AG Corbett, followed by AG Kelly and Frank Fina also did not hold Joe Paterno accountable:

1. Paterno and others showed "callous and shocking disregard for child victims."

2. Evidence shows Paterno, Spanier, Schultz and Curley did know of 1998 investigation and Paterno "failed to take any action."

3. Penn State let Sandusky retire in 1999 "not as a suspected child predator, but as a valued member of the Penn State football legacy," allowing him to groom victims.

4. Penn State "concealed critical facts ... to avoid consequences of bad publicity."

5. Paterno "was an integral part of this active decision to conceal" and his firing was justified.

6. Penn State did not alert authorities to 2001 assault. Intervening factor in not reporting was conversation between Curley, Paterno.

7. Penn State failed to adhere to federal law requiring reporting crimes such as the ones Sandusky committed.

Yet, Frank Fina said there was no evidence to indict Joseph Vincent Paterno?

Based on Freeh's conclusions we can write the following formulas:

Spanier + Schultz + Paterno + Curley = Cover-Up And Spanier + Schultz + Paterno + Curley = 4.

Based on the transitive property: 4 = Cover-Up

Now take into consideration Frank Fina's statement.

I did not find evidence, that Coach Paterno was a part of the conspiracy to conceal -- to cover-up the crimes at Penn State by Jerry Sandusky.

Considering Fina's statement, the formula now becomes:

Spanier + Schultz + Curley = 3. We already know: 4 = Cover-Up.


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