Thursday, February 20, 2014


How long does it take the most sophisticated law enforcement agency in the sixth-largest state in the nation to track down a single victim of a prolific serial rapist who preyed upon a concentrated population of children and even included some of their identities in his own autobiography?

We may never know.


Anonymous said...

We may never know because Ryan destroyed emails on behalf of Corbett.

Anonymous said...


OK, against OUR better judgement, I've decided to do this for you. The people running the Second Mile (and I mean the really rich guys with the real power on TSM's board of directors - not the scores of hangers-on like Matt Millen) knew about Sandusky and his "strange showering habits" for years, going back to the mid-90's and Corbett's first term as AG for certain, and likely going back even further, possibly to the very beginning of the second mile.

These guys were using the second mile to commit a raft of white collar crime over a very long period of time including tax evasion, money laundering and misappropriation of publc funds which was a big one (think in terms of Tom Corbett realeasing $3,000,000 of PA taxpayer money to Bob Poole to build Jerry's Second Mile pedo pleasure palace three months after the HPN broke the story of the JS investigation and you'll get the general picture).

The white collar crime at the 2nd mile exended beyond 2nd mile people themselves and did include members of the PSU BOT, those 3 or 4 to 6 members who are in the power-elite and have generally not had their names publicly bandied about with regard to the scandal, i.e., not the wannabe stooges you've heard too much from like Peetz, Frazier, Surma, Suhey, and Masser.

We're Talking about the real power brokers with the real moolah who do all their work behind the scenes. Erickson also knew. He was described to me as the eyes and ears of the BoT in Old Main charged with keeping track of who at Penn State knew what and when they knew it.

I've heard the Second Mile's illegal activites went so far as to laundering money for organized crime which goes a long way toward explaining why people in State College were always so reticent about coming forward with what they knew.


Anonymous said...

These folks running the show were also heavily involved in raising money for PA election campaigns. You've no doubt heard about the $641,000 raised by people associated with the TSM for Corbett's run for governor but that just scratches the surface.

They mostly supported GOP candidates but like-minded democrats like Ed Rendell were always welcome at the Second Mile feeding trough as well.

They were involved in all kinds of races, and in particular picked the winners of every PA-AG race up until 2012.

In return for buying PA-AG elections they received protection for Sandusky and themselves from the OAG controlled PA-DPW as well as the Centre County CYS who simpy ignored dozens of complaints about Sandusky over the years.

The reason Sandusky was eventually busted was because he strayed outside his protection zone and into Clinton County where the CYS there had not received the memo.

The 2nd Mile people who knew about Sandusky, not only knew what he was up to, they were HAPPY that it was going on.

What it meant to them was that if the sherbert ever hit the fan they could just throw Sandusky under the bus and deflect any and all attention away from their own illegal activities, which is exactly what happened.

So then the question is; is pedophilia a more outrageous crime than exploiting generations of PA's at risk youth, including harboring and enabling pedophilia for at least a decade and a half, in order to fatten the wallets of people who are already fabulously wealthy?

Well, even that is not exactly an accurate question since Jerry is not a pedophile.

By definition, pedophiles are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, generally less than 10 or 11 years of age.

Sandusky's victims were all pubescent boys, generally in teh range of 11-12 through 15-16 years old.

That technically makes Jerry a hebephile, not a pedophile.

That was yet another of the prosecution's abuses, they deliberately attempted to make the victims appear younger and more helpless than they actually were ostensibly because they knew it would get guys like you....and the jury....a lot more charged up then if they knew the average age of the victims was 13-14 years old.

So the real question is; is Jerry's hebephiliac predilection for groping teenaged boys a more outrageous crime than exploiting generations of PA's at risk youth, including harboring and enabling hebephilia for at least a decade and a half, in order to fatten the wallets of people who are already fabulously wealthy? You decide.

And OBTW, please don't anyone post this on twitter. I don't want it there."

This was posted by a 1k plus subscriber there that goes by the handle Mhentz. Page 8, towards the bottom of the "Sandusky discussion thread" which was originally started as a "could Sandusky be innocent" thread.


Anonymous said...

The public needs to see all the emails destroyed by Bill Ryan, acting Attorney General.

Did the Senate grant him the authority to change policy while he was in a caretaker role?

We are counting on AG Kane.

Anonymous said...

What did Governor Tom Ridge know about Sandusky?

Was one of AG Corbett's reasons for ignoring TSM and state agencies because he was protecting Ridge?

Did Ridge receive support from TSM?

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget some important facts such as Joe & Sue Paterno went on many Free Vacations paid for by the Second Mile and with those Executives and Board Members.

Second Mile was given permission to make and pass out Penn State Football Players Bio Cards, a violation of the NCAA rules, and misuse of "Players Likeness" now being challenged by Former Players before the Federal Courts against the NCAA.

Second Mile was in every County and Elementary and High School in Pennsylvania looking for disadvantage children while keeping contacts with Football and other Penn State Sports Related connections, and made Athletes participate in their charitable events.

But not showing the misuse of the money, relationships, and other things that have since come out.

Now very similar to THON and its shoddy Annual Reporting of where does all the money go, but Penn State University, Faculty, Alumni have a hand in it?

Anonymous said...

There is no question now that it has been revealed, the Acting AG Ryan destroyed all OAG Emails, and how AG Corbett handled the Sandusky Investigation not using his Child Predator Unit, and his relationship with Second Mile Campaign Contributors with Grants, and now appointing one of previous Second Mile Board Members to the PSU Board of Trustees, and no release of the Grand Jury Report until the 409th win, and Corbett's participation in making sure Spanier and Paterno were fired, as Schultz and Curley were indicted, and then doing an about face and suing the NCAA, can be construed as playing politics, but it is actually major mistakes of managerial, political, and professional misjudgments on an issue no one wanted to confront from 1998 or 2001, or 2008, or 2011, but could not be avoided or erased and continues to this very day, now in the Courts.

Anonymous said...

Joe and Sue went on vacations on the Second Mile dollar? Where did you get that nonsense from?

Anonymous said...

Former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno had business ties with board members of The Second Mile, the charity founded by alleged child molester and former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, The Daily is reporting.

The Daily reported Monday that Paterno and three fellow investors, including longtime Second Mile board chairman Robert Poole, secured financing to build a $125 million luxury retirement community around 2002, according to public records.

The publication reports Monday that Paterno and three fellow investors, including longtime Second Mile board chairman Robert Poole, secured financing to build a $125 million luxury retirement community around 2002, according to public records.

The Daily also reports Paterno was partnered with that team of investors in developing a golf resort and nearby restaurant and inn. Paterno also partnered with other current and former Second Mile board members on a bottled water company, a coaching website and a chain of convenience stores.

Anonymous said...

If one wants to investigate through papers housed at the Paterno Library on Penn State's campus. The research will turn up much about Paterno's schedule at that time—his commitments, his cancellations. And a pattern emerges:

One will find, if you dig into Paterno archives from 1998, that he was a very busy man—he wrote in one letter that he had "committed all my free time to" and was "really stretched" by the ongoing fundraising campaign.

One will find that Paternoe was a very reliable man as well.

When Paterno planned to do something, Paterno would do it.

In fact, if someone looks at his agenda from 1998, one will see that Paterno almost always kept to his schedule, and that his only cancellations fall within a very narrow window of time.

The first cancellation is on May 15, two days after police listen in on Sandusky's half-confession to the mother of a young boy.

That evening, Paterno cuts short a fundraising trip to Valley Forge, then cancels a four-day-long personal vacation he had been planning to take from May 16 to 19, to his summer home in Avalon, New Jersey.

Paterno resumes his scheduled fundraising trips in June, about a week after the investigation against Sandusky is dropped.

Paterno doesn't miss any more events for the remainder of the year.

The following season, Sandusky abruptly and unexpectedly announces his retirement.

Something happened that summer, but, The files raise questions but provide no answers.

JoePa told Sally Jenkins he didn't feel adequate to handle such an issue, so he turned it over to higher ups who he believed would be better capable. I wouldn't have felt qualified to handle it.

Now add in Tim Curley, the on-leave Penn State athletic director now charged with perjury in connection with the Sandusky case.

Here's the pertinent aspect, many Paterno watchers, citing how he knew everything that went on in his program, find that claim of ignorance laughable.

Jerry Sandusky retired abruptly in 1999, a year after the investigation, at age 55, at the height of his powers as a ballyhooed football mind.

Supposedly he wanted to devote more energy to his Second Mile charity.

Apparently he'd been told by Paterno that he would never be his successor as head coach.

But just why Paterno told him that is an open question.

When Sandusky left, the friend who's been close to Tim Curley for more than 40 years told the A.D. he was surprised the coach was gone."

"It's for a very good reason," Curley told him—but he wouldn't elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Coincidences Or Patterns and Practices Of Corbett's Prosecutors????

Always hiding behind Grand Jury Secrecy But never investigated ???

The truth about why Second Mile has never been investigated and is a defunct charity ???

Paterno was in Business with important Second Mile Board Members, who was never indicted, but these Second Mile Board members contributed to Corbett's Campaign and later got a$3 million Grant that had to be retracted, and now one has been appointed to the Board of Trustees by Corbett?

The Grand Jury Report only comes out the week after Paterno wins his 409th NCAA Victories??

AG Corbett's Child Predator Unit never used in 2008 to investigate Sandusky that delayed the investigation until after the Governor's Election???

Tom Corbett and Bonusgate: Did Senate Republicans get a break? Video??????

Corbett, in a recent interview with PennLive, again declined an opportunity to fully explain the differences in what his investigators found in their look at the Senate Republican caucus, citing the secrecy rules surrounding grand jury investigations???

Now all the Emails, Evidence, and Notes destroyed to save money???

If this RICO they would all have their assets frezzed and be running towards making deals for witness protection and immunity.

Something rotten all these coincidences looking like patterns and practices of corrupt prosecutors?????

Anonymous said...

The Commonwealth's failure to have Children Youth Services and The Second Mile institute a protection plan in 2008 also result in Jerry's continued predation on children!

The Sandusky Trial testimony is on record Victim 9 was abused into the fall of 2009.

This is another example where it appears Tom Corbett was more than happy to let Penn State foot the bill for the Commonwealth's many failures?

Then Corbett Appointee Kelly leaving Former Acting AG Ryan destroying all the Emails to save the Commonwealth Money???

There is no question, The PAOAG under Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan certainly endangered the welfare of that child Victim 9 by not ensuring a protection plan was in place.

I would think that EWOC charges might be in order of the agencies and individuals at The Second Mile.

Probably will pile on EWOC with the other white collar crime charges to The Second Mile inner circle, but Corbett was there to protect hi Campaign Contributors not the Children!

Anonymous said...

AG Kane is coming close to unraveling the mysteries of Acting AG Ryan's Email destructions under the name it saved money.....

"The extraordinarily lenient Cooperation Agreement which absolved the CI of criminal liability for his massive
fraud was seemingly done in an expedited manner designed to strip Attorney General Kane of any ability to exercise her professional judgment or control.

Specifically, the OAG Attorney directing the investigation executed the Cooperation Agreement on OAG's behalf on
November 30, 2012, twenty four (24) days after Attorney General Kane's election on November 6, 2012, and forty five (45) days before she assumed office.

Adding to that questionable activity is the fact that
the OAG Attorney directing the investigation did not bring the
Cooperation Agreement to the attention of his immediate supervisor (the then Criminal Division Executive Deputy Attorney General) until January
4, 2013, which notably happened to be the supervisor's last day at OAG prior to his retirement.

Sounds like someone either paid this Former OAG Attorney to screw up cases or they had something on him/her and cover-up their tracks now turning into their own tears.

The time for this dude/dudette should be investigated and begin prosecutions, of Frank Fina and the Minions that misused the PAOAG for Corbett's Political Agenda.

Anonymous said...

John R. Zimmerman v. Thomas W. Corbett, et al.


Nov 14, 6:26 PM EST: Former Pa. House aide sues over corruption arrest
By MARK SCOLFORO, Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) -- A former Pennsylvania House Republican legislative aide sued Gov. Tom Corbett and six others Thursday for what he claims was malicious prosecution during an investigation into misuse of government resources for political campaigns.

John R. Zimmerman says he was unfairly portrayed as a criminal after charges were filed against him in 2009. They were dropped two years later.

Zimmerman alleges he was charged to prevent him from being a witness to help other defendants, to retaliate against him for supporting former House Speaker John Perzel and to balance the number of Republicans and Democrats being prosecuted.

"His name was dragged through the mud," his lawyer, Devon Jacob, said Thursday. "The reality is he was forced to do a perp walk in front of the cameras."

Corbett was attorney general when the legislative corruption began in January 2007, after news broke that lawmakers quietly handed out millions in bonuses to their aides.

The other defendants in Zimmerman's suit are Linda Kelly, who Corbett nominated to take over as attorney general after he was elected governor, as well as three prosecutors and two investigators who worked on the Zimmerman case.

A spokesman for Corbett declined comment, as did the investigators. Kelly and the prosecutors did not return phone messages. Joe Peters, press secretary for the current attorney general, Kathleen Kane, declined comment, saying the office may have to defend Corbett.

Zimmerman, who now lives in Hummelstown, was charged in the investigation that focused on how House Republicans used state-paid computer resources to gain an advantage in campaigns.

The former aide to House Republicans was charged with conspiracy, obstruction and hindering apprehension, accused of helping hide evidence.

The lawsuit claims that both the grand jury report that named him and the warrant for his arrest "were obtained by deceit, fraud, perjury and other corrupt means."

"The defendants waited until the eve of Zimmerman's trial to voluntarily dismiss the criminal charges against him because they knew that a trial would expose their malicious prosecution of Zimmerman and result in an acquittal," Jacob wrote in the 36-page federal complaint.

Perzel, a longtime Republican power broker from Philadelphia, was among those convicted in the case. He is currently serving time in a state prison.


Anonymous said...

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office was run as a political operation by Republicans for 30 freaking years.

No place needed sunshine and oxygen more than then this bastion of abuse, dishonesty, and protection of powerful people prowling for power by attacking those they saw as enemies.

It's just what you would expect -- Kane starts turning over rocks, she finds a lot of snakes and lizards, now running for cover, and they are trying to bite back as best they can.

I read the details of the Inky story and Kane's response actually adds up both on timelines and targeting with the abuse of investigative power.

Corbett was the worst. Anybody who's been paying attention at all knows that Corbett targeted Democrats, sprinkling in a few Republicans (and even then, it was Republicans who didn't pay homage to Corbett).

Here they took a guy who stole $240,000 from the state and LET HIM OFF THE HOOK COMPLETELY so they could bring penny-ante sting against Corbett's favorite target Democrats.


They now know they cannot cover up anymore and like snakes trapped against a boulder they are hissing and spitting venom, but AG Kane has protective glasses on that is seeing the Hard Drives they thought were erased!

The Snake hunt is hust starting!

Anonymous said...

Now that Kane applies a little common sense the fictional investigations are not adding up upon review.

AG Kane was very smart, by actually went to the trouble to run it by the feds to see if they had interest, and of course they didn't, and now Fina is crying foul from his own smelly odors. I

Funny, the only tragedy is that the fraudster Corbett that took $240,000 from The Second Mile, and never investigated them, since Fina selected maliciously whom he would prosecute, and never a GOP contributor?

And for this the Republicans are crying about political bias? Give me a freaking break.

Anybody who's a close follower of Penn State football knows how political Corbett was in his handling of the Sandusky case -- both in protecting his Second Mile campaign contributors, then in roping in Spanier just at the time Corbett was trying to get Spanier fired.

And finally in getting Paterno fired, getting Freeh hired and bringing hellfire and brimstone down on Penn State.


Anonymous said...

Kane pretty much did the same thing to Corbett corrupt acolyte Barry Feudale - she took him out in the 1st Round and knocked him out cold. Corbett is going to run out of minions to send to fight her if he keeps this up.....this is like Tuco sending his men to the slaughter against Blondie and Angel Eyes in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.....

Anonymous said...

But it was mainly impressive because Kane had done her homework. She had her facts lined up. She was prepared for the story to break.

Kane had delegated the case and the decision to one of the Corbett holdovers in the office, and she followed his advice.

She makes a very good case and I liked her detailed response making sure everyone knew Fina did nothing then and today.

Doesn't mean that politics doesn't play a role in her decisionmaking -- of course it does, just like for the Republican AGs who preceded her.

But she has a LEGAL basis for the decision to investigate the OAG under Frank Fina, and it appears to be a sound one.

Fina the blow hard can blow hard but it doesn't touch her.

Kane has really shown a willingness to make tough decisions and then defend them.

She has taken some very controversial stands (like stopping Corbett from selling the lottery on constitutional grounds) and not been burned yet because it appears to me she does her homework.

Corbett's worse nightmare and Fina Jail ready, and More To Come!

Anonymous said...

"It appears possible that quite a number of people at Penn State University either knew or suspected something untoward was happening," Fina said.

But, no need to look at TSM, where the real child abuse by Sandusky stuff was really going on, and ignored by Fina?

Yep, noticed that Fina - who is grandstanding now against Dems -- did not seem to want to investigate or charge Corbett buddies and donors at the Sandusky Second Mile charity.

So why should anyone trust anything Fina says or does as a prosecutor.

Think we need a special prosecutor to now investigate Fina?

Anonymous said...

Someone read Kathleen Kane's recent update of the Moulton investigation, read between the lines, and is losing their nerves, freaked out, and going to pieces?

Dare, I mention that Corbett lived in Shaler and launched his political career from Shaler before his current residency in Harrisburg..... Frank Fina is living in Philly Metro Area and working at Philly DA's Office for PSU Grad, and current PSU BOT candidate, Seth Williams..... Coincidence that the article regurgitating the one-sided "False Narrative" is being fed to a major Philly and Pittsburgh media outlet?

I think not.

"The history of the race, and each individual's experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal" Mark Twain

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