Monday, August 12, 2013


As Kevin Harley's many years of taxpayer-funded political work come to an end (at least for now), we at CasablancaPA look back at his most outrageous, pants-on-fire public lies of the last decade and a half:

5. "[T]here were no leaks or ... any allegation that the AG’s office leaked information.”   July 23, 2013

4. As for Morganelli's call for a special prosecutor, Harley said state law does not allow it, and "it's obvious John Morganelli doesn't understand the law." July 22, 2008

3. There's "no record" that an intern for former Sen. Jane Orie called Corbett's office to report illegal electioneering.  April 11, 2010

2. “This [722 calls between phones registered to Corbett's campaign and the phones in his taxpayer-funded state offices on state time]  has nothing to do with using government resources for campaign purposes. It’s the exact opposite of that.”  February 5, 2010

And the Number One biggest lie of Kevin Harley's career:

1. "I had no knowledge of those phone calls. I had nothing to do with those phone calls. My campaign did not pay for those phone calls ... and my campaign did not authorize those phone calls." April 4, 2000


Anonymous said...

And to think that Harley wanted to be a Member of the PA House of Representatives. A perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

Look at Harley's bio. Back and forth from state employment to campaign staffing. Fina and company prosecuted people from the legislative branch for sharing experienced legislative minds with the "horrors" of elections.

Politicians can not move their agenda without winning elections. Fina never understood this fact of the American dream.

Anonymous said...

When Moulton Investigation reveals the crimes of AG Corbett on the Sandusky Investigation, Harley will be the first to make a plea and become an Immunity Witness to stay out of jail!

Anonymous said...

Police officials said fellow officers had complained that Gibson lifted clothing and jewelry in searching suspects' homes.

FBI agent Thomas Duffy testified that he parked the Lexus at Ninth and Loudon Streets in Logan on Jan. 31 after planting cash, "prop drugs," and a gold Rolex watch inside.

Gibson was assigned to take possession of the Lexus from the officer who stopped the driver and return to the Narcotics Field Unit in Kensington.

Duffy testified that he and other agents watched Gibson pick up the car and followed him to the narcotics unit lot.

When Gibson went out on another assignment, Duffy said he checked the Lexus and discovered $100 he had planted in the center console and $40 in the pocket of a pair of sweatpants were missing.

Duffy said Gibson was picked up and told he was under investigation.

"Oh, you must mean the money," Gibson replied, according to Duffy, who said Gibson pulled the cash out of a pocket.

Duffy testified that the planted cash had been dusted with powder that glowed under ultraviolet light. Gibson's hands and the cash tested positive.

Duffy said that he asked if Gibson wanted to make a statement, but Gibson declined.

Anonymous said...

Too little to late, Harley should have been dumped years ago.

Governor "Corporate" is who he is, person willing to misuse the laws of the commonwealth for his political and personal gain.

People just want him out and they can't wait for November 2014.

His only claim to fame is balanced budgets and yes that is nice but that is all he has done.

There is a reason he is called Governor "Corporate" and it is because of corporate welfare.

Roads and bridges need attention "NOW", pension reform needs attention "NOW", schools need money "NOW".

Instead he wants to privatize the lottery to an English firm known for mismanagement with Canada Teachers Pension Funds?

Are you kidding me? and Liquor only 1 in 4 people in Pennsylvania drink, are you kidding me?

Only a BOZO like him would have the priorities of the Commonwealth ass backwards.

Tell his daughter go get a real job instead of living off a padded AG job.