Thursday, January 17, 2013


Newly-inaugurated Attorney General Kathleen Kane finally gets to embark upon her much-anticipated quest to learn why it took a mind-numbing three years for gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett to arrest serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky. The first person she should put under oath is Bill DeWeese.

Until recently, DeWeese fully expected to be taking a different oath this month, to be sworn in for another term in the House of Representatives.  He’s since been forced to abandon the fantasy that he could win reelection from his prison cell and be absolved of his felony conviction through appeal in time to take office.

He’s so far remained mum on his role in the chain of events that left the Office of Attorney General too short-staffed to investigate Sandusky in 2009. He may still be under the delusion he has a political career left to protect.  But he holds the key that unlocks the mystery behind Corbett’s inaction on Sandusky.

It’s possible – even probable – that Corbett slow-walked the Sandusky investigation for fear of antagonizing Penn State's vast fan base, or to keep the river of campaign cash flowing from Second Mile board members and associates.

But it’s undeniable that what transpired between Corbett and DeWeese affected Corbett’s ability, if not his desire, to pursue the Sandusky case.  

After all, what was Corbett doing when he should have been investigating Sandusky? He was investigating DeWeese.  And why would he need to be investigating DeWeese then, when he'd spent the entire previous two years investigating House Democrats?

Remember, the Sandusky case landed on Corbett’s desk in March of 2009, when Corbett should have been basking in the glow of his politically-motivated indictments of House Democratic staffers, a disgraced former Democratic Whip and the Democratic candidate for a competitive Senate seat.

Instead, what happened in March of 2009 was the revelation that Corbett – for some reason – had ignored rock-solid evidence that DeWeese was complicit in awarding taxpayer-funded bonuses for political work. At the time, Corbett already was under fire for leaving House Republicans out of his two-year investigation of the legislature and was scrambling to build a case against John Perzel. The additional pressure to find a way to indict DeWeese resulted in “a shortage of investigators,” according to Randy Feathers, a narcotics agent who inexplicably headed up the most important child abuse investigation of Corbett’s tenure in the OAG.

In October, Corbett  appointed Feathers to the state Board of Probations and Parole. 

No one doubts that DeWeese was complicit in awarding bonuses for campaign work. Not only is the “U R welcome” email a smoking gun that not even Corbett could fail to recognize, but DeWeese essentially admitted his guilt by “taking the Fifth” and refusing to testify at Mike Veon’s trial. Yet no one has explained why DeWeese never was charged in connection with  bonuses, even after Corbett spent most of 2009 investigating him instead of Sandusky. Does the answer lie in the 2007 negotiation between DeWeese and Corbett,  that resulted in DeWeese dropping his legal challenges to the probe and turning over evidence intended to incriminate others? If Corbett hadn’t struck a deal with DeWeese on bonus charges in 2007, would Corbett have had to spend most of 2009 looking for something else on which to indict DeWeese?

And if he hadn’t had to do that, could he - would he? - have gone after Sandusky the way most Pennsylvanians believe he should have?


Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I am wrong.
The following is my understanding of the facts as reported by various newspaper reporters.

Early 2009, Corbett received the Sandusky case. He did not assign anyone from his Child Protection Unit and instead asked for help from the PA State Police.

Nov. 12, 2009, Corbett charged 10 Republicans in the "Computergate" case.

Dec. 10, 2009, Corbett was furious regarding the results of the first "Bonusgate" Trial. The OAG prosecution team lost in court when the jury acquitted Sean Ramaley.

Dec 16, 2009, 5 days later, Corbett arrested DeWeese, Radavich and Stetler.

It was reported that after the Ramaley Trial, Corbett circled the wagons and assigned extra OAG personnel to the Bonusgate and Computergate cases.

FACT, the OAG defeat in court was several months after Corbett received the Sandusky case. The lack of interest in Sandusky started on the first day under Corbett's responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Look for former OAG Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina to be the fall guy. Fina recently left Harrisburg for a job with the DA in Philadelphia.

Corbett testified before the PA House Judiciary Committee in Sept. of 2005 regarding Internet Sexual Predators. Accompanying Corbett was Fina, Criminal Prosecution Section charged with overseeing the Child Predator Unit. Note the connection with the Child Predator Unit.

Fina was named the Chief of the newly established Public Corruption Unit named by Corbett in Feb. 2006.
The Child Predator Unit was under Fina.

OAG staff has publicly stated that pressure was intense in 2009 as a result of Ramaley trial, 11 other Democrats as part of the Bonusgate case and 10 Republicans as part of the Computergate case.

Fina grabbed all the manpower he could find to pursue the House of Representatives cases and left Sandusky investigation with nobody from the Child Predator Unit and sole support by the State Police.

You be the judge.

If Corbett directed Fina to insure legislative convictions, then he lied to the people of Pennsylvania regarding his involvement and he basically ignored the Sandusky investigation.

If Fina directed Child Predator Unit manpower without the authority of Corbett to support the legislative cases, then Fina should be sanctioned. Also, Corbett would be guilty of gross mismanagement for ignoring the Sandusky and placing children in jeopardy. Corbett publicly admitted to this fact.

Either way, Corbett is in serious trouble and facing impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Let’s not blame DeWeese for the sins of Corbett turning Ethical Violations into Criminal Convictions that ignored most of Corbett's Political Allies.

This is on Corbett alone and his is my very dear political friends that never expected a Democrat would become the AG.

Corbett from Lebanon College came all the way from lowly rated Saint Mary's Law School to key planned political appointments ask others to do him a favor.

No one will have to tell you who Corbett is, how far he got, how far he's gonna get, until now.

He's no longer only a dear friend, anymore in the Republican Party and he has already been abandoned and just does not know.

The reckoning is upon him like a quiet tsunami heading to over flow his entire ego and his cult that created him, the best laid plans are now in shambles.

The sins of Corbett cannot be laid anyone door but Corbetts!

Anonymous said...

One can always tell the winners at the starting gate.

One can always tell the winners and you can tell the losers.

Who would've put a penny on Corbett after having such a self-created career without friends in Waste Management?

The chickens have come home to roost and the crows caulking like ravens quotes, such as when you've been betrayed by a friend, you hit back.

The people at the OAG haven't had an Honest AG in years; their own hands are dirty for just being under these scoundrels elected by dirty money for many, many years.

They closed their eyes and no longer are what they used to be, even with the glasses.

Their hands shake hearts murmur and heads cannot escape the coming nightmares of what Corbett did.

The public will soon see there is a story too; Corbett had a friend in Frank Fina once. A dear friend.

Fina misused justice to protect Corbett to save Corbett's political life.

Fina has since left the PAOAG running ahead of the investigations.

But neither wanted it that way.

Things will be going bad for Corbett's friend, Frank Fina soon.

And they will go bad for Corbett too!

They acted with filthy disregard and using the Halls of Justice, what will be revealed will make people sick.

They will become known as crawling up toilet walls just like roaches.

Many hope the investigation turns out to be nothing. It would be shames to see all these years of work go to waste.

But soon Fina will turn to save himself and then Corbett will ask himself why go on living when his political friends now turning away from him will bury him as a no talent lawyer primed for the big time by puppet masters that now can see how far Corbett has gone wrong prowling for power?

Corbett forgot about the people when he claimed he is the Chief of Law Enforcement Officer as AG, not the Chief of the People!

Anonymous said...

There's this guy. He's thought of himself as kind of cop, at least he used think he was. He didn't care about proof, he didn't care about the law, he only cares about what's his boss told him to think was right for his boss.

He knows what he did. No one can protect him now. No one can.

He used to think he was a Hero. He is about to find out he is not a hero. And if he was smart, that would scare him.

But until he is indicted and learns has nothing to lose, he will need revelation.

When he looks out the window in Philadelphia in his new job.

He will start to see what he is about to see. He will now see the same things that everyone sees every day.

Well, imagine you've never seen it. Imagine you spent your whole life in other parts of the world, being told every day that you're defending freedom through justice.

Then you finally decide you've had enough. Time to see what you've given up your whole life for, everything. Get some of that "freedom" for yourself.

He will look at the people he prosecuted wrongly for his friend’s political gain.

He then will tell others which ones are free. Free from debt. Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Failure. Indignity. Betrayal.

He will wish that he were born knowing what he knows now?

Ask him how he would do things the same way over again, and how he would live their lives like him.

His name is Frank Fina his new vision of the truth will end Corbett not save Corbett.

Anonymous said...

Once the NEw AG Investigations traces the work assignments, expenses, phone listings calls that show the evidence that PAG Employees were assigned to the House of Representatives, those records cannot be changed.

Thus, no one is gong to lie and violate Obstruction of Justice Charges for Political Elected AG's.

Zimmerman is in trouble along with Corbett, but the Investigated should get Fina on the record first comparing his public denials to his private assignments of work product by AG employees, and then Fina will be faced becoming an Immunity Witness as he gave to so many more to lie about their bosses, and Corbett will be convicted.

Anonymous said...

House Republican Caucus staffers myself included tried to give Corbett's investigators information that was incriminating to Sam Smith and other top Republican legislators, but it is a FACT that Corbett's investigators told us to SHUT UP because they only wanted information that incriminated Perzel. Any info on guys like Smith was ignored. Why? Perzel was running for Governor. Corbett wanted to bring him down but he wanted to operate with a scalpel to only bring down Perzel and not Smith and others because Corbett didn't want to cut his own throat politically.
These are the facts. Also: Corbett's chief of staff Brian Nutt was close friends with people who got immunity, like John Hanley. Immunity was not based on what was best to help investigators build their case, but rather who Nutt wanted to help out because of personal friendships. Kathleen Kane can bring down Corbett and many around him easily but she needs to know how and where to look.

Anonymous said...

William F Caye II, Allegheny County, is running for Judge this year for the Court of Common Pleas.

He is currently working in the Office of the Attorney General, Child Preditor Unit. His bio indicated he is highly successful and influential in OAG.

Until recently, his boss was Frank Fina.

OAG has published press releases exclaiming Caye's proficiency. Many of the sex predators appear to have been arrested within a few months of the OAG investigation.

Why didn't Fina assign Caye, or his staff, to the Sandusky case?

What was Caye doing while the single State Police Officer was conducting Corbett's investigation of Sandusky?

Everything Fina touched must be examined. He and his team of prosecutors broke the law in order to get convictions for Corbett.

In court, Senior Deputy Attorney General William Caye tried to sway Judges and juries to gain convictions. Now he wants to sit on the bench and rule on other prosecutors trying to sway him and and the jury.

The citizens of PA don't have a chance when the "nail 'em and jail 'em" crowd runs the system.

Anonymous said...

Seven words for Corbett!

Valdez Is Coming And Is Here Now!

Corbett destroyed many good political people in his move to become Governor.

Normally this has happen a number of times in history, but for Corbett there was something about it that he claims he didn't like, and that's to be expected.

Yet, there was something else that separates Corbett from letting it become a lesson.

The difference is Corbett enjoyed it and Frank Fina is in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

I see no reason to attack Deweese, Veon, or anyone when Corbett and Fina were the ones claiming they wee going after justice, when they actually were the culprits in putting people in jail and exemptng themselves and others for doing the same things.

Anonymous said...

Staff in the AG's Office must come clean and report the truth to Attorney General Kane.

Corbett used the Bonusgate and Computergate trials for political gain. Years of free advertising worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Corbett collected campaign money from The Second Mile and PSU Boards while containing the Sandusky investigation in the school sandbox.

Corbett did not have to tell anyone to slow the process, he assigned the case to a Fina directed state Grand Jury and then borrowed one state police officer to man the high profile investigation.

Either Corbett lied to the citizens of PA about manipulating the investigation, or he is the worst prosecutor in the history of PA.

Did Corbett or Kelly fire Fina for incompetence?

Let the truth be known.

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