Thursday, November 1, 2012


Is there anyone out there who doesn't believe Governor Tom Corbett should be investigated over his conduct  in the tardy Jerry Sandusky investigation?

If so, then today provides even more rationale for a probe of then-Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Corbett's lack of action that allowed a violent child-predator to walk the street for years after his heinous crimes came to light.

Agent Randy Feathers tells the Patriot News today that:

"'Anyone who sat through that trial knows it was a thorough investigation,' he said.  'I don't care what it looks like.  I know because I was there.  There was no holding back.'" (Patriot News 11/1/2012)

Yet, just hours later at the news conference to announce charges against former Penn State University President Graham Spanier, a reporter paraphrased State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan regarding why only one state trooper was assigned to the investigation for more than a year:

"Noonan:  does not wish, in hindsight, for more personnel.  'there would have been nothing for them to do.'" (Ganim Tweet 11/1/2012)

Well, what was it? Was it the no-holds barred, aggressive, turn-over-every-stone, pursuit of a dangerous sex offender that Feathers described?  Or, the leisurely investigation Noonan describes where only one trooper was enough?

It's tough to tell, given even Feathers contradicts himself nearly in the same breath:

"'I didn't want a whole lot of investigators on this case,' he continued.  'You don't want 20 different investigators going after a bunch of kids.  You want to keep it as small as possible.'" (Patriot News 11/1/2012)

No holding back or keeping it as small as possible?  Which was it?

Furthermore, it is becoming murky now as to who was actually calling the shots.  Feathers clearly is fall guy Corbett will use if an investigation is initiated in 2013.  Here is Feathers taking responsibility for the assignment of a single trooper to the Sandusky case:

"Feathers also says he, not Corbett, made the decision to limit personnel on the case until January 2011.  Until then, there was one state police trooper working with his supervisor, plus an agent working under Feathers.  Feathers was supervising a unit out of Altoona and also worked on the case himself.  'I was asked weekly if I had enough personnel,' Feathers said.  'I never asked for help until 2011 when we had more subpoenas and more evidence.  Then, I got eight more troopers and four more agents.  If anyone wants to criticize, I'm the one to criticize because I made that decision weekly." (Patriot News 11/1/2012)

But, in Victim #1's book, the brave young man and his psychologist make it clear that at every turn they were told it was then-Attorney General Tom Corbett who was the final authority on all things Sandusky:

"Gillum writes about conversations with [Senior Deputy Attorney General] Jonelle Eshbach, and how she kept promising that an arrest would come - first in March 2010, then in the summer of that year, and continuously until it finally happened in November 2011.  Each time, Gillum writes that Eshbach wouldn't give a straight answer for a delay, but instead says that her 'hands were tied' or that her boss, Corbett, makes all the final decisions." (Patriot News 10/25/2012)

Under oath, will Eshbach stick with her original story, or shift to Feathers' newly found sense of responsibility?

Perhaps the most telling bit of information is the biggest "no-shit-sherlock" statement out of the Office of Attorney General up to this point.  Again, here is a reporter's paraphrase via tweet from today's Spanier news conference:

"Grand jury process was much more effective after the Nov. 5 charges [against Sandusky] were filed last year." (Ganim tweet 11/1/2012)

Of course the investigation got easier and more victims came forward...Sandusky was "off the street" and under supervision.  Very vulnerable victims for the first time could finally feel safe to step forward and know they were not with all similar investigations.

Was the investigation aggressive and robust or slow and incremental?  Was Feathers calling the critical shots or did the buck stop with Corbett?  And, how was the OAG so daft not to understand a quick arrest of Sandusky would make the investigation go so much more smoothly?

Only an investigation in 2013 will sort this mess out.


Anonymous said...

The citizens of PA must demand an investigation of the Sandusky prosecution.

The Grand Jury is a rubber stamp for the Attorney General. It is a political tool used to provide cover for the AG. If it took 2 1/2 years to indict Sandusky, then it was the AG that set the schedule. Period.

Members of the Grand Jury listen to the prosecutors' witnesses and sign the Presentment written by the AG.

The AG controlled the Grand Jury timeline and indictment schedule.

If Corbett had been serious about the Sandusky investigation, he would have assigned the assets necessary to investigate and indict the Giant of Center County.

Anonymous said...

These educators appear to miss the point that the molested kids were more seriously "let down" by the Center County DA, the Dept of Public Welfare, and the Second Mile administration in 1998 and then the AG of PA in 2008 who was more interested in his running for election to the governorship than arresting a child molester.

The PSU BOT shares huge part in the blame that is falling on the administration and any cosmetic changes they are making are strictly that because the same group of weasels who allowed this to happen still sit on the board and their names are known to every Penn Stater.

The Republican Party should become a target of this cover up and its rejection to find out what happen under an Independent Prosecutor.

If the PAOAG has nothing to hide along with Republicans they should welcome all inquiries with nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

And in 2008, the number one legal officer in PA -- Attorney General Corbett showed total disregard for not only the children but also for the law that he was supposed to enforce.

He was totally focused on being the next governor of PA and had the guts to tell a molested kid that the office could only charge Sandusky if more victims came forward -- in other words the classic line to a molested kid -- we don't believe you -- prove it.

How many kids did Corbett need to show up 1 - 3 - 5 -- is there a precise number in the PA attorney general handbook?

Corbett is the face of political corruption in PA, Kelly is his handpuppet, and Noonan is his " -itch."

Kane will be elected AG next Tuesday and then Corbett's stoies will fall apart and his tongue will be in a sling he can't wriggle out of.

Elect Kane so we can finally get to the bottom of why Corbett was so desperate to dump this mess on Penn State and Paterno instead of where it should be focused-- the Second Mile -- Sandusky's personal grooming stable of young boys supplied by the PA Dept of Public Welfare.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone pick up on the story that Cong. Holden said an endorsement Gene Stilp claimed from Holden was never authorized? According to the newspaper story, Stilp or his staff claim someone on Holden's staff approved it and indicated Holden authorized it, but it was a misunderstanding. BUT Holden isn't running, and has no campaign staff. Sooo, does that mean Stilp's campaign staff was interacting on partisan campaign work with Holden's government paid Congressional staff? Getting authorization for an endorsement and approval on the wording from government workers? Because that would be wrong. Stilp should report this criminal violation to proper authorities for prosecution, and apologize to the voters for that corruption.

Anonymous said...

We should elect Kathleen Kane as PA Attorney General. At least she'll investigate the apparently puny Sandusky investigation. It appears really unlikely Freed would. Here's hoping Kane also investigates the Harrisburg city fiscal crisis, and why Corbett and Dauphin County Commissioners are so dead set against any robust investigation.

Anonymous said...

Lets investigate Sam Smith of Tom Corbett's in the Green Dome Celler encounter with someone able to make sure Sam Smith escaped all indictements.

Sam Smith signed every contract Prezel signed but never indicted because what he is holding obver Corbett's head.

Coming out soon and with a cover up that makes Watergate look like a creek not a flood.

Ray Blehar said...

The Bible on how not to conduct an investigation.