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Deep Throat: You let Haldeman slip away. 

Bob Woodward: Yes. 

Deep Throat: You've done worse than let Haldeman slip away: you've got people feeling sorry for him. I didn't think that was possible. In a conspiracy like this, you build from the outer edges and go step by step. If you shoot too high and miss, everybody feels more secure. You've put the investigation back months. 

Bob Woodward: Yes, we know that. And if we're wrong, we're resigning. Were we wrong?
-- All The President's Men, 1976

By any measure, Attorney General Kathleen Kane's review of Tom Corbett's investigation of serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky revealed unconscionable neglect, incompetence and sloppiness. Her central conclusion, "The facts show an inexcusable lack of urgency in charging and stopping a serial sexual predator," is undisputed. But because Kane couldn't prove that Corbett broke any laws or expressly told anyone to slow-walk the investigation, Kane's report is being hailed as a victory for Corbett.

Way to set the bar low, Pennsylvania.

We have never subscribed to - or even understood - the theory that Corbett deliberately stalled the Sandusky investigation for political reasons. What's significant - and tragic - is that the investigation was stalled. That Corbett should get a pass from the public because he didn't intentionally stall it for political reasons is baffling. 

That's not to say that the delay in prosecuting Sandusky is entirely unrelated to politics. The report confirmed what we have long alleged: Corbett's obsession with prosecuting members of the legislature, and assembling those indictments before officially launching his gubernatorial campaign, contributed heavily to the delay. 

Two of the agents on the Sandusky Task Force didn't begin working on the case until early April of 2011 - two full years after Corbett took over the case - because they had been working "almost exclusively" on Bonusgate-related investigations and prosecutions for the previous several years.

According to the report, "Bonusgate appeared to affect investigative assignments, arguably exacerbated an existing shortage of investigative resources, and certainly consumed a considerable portion of the time and attention of [Frank] Fina and other office supervisors ... is impossible to determine how the course of the Sandusky investigation would have been different had it, in its early stages, received the same intense focus as Bonusgate."

That said,  the report seems to raise more questions than it answered.  Kane, initially critical of Corbett's decision to submit the case to the slow-moving grand jury process, concluded that there were, theoretically, advantages to the grand jury process. But Corbett's team failed to avail themselves of those advantages. 

"From the beginning of January through the end of October 2010, for example, the Grand Jury issued no subpoenas for testimony and only one subpoena for records."

To be clear, the only advantages to using the grand jury are subpoena power and the ability to compel testimony under oath.

It's important to remember that - unlike Corbett - Kane did not conduct a criminal investigation and did not have subpoena power or the ability to compel testimony under oath. The review suffers from the lack.

While Kane concedes that Sandusky should have not been arrested based on the testimony of one victim, no one has been able to explain why investigators did not immediately seek a search warrant for Sandusky's home.  Because the search directly led to the identification of more victims, Sandusky could have been arrested almost immediately had the search been conducted in March of 2009, when Corbett assumed the case.

Equally incomprehensible is why investigators waited until January of 2011 to ask Penn State Police Department for copies of any criminal reports relating to Sandusky. In his response to the report, Fina vaguely retorts, "finding the 1998 Penn State University police report was not as simple as walking into the Penn State University Police Department and asking for it." But that is exactly what happened, and no one can explain why it didn't happen sooner.

Sadly, instead of examining Corbett's egregious missteps that left Sandusky free to continue victimizing children for three years, media coverage is focused on partisan bickering between the Kane and Corbett camps.  Reporters at Monday's press conference gasped audibly when Kane pointed out that Sandusky's abuse continued after Corbett took over the case in March 2009. Not only do common sense and all available evidence about the behavior of pedophiles indicate that of course he continued the abuse, Victim 9 testified as much in 2012.  Yet more is being made of Kane's misstatement that neither of the two post-March 2009 cases  were prosecuted than of the fact that Sandusky still was abusing children while Corbett dawdled over the investigation.

In the summer of 2010, Deputy Attorney General Jonelle Eshbach wrote to her bosses: "Does anyone want to answer my questions about why we are stalled since winter?"

Four years later, the answer still is no.


Ray Blehar said...


In November 2011, the Patriot News ran a fullpage, front page op-ed calling out Paterno and Spanier for their moral failures in not doing enough to stop Sandusky.

As a result of their alleged failures, ONE victim was abused (according to the grand jury presentment) SIX YEARS after their alleged moral failing. At the time of the Op-Ed, Sandusky had yet to be convicted of a crime, yet the Patriot News had leveled a "guilty" verdict on Spanier and Paterno...and called for their removals.

It is worth noting than no Penn State official who was charged was a mandated reporter under the CPSL -- a fact your paper has NEVER published nor has it ever bothered to cite or quote the law in the Sandusky case. Quite a serious, but likely intentional, omission.

This week, we learned that TWO children were abused while the Sandusky investigation lagged.

What did we get from the Patriot News?

An article questioning the timeframe of Victim 9's abuse and then a statement that "there is no evidence our worst expectation occurred."

WRONG. A check of the Patriot News archive shows that on 6-14-12 it reported Victim 9 was abused while he was 16 years old (in 2009).

Now that we have the the Patriot News, no less...can we expect to be reading about the moral outrage at the police and OAG, who failed to protect the children?

Will there be a front page Op-Ed calling out the moral failures of Frank Noonan and Frank Fina?

Will there be demands for resignations and firings?

Let's not kid ourselves.

The Patriot News has already put this story to bed. We won't see an apology to Kane or a correction.

The public should be outraged that the Patriot News is not a watchdog for the government, but as lapdog of Tom Corbett.

Ray Blehar said...

PennLive caught lying about Victim 9's abuse.

Pulitzer prize will eventually be revoked.

Anonymous said...

The better question is why with all the investigative resources at his disposal in 2010, did then Attorney General Corbett choose not to arrest and prosecute Jerry Sandusky?

The we needed more evidence and victims excuse falls apart because there not a whole lot of looking going on at that time.

It is fortunate that even with Attorney General Corbett's lack of moral courage to move forward with prosecuting this case, Aaron Fisher hung in there and did not give up.

Governor Tom Corbett’s campaign and approval rating is so low he has no choice but to defend himself and engage the voters since he is behind in many polls and his spin will not make his candidacy recover any sooner.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Tommy Boy to address why his Second Mile Campaign Contributors have been given a pass on any children abuse influence non-investigations?

It mirrors his lies on saying the senate caucuses would be investigated and not one senate aide or any senator was called before the Grand Jury??

Instead Corbett Campaign employed the very senate aides for his campaign for Governor that he claimed he was being investigated???

Even worse he allowed and approved the Republican Senate Caucus to change their Computer Systems that destroyed all the evidence needed for any investigation????

Then Acting AG Ryan destroyed all the emails, notes, and evidence that the PAOAG Computers held claiming it saved money?????

Corbett will not just lose his re-election the Commonwealth needs an Independent Prosecutor to prosecute him and his minions that destroyed evidence for his campaign and participation in obstruction of justice.

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing that Corbett that is trying to crush the truth into the earth is looking more ineffective every day as it keeps rising again.

Good to see the people and voters in the commonwealth are not allowing Corbett or his Campaign attempting to change the subject of Corbett not investigating his friends, political allies, campaign contributors, and no exemption for Corbett’s apologists.

The Democratic Candidate Wolf has this election in the bag and does not even have to bring up these types of topics. Corbett has to bring the up these topics and questions because they are entirely appropriate, given all that has happened under his bias, prosecutorial misconduct, and brazen partisanship of giving his buddies, deep pockets, and senator friends a free keep out of jail card.

It is still June, with 4 months to go and Corbett’s past lies are still burying him with his prior actions of misusing justice against his political opponents for ethical violations, and then letting the real criminals that contributed to his campaign free from any investigations by the lazy and incompetent Frank Fina.

Corbett’s bad Karma’s reckoning keeps wrecking Corbett’s Campaign and the people of Pennsylvania are better off for it.

Anonymous said...

Fisher and the mom took on the monster that the Penn State Higher Ups refused to do and Corbett delayed, and they both won a victory for abused children everywhere.

Fisher's Mother as well as himself still do not get the credit they deserve but they brought down a cover up regime that now has seen major reforms and Penn State University as well as Pennsylvania and Children are better off for it.

Corbett and his AG Deputies were too busy going after politicos rather stopping the Penn State Sandusky children abuse investigate and joined the DA, CYS, DPW, Second Mile, and Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno allowing children to be abused for 14 more years.

Corbett will soon be out of office, Fina has been disgraced in more than one case now, Penn State is a better university with better leadership all the way around with a new African-American Coach that follows all the rules now, and Corbett's contributors are giving less to Corbett today.

Corbett and Fina has been the best friend to the Democratic Party except for the District Attorney in Philadelphia, that stepped into his own mess, on his own terms.
For these folks to pretend otherwise makes no practical sense.

Anonymous said...

Senior Ferrari,
As was stated in the movie All The President's Men, "Follow the money."

Corbett and Fina threatened witnesses, destroyed proffer notes and witness notes and internal OAG emails to guarantee their convictions. Since when is braking the law legal?

And judges followed their instructions. PA desperately needs a "statesman" to lead the way.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is delusional. I for one am voting him out of office for how he handled this situation.

I know many other Penn State alumni, most of whom are conservative Republicans, and they are voting him out also. We don't want him on the Board of Trustees anymore, plain and simple.

Corbett epitomizes what the Penn State Board Of Trustees is, and the sooner all of them who were here in 2011 are gone the better.

Tommy the Protector of his Campaign Contributors forgets that 1 in 7 Pennsylvanians is a Penn State Graduate.

He has an uphill battle that he will not be able to climb, thank heavens.

Sure, I admit this was a terrible scandal caused by Penn State Graduates, Employees, and we are ashamed of it, but how Corbett and his Staffers handled the entire Investigation and many other investigations under his AG tenure is something to be ashamed of at the same time too.

Why Tom Corbett cannot recover from his misdeeds and it is good when bad people like Corbett catch themselves in his own selective spiders web and now the juice is being sucked out of any campaign.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, as Corbett was preparing for his speech on the Republican Budget, Tommy's Budget Director started to prep him for the speech...What do you get if you add two apples and three apples?

Corbett said, Oh I know that answer, a high school math problem and I learned that at Saint Mary's Law School by knowing that General Calculus was a Roman war hero, as Corbett continued to smile thinking he was so smart!

This past morning, Governor Corbett saw some PENDOT Engineers trying to measure the height of a flag pole at the Governor's Mansion.

They only have a measuring tape and are quite frustrated trying to keep the tape along the pole as it keeps falls down all the time.

A Democratic Legislator comes along and asks what they are doing. They explain it to him.

Well, that’s easy…let me show you how to do it....He pulls the pole out of the ground, lays it down, and measures it easily.

After he has left, Governor Corbett says, “That’s so typical of these Democrats! What we need is the height and all he gives us is the length!”

Anonymous said...

The bigger trouble is that there is a lot misinformation put out there by those that did not know and did lacked proper research.

When it all comes out soon in the Clery Report and Title IX Investigations, and Tom Corbett is actually going to look better than many have reported to date, the same for Louis Freeh.

For example, Joe Paterno Knew How To Use Email After All according to The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting today that it has obtained evidence demonstrating that, contrary to claims from his family's legal representatives, former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was in fact able to use email.

And he wasn't afraid to do so in order to try and protect his football program.

Today's story in The Chronicle refutes the claim that Paterno hadn't used email, though, as it points to an email that the coach sent to Tim Curley in 2007 after multiple Penn State football players had been involved in an off-campus fight and none were reported under the Federal Clery Act:

After the incident, Mr. Paterno wrote to Graham B. Spanier, the university's president, and "Tim", presumably Mr. Curley, through an e-mail account used by the coach's assistant, Sandi Segursky.

"I want to make sure everyone understands that the discipline of the players involved will be handled by me as soon as I am comfortable that I know all the facts," said the April 7, 2007, e-mail, which was signed "Joe."


This why the Clery Report that was suppose to be made public in March has been held from the public upon a Federal IX Investigation still on going and will be the bigger scandal than even Penn State's Sandusky.

Ray Blehar said...

The Chronicle article is BS. The email was sent from Paterno's secretary -- not him.

The media, led by the Patriot News, smeared Penn State and turned a blind eye to the organizations that actually enabled Sandusky's abuse.

I will be putting out a full report on how the media lied to the public from Day 1 of the Sandusky scandal.

This blogpost is the most recent example....

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...Disagree...the fact that only one Penn State Player Arrest was ever reported under the Clery Act over years is irrefutable proof Penn State did not comply with the Clery Act.

Something you have ignored in all your posts.

Also, the fact that a Title IX Non-Compliance Investigation is going on at Penn State right now attests and other Universities and will be reported soon is not good either for the University nor for the Paterno's.

Additionally, the Clery Act Findings are 4 Months overdue for Public Disclosure and no major media outlet has pointed that out.

Moreover, whether Paterno used his secretary or not for emails does not erase his own complicity in knowing about Sandusky and looks like he was using a buffer to cover for his complicity.

Furthermore, when Paterno insisted only he could discipline his players and refused to acknowledge Penn State Judicial Affairs legitimate oversight shows he was actually responsible for the Non-Reporting of the Arrests of his Players as required by the Clery Act for all Students and is direct proof he gave favorable treatment to his players differently from how students were treated and required to be discipline at the university and shows Penn State was a Football factory like most Major College Programs.

Finally, The Grand Experiment, Success with Honor, and the Penn State Way were myths and magic images and public relations rather than being practices in reality.

In closing, when a player was arrested for alleged rape and suspended by the university and that was never reported in the Press until the day after Recruits Signing Day, as well as still playing games after being suspended is more than enough proof that Paterno knew how to cover up Non-Compliance at Penn State with the Clery Act along with Spanier, Curley, and Schultz, to protect the mythical image of Penn State Athletics especially in the Football Program.

As well, as Gerry Sandusky and the many players that got into trouble or were arrested being a direct by-products as a Penn State Players and some Graduates of the Grand Experiment, Success with Honor, and the Penn State "Wayward" and nothing on your b logs have addressed those aspects you cover up for too?

Corbett and Fina and Freeh did their jobs and it is good Sandusky was taken off campus and the pens ate Reforms have been put in place that has addressed and corrected the machinations, mistakes, and mismanagement of Joseph Vincent Paterno that has made Penn State University a better school today without question.

And Paterni can still be admired and respected as a Great Coach, but he admitted he could have done more in hindsight too, and when you add his email excuses as you just did, and his cover for his players' arrests, your own blogs lose the same significance you claim others got wrong too.

Children were abused and were hurt and that does not erase any pain for them, regardless of what you post, but I also admire many other aspects of what you post too, to be fair, and keep it up, but terrible things happen under Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno too.

Ray Blehar said...

Once again, you believe too much of what you read in the newspaper.

No one in the Penn State administration agreed with Vicky Triponey's stance on student discipline.

A letter from the faculty senate in 2007 - at the same time Paterno was questioning Triponey's stance on discipline - supported Paterno's position.

Here is what the PENN STATE FACULTY said about Triponey's methods:

"Robert Secor, vice provost emeritus for academic affairs, led that committee, which looked at how Athletics interfaced with Judicial Affairs. The review included interviews with almost 40 people, among them staff from the disciplinary system and athletics, coaches, students, faculty and officials at major universities with well-regarded disciplinary programs.

The committee came to the conclusion early on that students in athletics should not be treated any differently than other students. That wasn't an issue, but something they wanted to make clear.

Secor added that, on the other hand, student-athletes shouldn't be subject to sanctions that students in other extracurriculars aren't.

"So, judicial affairs would not be able to say, 'This student will not be able to play in the first football game of the season,' any more than it would say, 'This student cannot play in the chess club this season.'"

Those decisions should be up to the program head. So, if the head of the glee club doesn't think a student who was disciplined for a code violation should travel with the club because of the student's behavior, that is up to the club leader.

Secor said he didn't encounter resistance or negative feedback once the report was released.

That happened in fall 2007. Earlier that year, a group of football players was charged and several convicted for an off-campus apartment fight.

Triponey, now vice president for student affairs at the College of New Jersey, points to a sanction then known as a "deferred expulsion," and the interference she would get from Paterno when football players were in trouble. Students in deferred expulsion could go to class, but not participate in extracurriculars.

"That's what the coach was really pretty angry with us about, that we should not be able to say they could not go to practice or play in a game," Triponey is quoted as saying in The Philadelphia Inquirer in July. "I think we would even sometimes stretch it and say they could go work out so they could stay fit."

The report's recommendations for student discipline did away with the "deferred expulsion"--seen as an "athletic sanction"--and instead offered a sanctions system that goes from a warning to expulsion, with steps including probation and suspension in between.

On the academic side, Secor said he was at Penn State for 35 years, and when a student-athlete in his class was having a difficult time, he would sometimes get a call from a coach asking what could be done to help the student do well in the class, such as tutoring. The pressure was on the student, not him."

Your diminishing of Success with Honor and the Grand Experiment reveals that this may be something personal you have against Paterno.

As for the Clery Act, I clearly wrote in Report 2 that Freeh wrongly accused Paterno of a failure to comply for the mere fact that there was NO CLERY ACT reporting mechanism outside of the police department until 2007. In other words, Freeh's claim that Paterno was a CSA is unsupportable because the police department, who was implementing the Act, didn't even know was CSAs were.

If you want to point fingers about the Clery Act, then point at Penn State's legal counsel. A legal counsel has responsibility for knowing which laws apply to the school and that the school should be in compliance.

Clery reporting was not fully implemented at PSU until 2012.

Anonymous said...

Quite a bit of back tracking by you and an admission of guilt with long listing of excuses not relevant to this particular discussion.

Once again, you believe too much in ignoring what we know as facts and not what I stated in any newspapers and that is your ignorance not fact checking whatsoever.

Let us start with your last admission of an outright violation of Federal Law since you admitted PSU did not implement Full Clery Reporting until after the Trustees hired Freeh and his recommendations and their reforms corrected what was not in compliance with the Federal Clery Act. Thank you for that admission.

It does not matter if anyone at Penn State believed Vicky Triponey as you stated.

The emails from Joseph Vincent Paterno whether from him or his Buffers he used for cover-ups and confusion.

Along with his own public statements and actions that only, he can address the Discipline his Players. Proves in fact that his players were given special treatment unlike what all other students had to follow at Penn State and that is in direct contradiction with his Grand Experiment, Success with Honor, and the Penn State Way Public Relations myths for images purposes not proper compliance practices and thus a competitive edge that is a NCAA Violation as well.

Moreover, Joe's hindsight admitted he help lead to the Sandusky cover-ups and crimes.

In addition, you using the words, "No One At Penn State" in itself is an outright lie, since we know that today with the Freeh/Trustees Reforms and new positions added in Athletic Integrity and Director of ethics and Compliance now has over 1200 employees subject to Clery Act Reporting.

Moreover, today unlike under Paterno, all Penn State Players unlike under Paterno are now treated as regular students when it comes to Judicial Affairs, Discipline, and Compliance with all Laws and Federal Educational Regulations.

Clearly, any letter from the faculty senate written in 2007 and Paterno's questioning on Triponey’s stance on discipline supported Paterno's position were both in hindsight is another error on them if not crimes.

Since you now presented direct evidence either Paterno or Faculty senate were not in compliance or knowledge of with the Clery Act Federal Regulations.

This is factual evidence showing ignorance, violations, and non-compliance with Federal Educational Laws and Lack of Institutional Control.

It is another admission by you and your failure to acknowledge fleckless excuses of 2007 at Penn State showing no compliance until 2012.

Today, that same Penn State Faculty senate and Athletic Coaches are all subject to reporting such crimes and given yearly compliance training to make sure they know the laws and regulations.

For example, you're quote what the Faculty senate said in 2007, compared to what we know today why Freeh was brought in and gave recommendations and they are were implemented as new reforms to put Penn State University into compliance is not just laughable but outright dishonest spin.

The simple fact trying to justify excuses in Paterno not being in compliance along with Penn State University that requires such compliance from Coach Franklin today refutes you're spin.

Ray, I commend you on your devotion and work on this Penn State Scandal and agree with you on many aspects, but this is not one them, and your own response is as bad as what others claim about Freeh's own conclusions.

Few more points below.

Anonymous said...

Looks like what happened in fall 2007 is not in compliance with what is happening today and in 2012, is this not true and exposes your own wrong and lazy thinking using Secor's or Faculty senate quotes?

Today, we all know Robert Secor, vice provost emeritus for academic affairs, own words have been proven foolish and self-serving since he had no idea what crimes were being committed prior to 1998 to 2007 and after 2007?

It is also noted such self-serving inner Academic or Athletic Committees within Penn State have been corrected now that all Laws and Regulations that has put Penn State University as well as its own Faculty senate and Coaches into compliance is proof his committee and investigations were flawed and a cover up within itself.

If not, why did Penn State need such Reforms and now in Compliance only after 2012 and no longer are decisions of the program head as you tried to argue and has been factually refuted.

It does not matter if Paterno was ever angry about his player’s discipline it shows he never was in compliance with the Clery Act and being backed up the faculty senate was just another cover up on him and their part.

Your quotes and of the report's recommendations for student discipline or Paterno's anger does not erase non-compliance subject to fines and the need to investigate, correct, and reforms at Penn State that Paterno, nor the Faculty senate and Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz were not doing.

This protecting of the football players, Paterno, and program images along with the university has been proven wrong by the very reforms in place today and refutes your excuses and flawed Faculty senate conclusions in 2007.

Everything else you quoted as the same "Non-sequential" defense that Penn State's today compliance had to correct and refute by the reforms.

As stated, you are a fine example by your own blogs how some PSU Graduates even just with an MBA can be, while others let down the university with some employees, and that is a personal compliment not a personal attack

Anonymous said...

Something else you need to address to explain how some Penn State employees let the university down while others praise them?

It was Paterno, Spanier, Schultz, Curley, Secor, Faculty senate, and now you're own defense that diminished Success with Honor and the Grand Experiment revealing you have something personal in defending such dishonest actions and have a problem with the truth not anyone else.

At the same time as stated above, what you wrote on the Clery Act and Paterno has been proven dishonest, since Franklin today is responsible today under 2012 reforms.

The Penn State Reforms of 2012 prove Paterno was in error too, along with the Faculty senate and President Spanier and does not need any finger pointing.

Because those changes had to be done to put PSU into, compliance unlike it was under those above that did not comply and broke the laws as the Clery Act Report and Fines are pending public disclosure.

Now I will agree with you and salute you regarding Penn State's legal counsel complicity, excuse making, finger pointing, and outright malpractice.

But it is not limited to her, as seen in all the reforms that refute Paterno, Faculty senate, and Penn State's Programs illegal practices.

Penn State President is responsible for all Compliance, Laws, and he was too afraid of taking on Paterno as well as Clery reporting and is more responsible than legal counsel, is he not?

At the same time, Gerry Sandusky, Matt Sandusky, Tim Curley, Mike McQueary, Gary Schultz, Pentz, Frazier, Joyner, Anwar Phillips, Cynthia Baldwin as well as many on The Board Of Trustees, Second Mile are PSU Graduates whose integrity, actions, and honesty you have question on your own blogs have not lived up to the Penn State image they once claimed.

They all promoted and some are actual graduates of the same Grand Experiment, Success with Honor and the Penn State Way, are they not?

Consequently, that is proof it was an image and more Paterno’s public relations, based on how you say they have been lying, according to you?

Therefore, you cannot condemn some Penn Staters and then praise others while defending such images that led to these cover-ups or lies since they all come from Penn State.

One group of Penn State graduates or employees has been proven in your own words using your own Timeline of 2007 to be outright wrong.

The other Penn State group that you personally attack for investigating, implementing, and putting Penn State into your admitted Clery Act Compliance in 2012 and is factual proof the earlier Faculty senate Academic Report was wrong with flaws based on their ignorance.

Even worse, all the Penn State Football Players that violated the Laws or were arrested and other Athletes that were protected and disciplined only by Paterno, was himself in non-compliance with all Federal and NCAA Rules and President Spanier too afraid to fire, which in itself a NCAA Violation showing Lack of Institutional Control.

Either way, this a Penn State Scandal by Penn State Employees and you praise some questioning what happen when other Penn Staters own non-compliance had to be investigated and reformed to become in compliance in 2012.

Joe was a great coach without a doubt, but he became confused, and caused his own demise by not knowing nor complying with all rules, laws, and regulations.

One can still admire his persona coaching, great deeds and achievements and accept he had flaws too, because he said that about himself as well.

Anonymous said...

It is known and accepted Penn State football graduate, assistant coach and employee alumnus emeritus Jerry Sandusky crimes and convictions caused an open scrutiny of Paterno’s Penn State Football program success with honor was really a fairytale.

This self-styled bogus Grand Experiment was formerly unchallenged area for most sports reporters and media investigators, that many previously favored going along with the Penn state manipulated self-promotion yarn. The Penn State frightful fanatics known now as Joebots were just fine with the simpleminded football obsessed tale of the time that lasted for decades, but eventually exposed, investigated, and ended those fables and Paterno’s reputation took a beating it rightly deserved.

The Vicky Triponey saga was just one headlined the sports media for a while just after the scandal broke; she was the Judicial Affairs administrator that had her role of disciplining students removed when it came to football players, by Paterno himself and Spanier’s alleged criminal participation.

It was Paterno, that was unmasked and essentially destroyed his made-up Grand Experiment conception by concocting treating his player to be judged contrarily than other students, so he could win games, and alleged participation of Spanier, Curley and Schultz to protect by smokescreen real truth of what they had been doing for years.

This is when it went from the Sandusky Child Abuse Scandal to the Penn State Football Scandal and the Trustees had no choice but to investigate what Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno were managing to hide.

The Penn State Football Scandal made it ok to examine and discuss things that most sports reporters knew, but hadn't reported on earlier.

Many, such as Tom Cushman, Dave Jones, Neil Rudel, Terry Smyth, Dom Cosentino, Sally Jenkins, Rick Reilly, Frank Deford, and many more had the reflection to express their regrets for concealing truths they should have reported on in the past about Paterno’s program.

The very reason why Penn State’s first priority was to pass new policies and enforce the Clery Act Reforms that were once bullied to be buried to cover up charges and arrests required by law to report.

In the end, they all caught themselves and that is a tragedy after stellar careers that were also built on dedication, hard work, and uncompromising focus, but so wrong on other phases regarding moral obligations to follow all the rules and laws, and not just one they chose.

Dr. Victoria Triponey was actually vindicated not by anyone in the media, but the policies enacted by Penn State by finally enforcing the Clery Act and including the football program and all its players now subject to such laws exempted by previous Paterno's dictates.

Anonymous said...

I read all opinions here and I have to agree that Penn State was not following all the laws and rules.

The Clery Act reporting now being conducted at Penn State just from 2012 to today shows how Penn State was not following the rules under Spanier and Paterno.

Here is a new study just released on Friday and it is quite damning to Penn State, but at least they now are following all the laws and rules unlike in 1998, 2001, 2007, and 2011.

The Penn State Faculty senate report cited by Mr. Blehar is even more damaging and one has to wonder what kind of Professors and Faculty Penn State is actually hiring there?

Enjoy some facts from a study rather mistakes by Blehar and the Penn State Faculty senate Report:

Citation Source:

Study: Penn State Had Most Sex Offenses of All Colleges

All of the data came from the schools themselves; it is information they are required to report under the Clery Act.

Posted by Alison Smith (Editor) , July 04, 2014 at 08:15 AM

It's a dubious distinction: Penn State has the most forcible sex offenses on campus of any U.S. college.

The data, compiled by The Washington Post, came only from U.S. colleges with enrollments of more than 1,000. All of the data came from the schools themselves; it is information they are required to report under the Clery Act, the Post said.

From 2010-2012, Penn State University Park had a total of 84 forcible sex offenses, the data show. That's a rate of 1.22 per 1,000 students, the Post said.

Private, non-profit Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., had the highest rate of forcible sex offenses, the Post said: 11.39. The school reported 43 forcible sex offenses from 2010 to 2012, and has only 1,580 students.


It looks like what Blehar cited about Penn State not following Clery Act until 2012 and today's study is something Penn State, Spanier, Curley, Schultz, Paterno, Faculty, Alumni, Students, and Fans should be ashamed about with this data and facts.

Trying to defend Paterno with a 2007 error full Faculty senate report and then saying someone personally dislikes Paterno when the data, facts, and study shows he was running a football program free from laws and rules brings Blehar own website into question as well.

Complimenting Blehar when he cites such shabby details and personally attacks others such as Dr. Triponey is not proper either, no matter how great many think about JoePA.

The Study Data is far better negating Blehar's Faculty senate report and that is evident not conjecture.

Ray Blehar said...

Well, as it turns out, the spike in 2012 was because it included all of the convictions related to Sandusky's crimes on campus. Of the 84 sex offenses in 2012, 26 of those were Sandusky crimes that occurred prior to 2002.

However, you will find it interesting that the Patriot News was one of the few media outlets that didn't jump on the FALSE claimes of Vicky Triponey. Sara Ganim was a student at PSU at the time of "Triponey's Timeline of Terror" and she likely filled in her editors about Ms. Triponey's LACK OF CREDIBILITY.

Triponey was removed because her methods were uniformly rejected by the PSU faculty.

As for Paterno running a football program that failed to abide by the rules, please refer to the NCAA's web-site on violations. There are none.

Sandusky's crimes had nothing to do with the football program whatsoever. Penn State football did not provide Sandusky with access to children and without that access he could not have committed his crimes.

The argument that his access to facilities was an enabler is laughable. If facilities access was the most important enabler, then wouldn't janitors be one of the biggest perpetrators of sex crimes? But they aren't.

The people who most often perpetrate crimes against children (outside of their own family members) are youth group leaders and coaches in youth sports leagues. Sandusky was both of these. His college coaching granted him no access to children.

Ray Blehar said...

After reading through your diatribes about Penn State and the Clery Act and Paterno, I am hard pressed to find a single factual statement or evidence that Penn State football players received any special treatment.

And from no evidence of special treatment, you make the leap that Clery crimes were committed. If you are making reference to the Austin Scott case in 2007, then you are mistaken. Scott was immediately removed from the football team when the allegations surfaced....and as it turned out, PSU pulled the trigger too soon, as Scott was acquitted.

The Faculty Senate report was not "wrong" as you imply because of PSU's non-compliance with Clery. The report had nothing to do with Clery.

And if Vicky Triponey was as stellar as you think she was, why wasn't she yelling about the noncompliance with the Clery Act? There is no record of her saying a peep about it -- yet she had to have knowledge of every crime that resulted in discipline on campus.

Again, you are basing your opinions on information that is not the least bit credible.

Louis Freeh's report has been rejected out of hand by every credible source that has evaluated it. A recent article revealed that Freeh claimed Sandusky rec'd 71 payments from PSU after he retired, but the fact was he received only six.

"Sandusky’s lawyer, Chuck Benjamin, said Monday he was pleased with the ruling, which accepted Benjamin’s argument that a report by former FBI director Louis Freeh was incorrect when it claimed Sandusky received 71 post-retirement payments from Penn State. In fact there were just a handful, and half were travel reimbursements, Benjamin said.
“The unfortunate thing here is that SERS acted on the mistaken belief that the Freeh report was correct when the undisputed evidence showed it wasn’t correct,” Benjamin said."

It's these kind of exaggerations that have led to the perception that PSU was some outlaw program. The NINE things the NCAA required PSU to do as a result of the Freeh Report were unnecessary, and in fact, the athletic and academic recommendation was COMPLETE before the Freeh Report was even released.

5.4 Recommendation: Academic Support for Athletes. Action: Already fully implemented in June 2012.

In other words, the NCAA's recommendation tied to the Consent Decree was unnecessary -- the Success With Honor/Grand Experiment was working just fine for 40 years.

Overall, the NCAA's call for an Athletic Integrity Agreement was and is a farce.

So is George Mitchell, who continues to go outside the scope of his mandate of focusing on Athletics simply because there was nothing for him to monitor of fix.

As a result, Mitchell is simply being PR for the PSU BOT on the overall implementation of the Freeh Report recommendations. Even though the PSU BOT has implemented all 119, the same problems that led to the bad decisions that caused the Sandusky firestorm remain.

The criminal element that was at PSU prior to the Sandusky scandal still remains.

It's obvious that the media has missed the real scandal in this Sandusky affair.

Ray Blehar said...

Finally, those of you calling for blanket condemnation of individuals just because of their association with Penn State is simply horrifying.

That is like saying every Catholic is a bad person because of the sexual abuse scandal of the church.

Each person needs to be judged on their actions in this case. I have no doubt that other individuals affiliated with Penn State will be charged with regard to enabling Sandusky's abuse.

However, I also know that some who have been charged are innocent of several of the charges. All you need to do is read the law.

There is much more to come with regard to knowing the full truth. Moulton's report was just a first step. There are other ongoing investigations. Be prepared. You have not heard the worst about what really happened.

Ray Blehar said...

For those of you CONFUSED about the Clery Act, you should know that NOTHING Sandusky did would have triggered a warning under Clery.

While his crimes are Clery crimes, the Clery Act was put in place as a campus safety safeguard in the event there are crimes that put students and employees in danger.

Neither Sandusky's crime in 1998 or in 2002 would have triggered the police to send out a campus wide safety warning.

Apparently, those complaining about Clery non-compliance are more concerned about statistics than they are about the actual safety of children.

Go back to my original post. Two children were abused while Sandusky was under investigation. There are 3 reasons for it.

1. The police were too slow to arrest Sandusky.

2. The PA Department of Public Welfare did not enforce the code that requires a protection plan to be put in place to ensure Sandusky didn't access children while under investigation.

3. Clinton County CYS did not work with the Second Mile to have the charity put a protection plan in place to stop Sandusky's contact with children.

It has been widely reported that The Second Mile did not announce Sandusky's abuse finding in 2008 and kept him on as a fundraiser until 2011. One mother reported Sandusky was allowed to be present at the Second Mile's Summer Challenge Camp in 2010. There are other reports of Sandusky attending other Second Mile events involving children in 2009.

These are the real issues in this case that enabled children to be abused....his ACCESS to children was allowed by the PA government and the charity, not by PSU.

Penn State could have been implementing Clery to perfection in 1998, 2001, and any other time afterward. That wouldn't have stopped Sandusky from abusing children.

Ray Blehar said...

Go here to see ALL of Penn State's violations of the NCAA rules.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hard work and clarifying comments regarding the Sandusky debacle.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said July 6, 2014 at 11:10 AM ..."Triponey was removed because her methods were uniformly rejected by the PSU faculty."

So what, none of that erases, dismisses, or exempts Penn State from Clery Act Violations of not reporting its Football Players arrests and direct violations of Federal Laws, Blehar does not address that aspect at all?
In addition, here is the Special Process the NCAA did use citing it was needed and the Consent Decree was signed by Penn State agreeing to its complicity?

Blehar never addresses anywhere how having players playing while suspended by the University is a Lack of Institutional Control Competitive Advantage and why Penn State signed the Consent Decree to avoid the Death Penalty.
(I have no problem with anyone challenging the NCAA Special Procedures on Sanctions and up to the NCAA to defend it, and I appreciate Blehar's questions but he provides no answers to other facts he chooses to ignore.)

Blehar's says, "Sandusky's crimes had nothing to do with the football program whatsoever."

Sure it does, Sandusky was a Penn State Football Program Employee, Graduate, and used that to molest and assault children, and the Spanier covered it up along with Curley and Schultz.

The only thing laughable is Blehar's silence on the Football Program & Paterno and Spanier and Curley and Schultz on the Clery Act violations.

Guess Sandusky taking a child to a Penn State Bowl had nothing to do with the Football Program.

Sandusky being an Employee of the Football Program has everything to do with the Football Program?

If not why did Paterno report McQueary’s information to Curley and Spanier and why did they look into it, if it had nothing to do with Penn State football, their actions reject Blehar excuses and lack of facts?

Blehar admitted Penn State did not follow the Clery Act until 2012 and that is his contradiction of his own arguments.

Blehar ignores Paterno's demands of treating his players from other students on Judicial Discipline and Spanier whom is responsible for Federal Law compliance as well as NCAA Rules had no Institutional control over Paterno and could not even fire him, both were fired the same time. (And I agree with Blehar to be fair, that was a reckless action of haste caused by Corbett, in my opinion)

Nevertheless, does not excuse nor refutes that Federal Laws and NCAA Rules were not followed by Spanier nor Paterno prior to 2012 as stated above by Blehar. Paterno’s own words on In Hindsight they should have done more, shows they were part of the Football Program.

The convictions and subsequent appeals dismissals speak for it, and Sandusky was a Penn State Grand Experiment Product, Success with honor, and the Penn State Way, graduate, player, coach, employee, emeritus status, annuitant, and alumnus of the University and Football Program.

These facts stand alone and refute that Sandusky had nothing to do with the football program and refutes Blehar in totality.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said... "July 6, 2014 at 1:34 PM “After reading through your diatribes about Penn State and the Clery Act and Paterno, I am hard pressed to find a single factual statement or evidence that Penn State football players received any special treatment.”

Well, Penn State not reporting the arrests of their players as required by Federal Law until 2012 with an admission by you is a fact you ignore, and that is your own denunciation.

Blehar’s says…..” And from no evidence of special treatment…”
Joe Paterno’s History of Sweeping Crimes Under the Rug and Penn State Writings from Yesteryear Which Do and Do Not Question His Decisions:

Joe’s own words along with his emails refute Blehar contention of no evidence. "I can go back to a couple guys in the '70s who drove me nuts," he said. "The cops would call me, and I used to put them in bed in my house and run their rear ends off the next day. Nobody knew about it. That's the way we handled it."

“In an Aug. 12, 2005, email to Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier and others, Vicky Triponey, the university's standards and conduct officer, complained that Mr. Paterno believed she should have "no interest (or business) holding our football players accountable to our community standards. The Coach is insistent he knows best how to discipline his players…and their status as a student when they commit violations of our standards should NOT be our concern…and I think he was saying we should treat football players different from other students in this regard."

Blehar does not understand the Clery Act, it does not matter if any Penn State Player is acquitted of any charges, and it is about reporting the arrest so the Public Knows about the Crimes Reported to informs future students before they commit to any college.

Blehar’s ignorance on the Clery Act is why he refutes himself.
Moreover, Blehar’s quoting the Penn State Faculty Senate Report of 2007 along with Blehar’s Admission Penn State had no Clery Act Compliance not only undercuts his posts here but shows the Penn State Faculty was ignorant of the University Cover Ups and Non-Compliance.

Blehar’s own misuse of his own words (Not Mine At All Here) in saying I called Dr. Vicky Triponey as "stellar" is a sideshow excuse of his own magic making up false statements he cannot prove I posted here.

Blehar has continued excuses are seen since Penn State own Clery Act Reforms put in 2012 and the new 2014 Report showing Penn State now reports the highest crimes on their Campus of all Colleges!

These factual reports refutes Blehar’s own laughable defense that Spanier, Sandusky, Curley, Schultz or Paterno were not reporting the Penn State Football Players Arrests as required by law, and now do, showing Paterno exempted his players from such compliance.

Blehar cannot show Penn State or the Football Program was in compliance with all Federal Laws and Regulations prior to 2012 and why he had to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said... "July 6, 2014 at 1:34 PM “I am hard pressed to find a single factual statement or evidence that Penn State football players received any special treatment.”

Well, enlighten Only Blehar is basing his opinions on information that is not the least bit credible, due to his own ignorance and no one else.

Louis Freeh's Report in my opinion has every right to be looked at and I agree with Blehar on that point.

However, Louie Freeh’s 116 of 119 Recommendations and the implementation overseen by the NCAA Monitor is the exact direct proof that Penn State did not comply with Federal Law of the Clery Act and the football Program was treating Players differently from students as demanded by Joseph Vincent Paterno in his own public statements.

Pension issues are far different from other issues when it comes to verdicts. OJ Simpson Pension could not be touched even after a $33 Million Civil Ruling Verdict. Just the other day, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of giving a Convicted Police Chief Pension back to him.,0,6959455.story

Once again, Blehar is just ignorant of those facts and cases in trying say nothing happen at Penn State and it is all the media's fault.

However, I am in agreement with the Arbiter’s Pension Ruling on Penn State and the Commonwealth using the Hearsay in the Freeh Report since Freeh has not provided the names of all 400 Employees he interviewed when complying the Report as well as mistakes on payments and Jerry did retire back in 1998, far from his conviction dates.

Nevertheless, none of that erases the 116 Freeh recommendations put in place at Penn State University in 2012 that Spanier, Curley, Schultz, Paterno and the Faculty Senate ignored. Since the law was amended in 1992 and 1998 to expand the reporting requirements.

In addition, subsequent amendments in 2000 and 2008 added provisions dealing with registered sex offender notification and campus emergency response and a provision to protect crime victims, "whistleblowers", and others from retaliation that the Penn State Faculty Senate Report never addressed in 2007, that Blehar’s whole argument is based upon here?

Moreover, Penn State hiring of the Director Of Ethics and Compliance, passing an Athletic Integrity Agreement being the only Big ten School without one under Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, and Joseph Vincent Paterno along with the hiring of an Athletic Integrity Officer all overseen by the NCAA Monitor and based on Freeh recommendations.

Penn State put in these reforms to be in compliance with all Federal and Commonwealth Laws and Regulations and NCAA Rules, is more proof none of the Laws were being obeyed until 2012 and thus, not under Paterno’s Football Program.

The only exaggerations are coming from Blehar’s Non-Facts Opinions and excuses in light of those Reforms, Facts, and Recommendations he has no answers for whatsoever.

This is a total Penn State Scandal caused by Penn State not the media.

Anonymous said...

Ray, I very much respect your work but not on these subjects that you cannot refute by any facts compared to what had to be corrected after Spanier and Paterno.

The New Report that shows the excellent reporting and compliance, Penn State is now doing under President Barron, Former AD Joyner, current Coach Franklin, and all Faculty and another 7,000 PSU Employees with training since 2012. But not prior to 2012 under Spanier, Curley, Schultz, Paterno, Faculty and Employees?

This is direct proof, evidence and an admission and not a perception that PSU was an outlaw University protecting its own outlaw Football Program as Blehar attempts to argues with no facts he can cite in the alternative, mainly due to his own ignorance of Clery and other Laws, misquotes, poor sources, and just opinions not facts.

There are no need of reading Blehar’s explanations, excuses or other words, in defending the Grand Experiment, Success with Honor and the Penn State Way. The Freeh Recommendations, Integrity Agreement & Ethical Compliance Hiring, Athletes Code Of Conduct, reversing Paterno’s policies of treating Paterno Players different from Students, has been corrected.

Clearly, Blehar cannot prove otherwise since Penn State own graduates, trustees, players, coaches, employees, president, AD, VP, and Faculty were part of that false Grand Experiment images by not obeying all laws, regulations and rules.

Finally, Blehar’s own admissions and weak 2007 Faculty Senate Reports are, have, and proven to be refuted by the Reforms themselves. Blehar just saying that, “Overall, the NCAA's call for an Athletic Integrity Agreement was and is a farce.”

This is in itself an opinion not with the facts and undercuts him. Along with Blehar blaming all of the Penn State Scandal on the Media, when clearly Federal Laws, Big Ten Integrity Compliance, and NCAA Rules were violated and Penn State Sanctions were reduced once compliance was established in 2012, and Blehar is just outright wrong using his opinions over facts and deeds.

If McQueary a Penn State Graduate is a liar, or Penn State Graduates Trustees misused their powers, or Matt Sandusky another PSU Grad is a liar.
Add in PSU Schultz, Curley and Sandusky, players arrested but not reported, is that a refutation of the Grand Experiment image living up to Success With Your Honor and the Paterno Penn State Way needed Legal Reforms to comply with Laws and regulations ignored on Paterno's watch within the football program? They are all PSU Grads too, and calling them names as Blehar does, shows these were Paterno's myths not practices.

In essence, Penn State Defenders cannot attack some Penn Staters and call them liars or of questionable character while saying Paterno's Grand Experiments if they are by product of it?

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...on July 6, 2014 at 1:43 PM…”Finally, those of you calling for blanket condemnation of individuals just because of their association with Penn State is simply horrifying. That is like saying every Catholic is a bad person because of the sexual abuse scandal of the church.”

Although I agree with you what you said above you are doing just that against the very person that recommended reforms necessary to correct Penn State errors, crimes, and Non-Compliances.

Watch out Ray, Louie Freeh is a Catholic! So, practice what you preach.

What the world finds horrifying is what happen to the children of and by Penn State Employees and why I support your endeavors where I can, but cannot dismiss that this was a Non-Penn State created problem and blame the media...

I agree with you, “Each person needs to be judged on their actions in this case.”
But respectfully disagree, “that other individuals affiliated with Penn State will be charged with regard to enabling Sandusky's abuse.”

As you have reported, CM High, DPW, Second Mile, and others have been given a pass and now everyone wants this Penn State Scandal just to go away.

I base my opinion on seeing the Reforms in place that has changed Penn State Violations, Practices, Policies, and Non-Reporting of Crimes prior to 2012.

I wish I could agree with you, “There is much more to come with regard to knowing the full truth.”

I hope you are right, but I fear and have doubts on many things that seem to be happening to end this Scandal more than uncover the full truth.

Keep the faith Brother, and I hope I am proven to be a Doubting Thomas by you, and welcome it!

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said... on July 6, 2014 at 3:58 PM…For those of you CONFUSED about the Clery Act, you should know that NOTHING Sandusky did would have triggered a warning under Clery.”

Your comments are in this particular posting are full of errors, irrelevant and ignores that it was Penn State Higher Ups in President Spanier, AD Curley, Coach Paterno, VP Schultz and the Faculty Senate were ignoring full compliance with the Clery Act and then claiming they were doing everything proper under the Laws and Regulations.

Louie Freeh proved otherwise when it came to the Clery Act and need for recommendations to correct the mistakes of Spanier and Paterno until after 2012 when they were gone.

The world now knows that was not the case when it came to the Clery Act, Big Ten Athletic Integrity Agreement, Athletes Code Of Conduct, Arrests Reporting, Player Versus Student Discipline, and they were more worried about their public image of the Football Program.

Now we know why you ignore these violations because you do not understand them.

Once again you get it deadly wrong when you say,…..” While his crimes are Clery crimes, the Clery Act was put in place as a campus safety safeguard in the event there are crimes that put students and employees in danger. “

The Clery act is about being arrested and that arrests must be reported, and they are not considered Clery Crimes, but the University is given Clery Fines for not reporting the arrests.

Sandusky was not arrested until December, 2011, and Curley, Schultz and eventually Spanier later, and that is when Clery Act Violations for not reporting those arrest come into play.

Clearly, you miss those points of why the NCAA, Big Ten, and Feds came down on Penn State.

As well as Penn State Players ARRESTS, not being reported under Paterno’s tenure?

The only thing you got right is your admission that Penn State only complied with the Clery Act starting in 2012 except for one player it did report in 2007.

Clearly, this is why your posts above are full of errors.

Although you pride yourself on findings errors, yet, you need to correct the errors you clearly made here.

Once again, you got it wrong when you say, “Neither Sandusky's crime in 1998 or in 2002 would have triggered the police to send out a campus wide safety warning.” ….and then you got it wrong again.

There was no arrests in 1998 or 2001 or 2002, or 2008, 0r 2010, so it was not required to be reported under the Clery Act.

And we know Penn State was not reporting arrests anyway until 2012 and why that destroyed your faculty Senate arguments against Dr. Triponey.

Maybe you need to rethink your own analysis on her based on your misunderstanding?

This is why you are making errors of your own and cannot understand why Spanier, Curley, Schultz and Paterno did not comply with the Clery Act at all and kept such reporting of Football Arrests (Except For One) from being reported as required by Federal Law, Clery, and Title IX.

Apparently, you're wrong assumptions and I will quote you, “Those complaining about Clery non-compliance are more concerned about statistics than they are about the actual safety of children.”…is outright a false statement and a discredit to your own investigations as you accuse the Trustees, Freeh, Police, and others. Now we know what you fail to know and hope you can admit you're own errors and subsequent confused conclusions.

Now why you and some other JoeBots may come to understand why Joseph Vincent Paterno caused some of the problems that brought down his own program and the university.

When Joe demanded that his Football Players arrests not be reported, and not cooperate with investigations, or be subject to Judicial Affairs and demanded only he could discipline them, actually was breaking the law, rules, and regulations,

Sorry, to correct you, but at lest you can admit your errors and now can come to better analysis that you failed to establish here.

Anonymous said...

Ray….this no need to go back like you say……” Go back to my original post. Two children were abused while Sandusky was under investigation. There are 3 reasons for it. 1. The police were too slow to arrest Sandusky.2. The PA Department of Public Welfare did not enforce the code that requires a protection plan to be put in place to ensure Sandusky didn't access children while under investigation. 3. Clinton County CYS did not work with the Second Mile to have the charity put a protection plan in place to stop Sandusky's contact with children."...

You just demonstrated you do not understand how Penn State, Spanier, Paterno, Curley, and Schultz never complied with Clery Act Reporting and soon to be announced Title IX Reporting as required by Law.

You just miss the point why the Trustees, NCAA, Feds, and Big Ten was right to use the Freeh Report showing failures to obey the laws and rules.

Once again, when you say……”It has been widely reported that The Second Mile did not announce Sandusky's abuse finding in 2008 and kept him on as a fundraiser until 2011. One mother reported Sandusky was allowed to be present at the Second Mile's Summer Challenge Camp in 2010. There are other reports of Sandusky attending other Second Mile events involving children in 2009.These are the real issues in this case that enabled children to be abused....his ACCESS to children was allowed by the PA government and the charity, not by PSU.”…….

This is Irrelevant To Penn State Non-Compliance With The Clery Act And Why The Football Program Was In Violation Of Fed Laws, Big Ten Rules, And NCAA Rules.

Once Again, OUTRIGHT WRONG CONCLUSIONS BASED ON WRONG ASSUMPTIONS ON THE CLERY ACT WHEN AND I QUOTE YOU….”Penn State could have been implementing Clery to perfection in 1998, 2001, and any other time afterward. That wouldn't have stopped Sandusky from abusing children.”…..


No wonder you have wasted much time in trying to defend Penn State Football under Paterno and you need to correct much of your own conclusions on your website.

You owe it to all since it has been your crusade to tell the whole truth.

Yet, the truth is you do not know the Clery Act and thus cannot defend the failures of the Penn State Football program and why only in 2012 was the University and Football Program and Faculty is in full compliance with all Laws, Regulations and Rules.

You've got Mea Culpa’s to tell to on being wrong and now we will see that Success with Honor in action by how your character responds to correcting your own misrepresented errors and crooked conclusions from them.

Now that you have been corrected, I look forward to a better discussion and maybe you can recognize and explain why the Penn State Program was given sanctions due to not complying with the laws and rules.

Ray Blehar said...

Again, here is the NCAA website that has the rules violations.

Penn State didn't violate the NCAA rules.

The action taken by tne NCAA was illegal. That's why there is a court case.

Ray Blehar said...

BTW, there were at least 61 player arrests between 2000 and 2006.

The local magistrate, Carmine
Prestia, wrote this op-ed stating that Paterno and his players never got special treatment.,988524/

Obviously, you are quite a liar. Are you Vicky Triponey's husband?

Anonymous said...

Blogger Ray Blehar said...
Again, here is the NCAA website that has the rules violations. Penn State didn't violate the NCAA rules. The action taken by tne NCAA was illegal. That's why there is a court case. ON July 10, 2014 at 6:55 PM,

Well, the NCAA said it was an unprecedented action taken by the Executive Committee all of whom were College Presidents and agreed to by Consent Decree by Penn State President, the Sanctions have been imposed and lowered due to the Reforms, and Corrections Penn State made after the Freeh Report Recommendations.

The Lawsuits are still pending and I can wait for that outcome. Once again, Ray Blehar misunderstands NCAA Rules and Compliance by using the word "Illegal"!

The NCAA has not violated any Criminal Laws whatsoever, unless you can prove otherwise and you lack the facts for it.

Now the NCAA can be sued for Civil Actions and that is Ok with me, and I can wait for that outcome.

Ray Blehar education may be faulty when he misuses such words but that was not illegal either, just weak and silly spin he cannot back up on the facts.

Ray, what Prosecutors has charged the NCAA with Illegality under US Codes?

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...”BTW, there were at least 61 player arrests between 2000 and 2006. The local magistrate, Carmine Prestia, wrote this op-ed stating that Paterno and his players never got special treatment.,988524/ Obviously, you are quite a liar. Are you Vicky Triponey's husband? On July 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM”

Once again Ray Blehar is wrong, looks very confused, and now a tad touchy since Ray has been exposed in not understanding the Clery Act.

The need for Penn State University having corrected Clery Act Violations under Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and Paterno in 2012 has been admitted as well.

Here is how ignorant Ray Blehar displays here:

1. The Clery Act that is a Federal Law under the Department of Education is Federal Jurisdiction.

2. The local District Magistrate that Ray Blehar quotes and links, has no jurisdiction, education or is even responsible for such oversight of the Clery Act. Ray Blehar quoting a local District Magistrate over a Federal Law is an example of only Ray Blehar's pure ignorance again and Ray Blehar making up irrelevant arguments without facts or citations.

3. It is not only clear that Joseph Vincent Paterno made sure his players would not cooperate with any University Investigations and outside Investigations at Joseph Vincent Paterno insistence on the public record.

4. Ray Blehar admits that 61 Penn State Football Players were arrested between 2000-06, but omits that only one was reported and all the others arrests are required by the Clery Act to be reported, but Ray Blehar lacks that knowledge of the Clery Act. Consequently, players were given special treatment since Joseph Vincent Paterno refused to have them cooperate with investigations and did not report their arrests.

5. I can and will not call Ray Blehar a liar because his own ignorance reveals a better way he describes himself by showing within his own posts in his own words. Anyone can now see how Ray Blehar is ill-informed of the Federal Clery Act and how quoting District Magistrate is even more a showing of ray Blehar's ignorance.

6. Ray Bleha’s childish name calling, after Ray Blehar has been proven wrong on a subject he misunderstands as seen here within his own postings, proves he lacks the maturity to handle his emotions when he has been proven wrong.

If Ray Blehar brags about his Graduate Degree from Penn State well, Penn State University may not so good with such a graduate that makes so many mistakes and then resorts to name calling when he is proven wrong.

Where is Ray Blehar's character now when he has been corrected so many times here?

Anonymous said...


Best word for Paterno and family? Arrogance
End zone By Tom Cushman

With a developing sense of disgust, I have followed recent public efforts by family members of late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno to distance him from others involved in the institutional cover-up of the horrific Jerry Sandusky child-rape scandal.

Statements issued through their attorney would attempt to discredit the work of former FBI director Louis J. Freeh, whose 267-page report (commissioned by the university) clearly places Paterno as a persuasive influence in the decisions to sweep information about Sandusky's life-altering indulgences with youngsters under a blue-and-white carpet; welcome the perpetrator back to campus; and move on to the next bowl game.

The Paterno family's counterattack began with a statement that it planned to initiate its own investigation.

Then, following the announcement of unparalleled penalties directed against Penn State by the NCAA, there was a counter-announcement of intent to appeal.

Not by a university spokesperson. By the Paterno family.

The long-cultivated image:
The responses of these people are indicative of an arrogance at the root of this unparalleled stain on major-college sports. If there's been any public remorse for the Sandusky victims by the Paternos, it's been buried beneath the obvious mission — that of somehow restoring the image of the family patriarch as a grandfatherly man who created an island of recruiting purity and educational emphasis amid a sea of collegiate athletic swill.

"The Grand Experiment" was Paterno's self-created caption for his reign. The suggestion was that his program would prove winning could be done within ethical boundaries and by young men who were winners in the classroom as well as on the field. "Saint Joe," he eventually was called, and if there was a derisive undertone in that label when applied by fellow coaches and other skeptics, the man who was the target seemed not to notice.

Paterno's most formidable ally in creating that image, which essentially was a work of fiction, was geography. Located in north central Pennsylvania, the town of State College is conveniently distanced from the area's major media markets. Reporters from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and New York usually have been limited to game-day appearances; thus Penn State's programs have been subjected to less scrutiny than most others have.

In a recent Time magazine article, Matt Paknis, a Penn State graduate assistant during the 1980s, offered the following: "There was this projection outside of Penn State that he was the dean, this nice old guy. That's the furthest thing from the truth. He ruled with an iron fist. You had to fit into the approval system that was out there. There wasn't a lot of challenging, saying, 'What's going on here?'"

Personal experiences:
Reading that triggered personal recollections. From 1966 until 1982 (after working earlier at the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph), I was a sports reporter, then columnist, for the Philadelphia Daily News.

Penn State never was a regular assignment, but there were enough contacts to prompt the "What's going on here?" question. I learned that you either supported the Paterno program and self-created image without question — or you were, in a manner of speaking, sidelined.

Anonymous said...


I offer two examples.

During the mid-1970s, Tony Dorsett was an All-American running back for the University of Pittsburgh. (He later became an All-Pro for the Dallas Cowboys.) With Pitt hosting Notre Dame during one of those seasons, I made the journey across state and watched Dorsett run wild against the Irish.

During a postgame interview, Dorsett was asked if Penn State recruited him. Not up front, he said, but added that after he'd signed with Pitt, there was contact. He was asked to meet with a group from State College at a clandestine site north of Pittsburgh. Paterno, Dorsett said, was with the group, urging him to dump Pitt and assist the Nittany Lions in continuing to be a dominant power. Dorsett chose to honor his agreement.

The following day, I attempted to reach Paterno for comment. The call was not returned. But, after an article quoting Dorsett appeared, the phone rang.

It was Paterno, and he was livid.

"Stories like that undermine our goal of building a new image for Eastern football," I was told.

My reply was to say, "That seems an odd way of doing it. Isn't Pitt in the East?"

He hung up.

Example No. 2: I received a call one afternoon from the late Frank Dolson, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, a close friend and then-president of the Philadelphia Sportswriters Association. Dolson said he'd just been contacted by a sports information person at State College and told that Joe Paterno, who was to speak at the association's annual banquet, wanted a complimentary table reserved for several area high school players (and families) who were being recruited by Penn State.

Dolson pointed out that doing so would violate NCAA rules, saying, "I thought I was doing Paterno a favor, alerting them to what could be a serious problem. That didn't seem to matter."

"Expect a call from Paterno," I told him.

It came, from an angry man, complete with another, "We're trying to build football in the East" lecture.

The East, as defined by Paterno, was Penn State, and the "building" included another promotional brick or two for a self-varnished reputation.

Many in my profession were stunned to learn that Joe Paterno had been a partner, apparently decisive, in a tragedy prolonged by the Jerry Sandusky cover-up.

I am not one of them.

Longtime sportswriter, editor and author Tom Cushman now divides his time between Colorado Springs and San Diego.

Anonymous said...

Why more Spanier's pattern and practice than Paterno on cover-ups.

Uncanny Parallels Connect the Jerry Sandusky & Michael Mann Cover Ups
By John O'Sullivan
November 16th, 2011

Disgraced Penn State University is mired deeper in scandal as eerie parallels are drawn with their cover up of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal and their apparent whitewash investigation of climate professor, Michael Mann.

After a week when the Attorney General brands Penn State’s former in house attorney a liar and two university officials are indicted on cover up crimes, calls are being made for the re-opening of the university’s investigation that cleared global warming doomsayer, Dr. Michael Mann of any misconduct in the Climategate scandal.

For those who don’t remember, Professor Mann was both the UN’s and Penn State’s academic golden boy of climate science bringing glory and financial reward to them just as famously as Jerry Sandusky did with the football team. In each scandal Penn State president, Graham Spanier appeared on the horizon, each time Spanier took the accused men under his protective wing and defended them to the hilt.

Sandusky’s child sex story rightly shocked America, but anyone who examines the correlation between the Mann and Sandusky cases will feel a similar unnerving sense of disquiet.

Mann, the author of the discredited “hockey-stick” graph, provided the junk science that allowed the UN and global warming policymakers to claim a rapid, recent rise in the Earth’s temperature magically making the Medieval Warm Period disappear. Last year Penn State President, Graham Spanier outrageously cleared Mann of fraudulently cherry picking tree-ring proxy temperature data despite compelling evidence he was guilty.

At the time Spanier lied to the Board of Trustees when he claimed Penn State had ”spent hundreds of hours studying documents and interviewing people and looking at issues from all sides.”

An increasing number of scientists are now clamoring that this very same disgraced Penn State administration should be investigated for also covering up Michael Mann’s raping of climate data in their Environmental Science department. One such angry scientist is former NASA man, Dr. Pierre Latour. He bemoans:

”Two incompetent whitewash investigations by Penn State (Mann & Sandusky) is perfectly valid evidence to support my inference Penn State is corrupt.”

Another disgruntled scientist is retired former U.S. Navy meteorologist, Dr Martin Hertzberg who adds:

“The University seems to have a proclivity for morphing its "investigations" into "whitewashes" that serve the interests or reputation of the University above all else.”

Shockingly, Spanier permitted no witnesses to be called to oppose Mann and no adverse evidence was considered, in breach of the applicable Penn State policy. Now juxtapose that malfeasance with Spanier’s role in the Sandusky cover up for which he lost his job.

more below....

Anonymous said...


Glaring Similarities Between Sandusky Cover Up and Mann Whitewash:

Sandusky is charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over 15 years and perjury charges are also filed against Tim Curley, Penn State's athletic director, and Gary Schultz, vice president for finance and business. Like others, I am convinced Mann should also be facing criminal charges.

Climategate analyst, Steve McIntyre feels the same; he has all the details on his Climate Audit website exposing the telling similarities between the Sandusky cover up and the climate data fraud of Michael ‘Hide the Decline’ Mann.

McIntyre asserts that Spanier’s investigation never required Mann to show the hidden calculations that skeptics say are faked. But when cleared by Spanier last year, Mann then filed a libel suit against Canadian climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, for publishing an opinion piece stating that Mann more properly belongs in the ‘state pen, not Penn State.’

McIntyre and other analysts say Dr. Ball was correct and the evidence of manipulation of data is too obvious and too strong.

Failure to Carry Out a Proper Investigation:

Myron Ebell, Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute is another voice proclaiming that the Mann case, like Sandusky’s was “designed as a whitewash,” adding, “To admit that Dr. Mann is a conman now would be extremely embarrassing for Penn State. But the scandal will not be contained no matter how many whitewash reports are issued.”

Cynically, Mann has been allowed by his university employers to keep the key metadata for his graph hidden under lock and key for over 13 years. He is set to plead the Fifth Amendment if a judge orders him to reveal it, in an ongoing courtroom investigation in Virginia.

Likewise, Sandusky also had his crimes covered up since 1998. Now Mann is working to block his former employer, the University of Virginia (UVa) from complying with a court order to release Mann’s hidden data to the Commonwealth’s Attorney General. I’ve no doubt that once prosecutors are permitted to examine that evidence which Spanier helped to hide Mann will be indicted on fraud charges.

Case Similarities Point to Systemic Cover Up

As I have said in previous articles, Mann was never exonerated because the charges against him were never investigated. In both the Mann and Sandusky controversies the following points about Spanier’s stewardship are equally valid:

1. Both the Sandusky and Mann cover-ups involved a poorly executed investigation.

2. Both investigations saw the president making untrue statements.

3. Both involve an ethos that successful men can do no wrong; and the more famous and powerful they are, the more immune they are from scrutiny.

4. Both demonstrate a strong inclination to circle the wagons and seemingly show no interest in truth or justice.

5. Both involve extensive evidence going back years from a number of different sources and involving a variety of issues which should have raised red flags.

6. Spanier’s ‘investigations’ never interviewed witnesses against Mann or Sandusky.

Not only are two senior Penn State officials now facing serious jail time, grave questions are also being asked about the possible misconduct of Penn State's former appointed legal counsel, Mr. Wendell Courtney, Esq who denies any knowledge of the cover up.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Linda Kelly appears to have already damned the character of Courtney. Nils Frederiksen, speaking for the Attorney General, suggests Courtney lied. Frederkisen commented:

“It’s clear from the findings of the grand jury that Mr. Courtney had direct dealings with both Penn State and The Second Mile and he had knowledge and was aware of the 1998 [child sex abuse] incident.”

I suspect shamed attorney, Courtney is as deeply mired in Mann’s cover up is he is in Sandusky’s.

continued below....

Anonymous said...

continued below...

Too Big to Fail Mentality Pervades Penn State:

In America football programs in general are so powerful that they are beyond the control of the administrations. Likewise, climate research is so lucrative to some universities that academics, like football programs, are vulnerable to corrupting influences. There is a prevalent mindset that these people are “Too Big To Fail” such that large institutions all too easily tend to become a law unto themselves.

To show just how the money motive is king just compare these two Penn State quotes. First quote justifying the university’s clearing Michael Mann:

“[Mann’s] success in proposing research, and obtaining funding to conduct it, clearly places Dr. Mann among the most respected scientists in his field.…

Had Dr. Mann’s conduct of his research been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for him to receive so many awards and recognitions…This would have been impossible had his activities in reporting his work been outside of accepted practices in his field."

Then this second quote excusing Sandusky:

“This level of success on the football field and revenue generated from it, clearly places Coaches Paterno and Sandusky among the most respected professionals in their field. Such success would not have been possible had he not met or exceeded the highest standards of their profession in operating a football program…

“Had Coach Paterno or Coach Sandusky’s conduct of their program been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for them to receive so many awards and recognitions, which typically involve intense scrutiny from peers who may or may not agree with his program … ”

Both the above quotes are spooky in their similarity of reasoning; they imply no thought, no integrity, no need to investigate.

In effect all’s well as long as the money keeps comes in. We saw the same moral disease infect the thinking of bankers and that lead to the collapse of Wall Street for which the whole of America is now paying a hefty price.

Of itself, none of this represents evidence against Mann per se, but it does present an excellent argument that the Mann inquiry needs to be revisited. A Big Government institution has been caught out running roughshod over the rights of the public for their own profit and glory.

Spanier’s immoral regime will disgust many people with a modicum of ethics. Moral standards need to be rebuilt but that can only happen after all the bad apples have been removed. So to that end, whistle-blowers are now wanted because Mann’s misdeeds must be punished because his cover up is no less of a perversion than what took place in the football locker room.

I make this plea to any Penn. State colleagues of Michael Mann: if you have any information that you believe may prove useful in an investigation please contact me at my address below; you have my complete assurance that your identity will be kept completely anonymous.

John O’Sullivan:

Ray Blehar said...

Anonymous has nothing on Joseph Goebbels.

If PSU was doing such a great job after it got rid of Spanier, then why did the PA General Assembly have to intervene and demand reforms to PSU's Board?

How about you use your real name when you comment from now on? It's easy to write lies behind an anonymous handle.

Ray Blehar said...

Since you are the one who is making the allegations that football players crimes were not reported properly under the Clery Act, then you have an obligation to name the players who were not reported.

Otherwise, you are just full of wind.

I would also request that you cite the "other" special treatment afforded to the football team. I have reported that there were 61 arrests between 2000 and 2008 (typo, previously stating end date of 2006). Many of these arrests were for underage drinking, where the police obviously could have simply looked the other way. So, please provide evidence of the players who received special treatment by the police.

I have cited a local magistrate who said he never gave any special treatment to athletes.

I don't believe in man-made global warming, nor do I believe that the hockey stick graph is accurate. That has nothing to do with this conversation, except for the fact that I judge each case on its merits. I don't care if Mann is a professor at PSU.

I also believe that PSU is not run any better now than it was under Spanier and Paterno. The 119 Freeh Report recommendations to improve governance are rathet meaningless in light of the fact that PSU Board of Trustee permits board members to have conflicts of interest with the University.
If you permit conflicts, as PSU does, then there cannot be ethical governance.

The problems that led to the Sandusky scandal are still present. No amount of back ground checks and improved child abuse reporting will stop another Sandusky crisis from occurring simply because the Sandusky crisis at PSU was not caused by Sandusky's abuse of children.

The crisis was caused by conflicts of interest by the PSU BOT and its fear that a real investigation on its campus would reveal the corruption has been going on for decades. The corruption predates Spanier.

If you think I'm defending PSU, you're sadly mistaken. I believe PSU needs to be burnt to the ground and needs to be built back up under new leadership.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...”Anonymous has nothing on Joseph Goebbels.”

However, it was Ray Blehar that does not understand the Clery Act and Penn State violations under it, gets caught in own words showing he does not understand it, and then resorts to name calling as if that makes him smart somehow….but anyone can see he is just upset for looking stupid.

Ray Blehar asked...”If PSU was doing such a great job after it got rid of Spanier, then why did the PA General Assembly have to intervene and demand reforms to PSU's Board?” In addition, Ray Blehar Link:

Once again, Ray Blehar attempts a magic sideshow trick by trying to change the subject and I will point it out as well as answer his attempted misdirection.

First, let us stick the very issues on the Clery Act that Ray Blehar already proved he got it wrong in his above postings and let us be more specific about it for his education shall we? Penn State University first reforms from the Freeh Recommendations within the Freeh Report that we now know Ray Blehar never understood. Implemented the Clery Act Reforms that the NCAA Compliance Monitor complimented the University and reduced sanctions allowing more recruits and that is what Penn State University actually did.

Second, Penn State University today has the finest Clery Act Compliance in the nation and now is a model for other Universities to copy for themselves to make sure full compliance, ethics, and integrity is in place not just at Penn State but helping show other universities how to do it.

Third, some in the General Assembly has announced that Reforms on higher transparency, open records, and more accountability is needed not just at Penn State but all Commonwealth-Related Universities and this is in response to the Penn State Scandal that happen at Penn State. It has nothing to do with the Federal Clery Act of which Ray Blehar misunderstands and showed his ignorance within his own postings as well as here again.

Fourth, I have no problem with the General Assembly causing more transparencies, open records, and better composition to increase better Trustees accountability. I also support Ray Blehar’s Reports showing why those Reforms are necessary regarding those topics even if Ray has been proven wrong on other aspects he has posted. As well as, not being able to respond as a mature adult on links, facts, and reforms listed above that he chooses to ignore or shows ignorance.

Yet, they have nothing to do with the Clery Act Recommendations, Reforms, and Investigative Report showing Penn State University was not in compliance under President Spanier, VP University Police Schultz, AD Curley, and Coach Paterno during their tenures.

Penn State starting in 2012 now has President Barron, New VP’s along with Faculty and Administrators along with the AD position and Head Coach of Football and all Head Coaches in all Sports along with another 7,000 Employees now responsible and under compliance with the Clery Act. Something Spanier, Schultz, Curley and Joseph Vincent Paterno ignored when Paterno demanded only he could discipline his players and treated them differently from how regular students were treated?

Now I agree with that legislation and urge it be passed but it still does not change anything in regards to Clery Act Compliance Reforms that were necessary to correct mistake, non-compliance, and rule breaking by Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and Paterno.

Anonymous said...

Once again, as Ray misused the words “Illegal” when they did not apply and could not refute after his errors were pointed out to him above.

Moreover, his other points are not germane to the Clery Act Violations that happen prior to 2012 as well as showing all here Blehar other comments are irrelevant and never addressed the misunderstanding he showed here on the Clery Act.

Ray Blehar said….”How about you use your real name when you comment from now on? It's easy to write lies behind an anonymous handle.” On July 11, 2014 at 7:56 AM

Once again, Ray Blehar is calling names since it has been shown he misunderstood the Clery Act, unlike Ray. I just pointed out that Ray could not respond.

I agree with Ray where I can and compliment him when he does expose changes needed at Penn State, but on the Clery Act, that has already happen.

Ray Blehar as proven from his own words he is upset that Louis Freeh got that aspect right within his Report. We now know Ray Blehar got it wrong and cannot admit it, so he names calls like a child instead of an educator.

Either way, Ray Blehar’s personal attacks are not facts, arguments, and it is seen in his own postings at least on Clery Act Non-Compliance under Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and Paterno, and Penn State full compliance in 2012 as recommended by Freeh and implemented by Penn State University.

Ray Blehar said...

I'll make this rather simple.

The Freeh Report was incorrect to state that Paterno was a CSA under the Clery Act in 2001. The police, who administered the Clery Act, didn't even know that CSAs were part of the reporting process.

Second, to state that Paterno, Schultz, or Curley had any responsibility to implement the Clery Act is defeated by a simple review of their job descriptions.

Third, as President of the University, Spanier is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the University is compliant with all laws, however, the failure of PSU not to properly implement Clery falls on the General Counsel, whose job it is to ensure that the University leaders are aware of their legal responsibilities.

Freeh did not get this right because he said there were no discussions about Clery reporting until 2007. PSU was contacted by a Clery Act official from the US Goverment in 2003, who informed PSU that they failed to file a number of Clery related crimes. The official stated he had discussions with PSU and they agreed with his assessment that they had failed to report those crimes.

I pointed Freeh's errors about the Clery Act in Report #2.

The reduction in NCAA sanctions had absolutely nothing to do with any reforms at PSU. As I wrote, there were only nine recommendations to improve athletics and most of them were unnecessary because PSU was already doing everything right and was a model program for the NCAA.

If you have been following the news, then you know that PSU's new Athletic Integrity Officer is a defendant in a lawsuit for her failures to abide by University procedures when taking a disciplinary action against the former fencing coach.

The PSU Athletic Department, under AD Dave Joyner, is now in the red due to the faulty decisions made by the PSU leadership under President Erickson.

Similarly, PSU has announced it has raised tuition because of the out of control spending by the University, much of which could have been avoided if the PSU BOT had actually made the right decisions at the outset of the Sandusky scandal.

Ray Blehar said...

By the way, you're the one who changed the subject because my original post had nothing to do with the Clery Act.

The original point of the post was that two children were abused by Sandusky during his investigation. That has nothing to do with Clery.

In fact, the purpose of the Clery Act was to promote campus safety. There is no evidence that any crimes were committed by Sandusky on PSU's campus after 2001.

And even if there was, Sandusky was not a threat to PSU students or employees.

Ray Blehar said...

Factual errors by Anonymous:

"Implemented the Clery Act Reforms that the NCAA Compliance Monitor complimented the University and reduced sanctions allowing more recruits and that is what Penn State University actually did."

The NCAA Compliance Monitor, former Senator George Mitchell's contract states that his role is to monitor the nine recommendations made about Athletic Integrity, none of which have to do with the Clery Act.

Mitchell's role is limited to Chapter 10, section 5 of the Freeh Report recommendations.

"Third, some in the General Assembly has announced that Reforms on higher transparency, open records, and more accountability is needed not just at Penn State but all Commonwealth-Related Universities and this is in response to the Penn State Scandal that happen at Penn State. It has nothing to do with the Federal Clery Act of which Ray Blehar misunderstands and showed his ignorance within his own postings as well as here again."

SB 1240 legislation is directed ONLY at Penn State.

Penn State wrote a rebuttal to the bill in which they complained that they were singled out.

Finally, I am still waiting for Anonymous to provide ANY evidence of a PSU football player getting any special treatment. Please provide names and details.


Anonymous said...

Ray I very much appreciate this forthright and honest posts by you and will respond in sections for your analysis, opinions, or comments.

Ray Blehar said and rightly pointed out that...”Anonymous, Since you are the one who is making the allegations that football players crimes were not reported properly under the Clery Act, then you have an obligation to name the players who were not reported. Otherwise, you are just full of wind.”

I concur with Ray Blehar and ask him to investigate and demand why The Clery Act Report that was suppose to be made Public in March of 2014, has not been published 4 months behind what is required by Federal Law?

The Clery Act Investigation Findings given to Penn State has been kept from the Public when under law it must be published 120 Days after it was completed.

Even President Erickson before he retired asked why the Clery Report findings have not been made public? Some think it has to do with President Obama’s DOJ Title IX Investigations on Women Rapes Non-Reporting that is going through a national review and includes but does not limit it to Penn State University.

Link How Why Penn State First Reforms Were The Louie Freeh Clery Act Recommendations

July 2013 Link On Clery Act Report Findings:

Penn State Receives Preliminary Report Of Clery Act Compliance:

Link Of Penn State University Responded In March 2014 But No Disclosures To Date?

Ray Blehar along with the Alumni Trustees Group, and Legislators should demand its publications in the name of transparency and open records.

I welcome Ray Blehar’s diligence as well in demanding such reporting NOW! It will shine a better light on what happen at Penn State and whether any and all Clery Act Violations were reported or if loopholes under the Clery Act properly exempted some arrests reporting.

Why the Clery Act Findings have been kept quiet does not speak well for the Department of Education investigations to date either, and why violate Fedearl law for not releasing the information required by law?

Anonymous said...

Ray here is a incomplete listings of Penn State Players Arrests and Citations from 1999 to 2008. The Clery Report Investigations Findings has been kept from the public to date, and we will have to wait to see what applied and what loopholes applied to be fair.

Only university police are mandated to provide crime statistics per the Clery report, not the local police departments that serve Centre County – including Ferguson, Patton, State College and Bellefonte.

For years it has been the view of many that Penn State University's president, trustees and administrators ruled their part of the university but the powerhouse college football team, which has made as much as $50 million in annual profits, was allowed to operate under its own governance.

The Freeh report provided citations of that impression, settling that Penn State's athletic department was a closed community, such as an "island" separate from the university where employees followed their own rules. The Freeh report noted that one of them told another not to report the sexual assault because it "would have been like going against the president of the United States They said we can't report this because we'll get fired. If that's the culture on the bottom, then God help the culture on top."

Some of the foremost exposures involved the regulation and power of the athletic department, primarily the football team and program opted out of or did not participate in several university programs, notably training for the federal Clery Act.

The Clery Act requires the public reporting of campus crimes regardless of any ingrained football program at all levels of the campus community being revered by the masses but was run by men neglectful of Clery Act requirements and preferred an insularity of the athletic department from player’s problem.

The longtime staffers in Penn State Athletics allegiances allowed Mr. Paterno to wield unchallenged power. Any of the following names can be googled to determine if the arrests happen and was reported under the Clery Act from 1999 to 2008.

Remember, the Clery Report requires just the reporting of Arrests to made public to potential students considering admission.

Lists below that can be googled for verification and I might add, many Colleges and Athletic Departments experience such arrests every year too.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Sandusky was not arrested until 2011 and thus was not reported either. As Ray Blehar stated above, Penn State only started complying with the Clery Act in 2012.

Since the Clery Act has been in compliance at Penn State starting in 2012, all Penn State Football Players and all Athletes are now subject to Clery Act reporting as well as Judicial Affairs just like any student and even minor citations are reported unlike under Spanier, Schultz, Curley or Paterno.

Until we all can see the final Clery Act Report this is why it is an incomplete listings.

Penn State 6 Players Serious Arrests:
1. Maurice Humphrey, Assault Arrest
2. Maurice Humphrey - Guilty Probation Violation Arrest
3. Maurice Humphrey - Fake ID Probation Violation Arrest
4. Richard Cheek, Stolen Credit Card
5. Lavon Chisley Murder Arrest
6. Ed Johnson Failed Drug Test Condition Of Parole Arrest

Penn State Players 3 Arrests Non-Disclosures:
1. Damone Jones, Unknown Charges Dismissed From School
2. Abe Koroma Personal Problems Described By Paterno
3. AJ Wallace Unknown Violation

Penn State Players 10 Arrests For Assaults:
1. Rashard Casey, Assault, Arrest But New Jersey Not PSU
2. Anwar Phillips, Assault, Arrest
3. T.C. Cosby, Assault, Arrest
4. Michael Robinson, Ice-Rink Fight Summary Charge Arrest
5. Ed Johnson, Ice-Rink fight Summary Charge Arrest
6. Matthew Rice, Ice-Rink fight Summary Charge Arrest
7. John Bronson, Assault, Arrest
8. Tom McHugh, Hitting A Woman Summary Charge Arrest
9. R.J. Luke, Assault Arrest
10. Curtis Drake Assault Arrest

Penn State Players 5 Arrests For Sexual Assaults:
1. Lavon Chisley, Sexual Assault, Arrest
2. Ed Johnson Sexual Misconduct Arrest
3. Scott Paxson Sexual Assault & Aggravated Indecent Charge Arrest
4. Aware Phillips Sexual Assault Arrest
5. Austin Scott Rape & Drugs Arrest

Penn State Players 9 Arrests Criminal Mischief:
1. Scott Paxson, Criminal Mischief, Summary Charge Arrest
2. Mike Sothern Criminal Mischief Expelled Arrest
3. EZ Smith Criminal Mischief Summary Charge Arrest
4. Scott Paxson Criminal Mischief Summary Charge Arrest
5. Tyler Reed Criminal Mischief Summary Charge Arrest
6. Andrew Richardson Criminal Mischief Summary Charge Arrest
7. Dan Connor Criminal Mischief Phone Summary Charge Arrest
8. Nolan MCready Criminal Mischief Phone Summary Charge Arrest
9. Jim Kanuch Criminal Mischief Summary Phone Charge Arrest

Anonymous said...

Lists continued....

Penn State Players 12 Disorderly Conduct & 3 Other Violations Arrests:
1. Mike Sothern, Terroristic Disorderly Criminal Mischief Arrest
2. Francis Claude Arrest At Bar Disorderly Conduct Arrest
3. Silas Redd Public Urination Disorderly Conduct Arrest
4. Sean Stanley Disorderly Conduct Arrest
5. Curtis Drake Disorderly Conduct Arrest
6. Derrick Thomas Disorderly Conduct Arrest
7. Taran Buie Disorderly Conduct Arrest
8. Tre Bowman Disorderly Conduct Arrest
9. Sean Stanley, Marijuana Possession Arrest
10. Rob Bolden Shoplifting Arrest
11. Anthony Fera Purchase & Possession Of Alcohol Arrest
12. Stefon Green. Giving Alcohol To Minor Arrest

Penn State Players 11 Arrests On Assaults Other Penn State Students:
1. Anthony P. Scirrotto Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Solicitation, Simple Assault, Harassment. Arrest
2. Chris I. Baker Burglary, Criminal Trespass Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment. Arrest
3. Jerome A. Hayes Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment Arrest
4. Justin King Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment. Dismissed
5. Tyrell A. Sales Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment Arrest
6. Lydell R. Sargeant Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment Arrest
7. Chris Baker Felony Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Summary Harassment And Stalking Arrest
8. Navarro Bowman Felony Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Summary Harassment And Stalking, Arrest
9. Knowledge Timmons, Disorderly Conduct And Defiant Trespass, Pending
10. Chris Bell Felony Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault Disorderly Conduct, Summary Harassment And Stalking Arrest
11. Phillip Taylor Felony Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault Disorderly Conduct, Summary Harassment And Stalking Arrest

Penn State Players 4 Arrests For Drug Possessions:
1. Maurice Evans-Drug Possession & Use Arrest
2. Andrew Quarless- Drug Possession & Use Arrest
3. Abe Koroma- Drug Possession & Use Arrest
4. A.J. Wallace- Drug Possession & Use Arrest

Penn State Players 12 Arrests Drunk In Public At Penn State:
1. Tyler Reed, Drunk In Public Summary Charge Arrest
2. Andrew Richardson, Drunk In Public Summary Charge Arrest
3. Paul Jefferson, Drunk In Public Summary Charge Guilty
4. Jeremy Kapinos, Drunk In Public Summary Charge Arrest
5. Jeremy Kapinos, Drunk In Public Summary Charge Arrest
6. E.Z. Smith, Drunk In Public Summary Charge Arrest
7. Paul Cronin Drunk In Public Summary Charge Arrest
8. Andrew Quarless-Underage Drinking Arrest
9. Willie Harriot-Underage Drinking Arrest
10. Joe Suhey Underage Drinking Arrest
11. Ryan Breen Underage Drinking Arrest
12. Glenn Carson, Public Drunkenness, Underage Drinking Arrest

Penn State Players 9 Arrests With DUI Drunk Driving:
1. Tony Johnson, Arrest, DUI Arrest
2. Yaacov Yisreal, DUI, Arrest
3. Dan Drogan, DUI Leaving Accident, Arrest
4. Dethrell Garcia, DUI, Guilty Arrest
5. Willie Harriot-DUI Guilty Arrest
6. James McDonald-DUI Arrest
7. Ako Poti DUI Arrest
8. Johnnie Troutman DUI & Numerous Traffic Violations Arrest

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said…”I would also request that you cite the "other" special treatment afforded to the football team. I have reported that there were 61 arrests between 2000 and 2008 (typo, previously stating end date of 2006). Many of these arrests were for underage drinking, where the police obviously could have simply looked the other way. So, please provide evidence of the players who received special treatment by the police.”

Once again, the Clery Act requires just to report the arrests and you got that wrong.

Ray Blehar said….”I have cited a local magistrate who said he never gave any special treatment to athletes.”

Unfortunately, that was your attempted response to the Clery Act Postings and now you know that was not applicable or relevant and the District Magistrate comments were not germane to that Federal Law and lacks both the expertise and jurisdiction.

Clearly, Penn State Football players were given Special Treatment under Paterno’s insistence only he could discipline his players and Penn State’s refusal to not record their arrests as required by the Clery Act.

In addition, you using the very word, “NEVER” in quoting that District Magistrate is another example of poor research and not understanding the Clery Act and poor judgment in quoting a District Magistrate in the first place.

Finally, Joe Paterno himself as it was posted with a link, contradicts that very District Magistrates word, “NEVER” when he publicly claimed how he covered up his own Players Conduct after Police brought them to his Home and this was before the Clery Act was even passed.

Consequently, Paterno’s own words contradicts your own attempts on the record and certainly impeaches your District Magistrate’s quotes. Does it not?

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said….I don't believe in man-made global warming, nor do I believe that the hockey stick graph is accurate. That has nothing to do with this conversation, except for the fact that I judge each case on its merits. I don't care if Mann is a professor at PSU.

Well, I will not dispute with you the beliefs and opinions you hold and I respect them as your own right to believe what you choose as well as others.

However, the article and Link was put up to show President Spanier alleged practice and pattern in covering up people, events, and arrests that disparage Penn State image whether in Athletics or Academics and tended to whitewash investigations. Furthermore, it is now noted in the charges that Spanier often fought any investigations and that does goes from Gricar, Others Law Enforcement and PSU Employees.

This actually backs up Triponey Statements about Paterno telling his players not cooperate with Investigations as well.

Another Penn State pattern and practice and why it is relevant to the discussions versus your own opinions that refute nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said….”I also believe that PSU is not run any better now than it was under Spanier and Paterno. “

Well, that belief is now proven wrong by just seeing how the Clery Act was not followed, how Paterno demanded his players not cooperate with investigations and only could discipline them showing they were given special treatment.

It is a fact there was no Athletic Integrity Agreement under Paterno.

There was no Athletic Code of Conduct under Paterno.

There was no Athletic Integrity Officer position under Paterno.

Paterno was not subject to any Director of Ethics and Compliance since there was none.

End of Ray's beliefs versus today's facts.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said above….” The 119 Freeh Report recommendations to improve governance are rathet meaningless in light of the fact that PSU Board of Trustee permits board members to have conflicts of interest with the University. If you permit conflicts, as PSU does, then there cannot be ethical governance.”

This where I salute, admire and agree with you.

However, you do know Joseph Vincent Paterno had those same Conflicts of Interests, employed many relatives, and prospered under that same Trustees as well as the General Assembly that enjoyed its Penn State Game Tickets and Luxury Boxes Invitations that led to the same corruption as Tom Cushman points out.

Joe never called himself a saint, admitted he had faults, and in my opinion did more to advance Penn State Football and the good from it than anything bad, but

Ray, most things, events, crimes, violations, and people’s actions are grey debatable matters and seldom all black or white, ethical or unethical, and easily identified as criminal or just confusion, and all deserve a defense, that spins what they will regardless of the full truth of confusions, especially after 14 years then brought under oath for an investigation.

Where you post the truth that shines the white lights upon the darkness that baffles the mind when the rules do not fit the game, I welcome it.

Where you post with a broad brush of spin, opinion that causes confusion I have to challenge it such as how Paterno helped cause the Clery Act Cover-Ups

Yet, the majority is Grey Confusion such as parts of the Freeh Report that are questionable but not all of it compared to the lack of compliances

The problems that led to the Sandusky scandal are still present. No amount of back ground checks and improved child abuse reporting will stop another Sandusky crisis from occurring simply because the Sandusky crisis at PSU was not caused by Sandusky's abuse of children.

Respectfully disagree with offense to your own opinion.

The crisis was caused by conflicts of interest by the PSU BOT and its fear that a real investigation on its campus would reveal the corruption has been going on for decades. The corruption predates Spanier.

Again, why I support you, admire your work, and will challenge only that

I am complete agreement and the alleged cover-ups run deep and I do not believe will be uncovered but Spanier was part of it too. And I hope you are proven right that more arrests and investigations and full truths will come out sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...."If you think I'm defending PSU, you're sadly mistaken. I believe PSU needs to be burnt to the ground and needs to be built back up under new leadership, on July 11, 2014 at 9:02 AM.

I am with you here in part, but Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno were part of Penn State too and the scandal did happen on their watch and oversight including the lack of obeying the Clery Act.

Joe was in business with some Trustees too, so he had Conflicts of Interests as well.

Yet, I do urge you to keep looking into the entire Penn State Scandal and again I do not think less of you but more of you.

I agree where I can, but challenging where you got it wrong and using your own beliefs, spin, and opinions are not facts either.

As pointed out above and quoting your own words that missed several key points of facts now known how you got the Clery Act wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...”I'll make this rather simple.”

If it was rather simple you would not have gotten the Clery Act wrong and subsequent Reforms that were needed to correct the mistakes of Penn State University as well as its Football Program would you?

Ray Blehar said….”The Freeh Report was incorrect to state that Paterno was a CSA under the Clery Act in 2001. The police, who administered the Clery Act, didn't even know that CSAs were part of the reporting process.”

I agree with that partial analysis where I can, but that is just part not all and the facts proves Penn State was not in compliance as we know today and even you showed why you misunderstood the Clery Act and why I had to correct your own postings on this subject.

However, Paterno insisting his only he could discipline his players, telling them not to cooperate with any investigations, and Penn State having to correct such Paterno’s demands and practices.

As well as making sure Coach Franklin has no such powers to treat his players different from other students actually shows Penn State was out of compliance and includes the Football Program under Paterno.

Penn State was not in compliance with the Clery Act until 2012 but is today and that prevents the football program from no longer listing players that are arrested today.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said….”Second, to state that Paterno, Schultz, or Curley had any responsibility to implement the Clery Act is defeated by a simple review of their job descriptions.”

Pure baloney on your part, today not only does their replacements have such obligations another 7,000 employees are subject to training in complinance with Clery Act by reporting any crimes to the University Police that now record it under Clery Act compliance.

In fact, the best way to refute your own spin is simply point out the facts today instead of your spin on yesterday.

Today and since 2012, Penn State has continued to make progress on initiatives undertaken in response to recommendations made in the Freeh Report in meeting the goals of the Athletics Integrity Agreement (AIA) signed by Penn State, the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference.

According to the New Penn State President Barron cooperation and quotes…"I'm pleased with how quickly the institution responded and how much has been accomplished in the way of compliance and the dedication to improving our processes," said President Barron.

"Penn State has taken the recommendations seriously, has made enormous progress and has become a Model the Office of Ethics and Compliance adopted a compliance plan approved by a committee of the Board of Trustees.

The compliance plan addresses standards of conduct; governance; reporting lines and delegation of authority; training and education; monitoring and auditing; program promotion; discipline; and remediation.

1. Intercollegiate Athletics compliance department became the first in the country with five members certified by the National Association for Athletics Compliance ("NAAC")

2. Hosted its third annual conference on child protection and well-being and continued its support of organizations striving to end child sexual abuse and to assist its victims;

3. Continued installation of access controls and security measures at its athletics and recreational facilities to ensure adherence to Penn State policies, both at University Park and on its Commonwealth Campuses, with a goal of ensuring the access controls are fully operational for the start of the 2014-15 academic year; and

4. Commissioned a team of administrators and public safety professionals to support its Clery Act compliance program; and began to review policies, procedures and training programs concerning child safety and abuse prevention to ensure their consistency with newly enacted state laws.

Thus, the new reforms shows the old leadership was not in compliance.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar….”Third, as President of the University, Spanier is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the University is compliant with all laws, however, the failure of PSU not to properly implement Clery falls on the General Counsel, whose job it is to ensure that the University leaders are aware of their legal responsibilities.”

Well, that directly contradicts your own words in the post above at July 11, 2014 at 9:02 AM….and to quote your own words so no spin can be made by you….Ray Blehar posted ”I also believe that PSU is not run any better now than it was under Spanier and Paterno. The 119 Freeh Report recommendations to improve governance are rathet meaningless in light of the fact that PSU Board of Trustee permits board members to have conflicts of interest with the University. If you permit conflicts, as PSU does, then there cannot be ethical governance.”

I guess this you're own admission Penn State was run wrong under Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno since you believe it is still being run wrong today. Spanier had to put up with Paterno’s demands and Paterno did make mistake sin trying to protect an image he created that was not based in the reality of the subsequent reforms needed to correct his behavior and practices.

Furthermore, the Penn State Scandal that happen under Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno as caused you to also say that and I quote….Ray Blehar posted on July 11, 2014 at 9:02 AM…”If you think I'm defending PSU, you're sadly mistaken. I believe PSU needs to be burnt to the ground and needs to be built back up under new leadership.”

In summary, we know Penn State University needed many reforms that has happen today due to its crimes and non-compliance of yesterday, and you admit it is not run any better today and needs burned and rebuilt from the old leadership and new leadership.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said….”Freeh did not get this right because he said there were no discussions about Clery reporting until 2007. PSU was contacted by a Clery Act official from the US Goverment in 2003, who informed PSU that they failed to file a number of Clery related crimes. The official stated he had discussions with PSU and they agreed with his assessment that they had failed to report those crimes.I pointed Freeh's errors about the Clery Act in Report #2.“

Yet, I am pointing out the errors of Spanier and not just in 2007 but until after being fired and Penn State needed a Freh Report to find out where those errors were and Freeh recommended the reforms to correct those errors.

Paterno also admitted he should have done more and that was his own admission. Paterno also demanded only he could discipline his players and not to cooperate with investigations and that treated his players differently from average students.

I listed the reforms needed too that Paterno was not subject to and that proves those reforms, rules, and ethics were needed that Paterno was not under nor practiced. It was Freeh that found that out too.

If that upsets you, blame Paterno actions not Freeh on that particular point.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said…”.The reduction in NCAA sanctions had absolutely nothing to do with any reforms at PSU. "As I wrote, there were only nine recommendations to improve athletics and most of them were unnecessary because PSU was already doing everything right and was a model program for the NCAA.”

If one recommendation and nine more were added that is proof, they were not unnecessary, versus your opinion.

Well, that is what you wrote, but it was those “Unnecessary Reforms” in only your opinion, that lower the sanctions.

In addition, we all know as you said Penn State University did not put in Clery Act Compliance until 2012….meaning it was out of compliance.

Finally, you revealed in your own postings above that you do not understand that only, "Arrest" were needed reported???... go read where you had to be corrected.

The NCAA, Big Ten, Department of Education, Department of Justice, PAOAG, and Penn State University all found the need for the reforms to comply with all laws and regulations...and that refutes your “Unnecessary Reforms”.

Deeds are bigger than Words!

Obeying the Laws and Regulations today are proof that was not happening yesterday and disproves you're words of spin and goes along with your belief why you want to burn Penn State to the ground and start over again, does it not.

It was the mistakes of yesterday, and you say today, has led you to that conclusion, but you just admitted they did make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said….”If you have been following the news, then you know that PSU's new Athletic Integrity Officer is a defendant in a lawsuit for her failures to abide by University procedures when taking a disciplinary action against the former fencing coach.

1. So what, that does not erase the facts that Penn State did not have an “Athletic Integrity Agreement” as the rest of the Big Ten Universities did, and that gave the Penn State Football a competitive advantage and why the Big Ten imposed sanctions. This a factual mistake of your own and your attempt to smear the new PSU AIO does not erase one fact that Paterno never had one, and shows your petty opinion does not erase that fact either.

2. I welcome such lawsuits to make sure Penn State University does have the power to implement the reforms Freeh recommended. You should welcome that too.

3. Even more hypocrisy from you is how you attempted to try and defend the Penn State Players violations of the law, Spaniel’s non-compliance with Clery Act, Paterno’s excuses and admissions for them to be treated differently, and blaming the current BOT for Reforms required by the NCAA, Big Ten, PAOAG, DOE, and DOJ.

The General Assembly was happy to ignore the need for those laws too and is now acting to make Penn State University be in more compliance with Open Records and Transparency?

Ray Blehar said….”The PSU Athletic Department, under AD Dave Joyner, is now in the red due to the faulty decisions made by the PSU leadership under President Erickson.”

One can say and would not be wrong, that it was the violations and lack of ethics as well as false image promoted by Joseph Vincent Paterno and his non-compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations that led directly to those losses. As well as, the actions and inactions of Spanier, Curley, and Schultz and Penn State Graduate, Alumnus, Employee, Emeritus and those players listed above showing the Grand Experiment, Success with honor and the Penn State Way were slogans of Public Relations not compliance with the laws and regulations.

Ray Blehar said….”Similarly, PSU has announced it has raised tuition because of the out of control spending by the University, much of which could have been avoided if the PSU BOT had actually made the right decisions at the outset of the Sandusky scandal.”

The 12 State Colleges just raised Tuition without any sandal, Pitt, Temple and various Private Universities so once again, you have undercut your own arguments with your words.

Stick to what you can prove not what you think you can spin. I am with you where I can agree, and my challenges will just make you better when you admit where you got it wrong, and that does not make you weaker but smarter.

Penn State is coming back from the Scandal Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno saddled them with and their own employees caused and will be just fine with the new reforms than without them.

Have faith not doubts!

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...By the way, you're the one who changed the subject because my original post had nothing to do with the Clery Act.”

Only you made the mistakes of not knowing the Clery Act requires only Arrests reporting not Judicial Outcomes, and it was pointed out so you would not keep making that mistake in the future.

You should thank me and anyone that makes you smarter and better when posting instead of crying when you are proven wrong by your own words.

Ray Blehar said…”The original point of the post was that two children were abused by Sandusky during his investigation. That has nothing to do with Clery.

Well go back and look at your posts of June 29, 2014 at 9:56 PM, whereby you said… “The Chronicle article is BS.”

Since you have been proven wrong repeatedly, you do not understand the Clery Act, how you can expect anyone to respect your analysis of it, and how Penn State University had to correct the past misdeeds of Spanier, Curley, Schulz, and Paterno that refused to follow it, to cover up the Arrests of their Football Players.

Ray Blehar said….”In fact, the purpose of the Clery Act was to promote campus safety. There is no evidence that any crimes were committed by Sandusky on PSU's campus after 2001.”

Sandusky was not even arrested in 1998 or 2001 or 2008 until 2011 and Penn State was not even complying with the Clery Act until 2012, but that is the exact point you keep missing.

It was Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno not following the Clery Act to report Football Players that were arrested and why your defense of Paterno and excuses while attacking this aspect of the Freeh report have been refuted and are wrong by just reading your own mistakes in your own posts.

You keep getting it wrong and that is why you cannot prove you are correct with your opinions, spin, and misinformation. I did you a favor and posted the Background on the Clery Act.

Go read it and understand it before you keep quoting wrong information about it that proves you wrong on other posts above.

The Clery Act makes the reporting of Arrests and forces their publication so prospective students and their parents can look at a college and crimes on campus. Penn State avoided Clery Act reporting to avoid exposing their false images made up by the Football Program and is one of the reasons that made Spanier, Curley, and Schultz prefer to protect the image of Penn State over children.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said….”And even if there was, Sandusky was not a threat to PSU students or employees on July 12, 2014 at 10:16 AM.

Today, we know the Penn State Players that beat up Penn State Students and raped women and committed other crimes were arrested and not reported and Paterno insisted they not cooperate with investigations and be treated differently from Students by way of only him disciplining them.

Once again, you have undercut yourself and exposed you do not know the purpose of the Clery Act and that is why you are in error in defending Joseph Vincent Paterno actions that help cause the Clery Act not to apply to his Players and will result in fines that will cost Penn State
University more money in the end.
Here let me educate you:

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or Clery Act is a federal statute codified at 20 U.S.C. § 1092(f), with implementing regulations in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations at 34 C.F.R. 668.46.

The Clery Act requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs to keep and disclose information about crime on and near their respective campuses.

Compliance is monitored by the United States Department of Education, which can impose civil penalties, up to $35,000 per violation, against institutions for each infraction and can suspend institutions from participating in federal student financial aid programs.

The law is named for Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old Lehigh University freshman who was raped and murdered in her campus residence hall in 1986.

The backlash against unreported crimes on numerous campuses across the country led to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

The Clery Act, signed in 1990, was originally known as the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act.

Source Link To educate Ray
Blehar Before His Faulty ANALysis!

Anonymous said...

Ray a few Questions for you:

Do you think Penn State should remove all the reforms, training, and positions they put in place to comply with the Clery Act?

Should the Alumni Trustees now elected to the Board of Trustees propose the Unnecessary Reforms you claim and when will they do it?

If you were appointed to become a university President, would you be sure to make sure the university complies with the Clery Act?

If you have a daughter, aunt, sister, or wife and they were a victim a crime on a campus and you found out the university as not in compliance with the Clery Act reporting arrests and they filed a Lawsuit would you support them?

Would exempt your Football Players and Coaches from the Clery Act, Athletic Integrity Agreement, Athletic Code of Conduct, and not under the Director of Ethics and Compliance today?

Thank you and I appreciate your time and information.

Anonymous said...


Ray Blehar said...

All of your arguments above are undercut by ONE fact.

Clery Act compliance was not one of the NINE recommendations under Chapter 10, Section 5 of the Freeh Report.

For you to continually raise the issue that the Athletic Department has or had any control over the University's implementation of Clery is complete nonsense.

Ray Blehar said...

Also, you are making an ex post facto argument - as Louis Freeh did - to imply that Joe Paterno and others were not complying with reporting under Clery, when there was no reporting system in place for them to make a report.

Of course, the other issue is that it would not have been Joe Paterno's reponsibility to make crime reports for those players. The policemen who made those arrests would have had that responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Ray Blehar said...”All of your arguments above are undercut by ONE fact. Clery Act compliance was not one of the NINE recommendations under Chapter 10, Section 5 of the Freeh Report. For you to continually raise the issue that the Athletic Department has or had any control over the University's implementation of Clery is complete nonsense on July 13, 2014 at 9:48 AM”

The recommendations of the Freeh Report and implementations of the Reforms by President Erickson put Penn State University into compliance in 2012 and today.

They were necessary and are direct proof that Penn State University and the Athletic Department’s Football Program prior practices, lack of Institutional Control, and contributed directly to the Penn State Scandal.

Paterno’s own actions of demanding treating his players differently and not to cooperate with investigations and Spanier’s inactions to keep the Football Program in line with Federal Laws such as the Clery Act are prime examples of what went wrong at Penn State and it was only fixed after their removals.

Your own words in your own posts above reveal you do not understand the purpose and requirements of the Clery Act and everyone can read them, and nothing you can say now can change those facts.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar said...”Anonymous, Also, you are making an ex post facto argument - as Louis Freeh did - to imply that Joe Paterno and others were not complying with reporting under Clery, when there was no reporting system in place for them to make a report.”

No, you are wrong again; since you proved here you did not understand the Clery Act clearly, you have jumped to another wrong conclusion without any facts backing up your false analysis.

Paterno helped contribute to the Penn State Scandal by seeking to protect his Football Program and his Players demanding they be treated differently than regular students and telling his players not to cooperate with on campus or off campus investigations after their arrests and Spanier did little to nothing to comply with the Clery Act to protect the University as well as Curley and Schultz.

Today, the President of Penn State, University Police, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, and all Coaches are now given training on Clery Act compliance along with over 7,000 employees.

All must work with the director of Ethics and Compliance and Athletic Integrity Officer and no athlete or football player is treated differently than any other student when comes to investigations, judicial affairs procedures and discipline, and all arrests are now reported as required by the Clery Act.

Ray Blehar said...”Of course, the other issue is that it would not have been Joe Paterno's responsibility to make crime reports for those players. The policemen who made those arrests would have had that responsibility on July 13, 2014 at 9:53 AM”

When Paterno was under no Athletic Integrity Agreement and there was no Athletic Integrity Officer, or Director of Ethics and Compliance as well as No Code of Athletic Conduct and one of the largest fundraisers in Paterno at Penn State demands none of his players be subject to discipline by anyone but Paterno and his players should not cooperate with investigations…..and Spanier, Curley, and Schultz do nothing to stop Paterno’s such inactions contributed to the Penn State Scandal.

When President Spanier could not control Paterno no university policeman could either and when Triponey was dismissed it only compounded that problem and Paterno’s powers that Spanier chose to protect than discipline.
If Spanier had put in place the Clery Act reforms as well as the Code of Athletic Conduct, Athletic Integrity Agreement, and Director of Ethics and Compliance and made sure Paterno was subject to them like Franklin is today, the Penn State Scandal would have been minimized but that did not happen.

The Clery Act Reforms put into practice in 2012 as recommended by Louis Freeh refutes your own assumptions and misunderstanding of the Clery Act as well as proves the prior practices of Paterno along with Spanier, Curley, and Schultz’s inactions caused the problems of yesterday that have been corrected today.

Everyone can read what you posted as well as my own posts and I can stand by that without reservation, as well as, looking forward to areas, you do bring into question with superb analysis, but you are neither Clery Act analysis is not one of them nor excuses you make for Paterno.

The Clery Act Reforms speak for themselves and protect the students and university better than a Football Coach that sought the protection of his players and program and a University President afraid to confront Paterno.

Quit blaming Janitors and University Police, for not complying with the Clery Act when the higher ups compromised the laws and regulations.

The university completely abdicated its role as an educational institution committed to the public good in order to protect its corporate brand, image, and market value.

Anonymous said...

WITF reports on July 11, 2014:
"Corbett says some lawmakers hold grudge for investigations as Atty. Gen."

The General Assembly, particularly the House of Representatives, knows the full story of Corbett's investigative skills.

Threaten witnesses, destroy proffer and witness notes, manipulate the Grand Jury, charge innocent people, this is the legacy of Corbett.

And while Corbett's prosecutors were accusing legislators and staff of doing politics in the office, Corbett was doing the same things in the AG Executive Offices.

Corbett used the Office of Attorney General for political gain and now the public is seeing his hypocrisy.

He needs the Republican legislators to help him get re-elected. You can't place the blame on the General Assembly when your actions speak louder than words.

Corbett, "Remember the boy in the shower" and send me another $5,000.

Anonymous said...

Signor- you have lost a follower over these two and their incessant posts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America should disallow any State's Attorney General from running for higher office or elected position until 4 years after they were Attorney General.

They would have to follow the rules just like Federal Prosecutors are not permitted to run for office until after 2 years of leaving their positions.

In this way, they do not misuse the Criminal Justice System for publicity to win elected office.

Tom Corbett did just that and put many innocent people in jail so he could become Governor.

Shame on Tom Corbett and he should lose his Re-election big on what he did to Joe Paterno and Penn State and many other people that had at best, and I repeat at best, Ethical Violations.

Shame on the Republican Party for even having such people in positions of power.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the debates and discussions between Ray Blehar and Anonymous and both made good points.

No question Penn State Higher Ups was caught up with an image that no university could live up to, even under a great coach that did far more things right in his life and career than wrong.

Yet, no question the changes that were needed at Penn State reflect upon the laws and regulations they did not choose to follow and had to be reformed.

Ray is right too on other changes that are needed at Penn State and how Corbett let his friends and campaign supporters free from prosecution just as did with some of his friends in the General Assembly such as Smith and Jubelier and Staffers Mike Long and Nyqust.

A Blue Ribbon Committee should be formed of prior College Presidents that should oversee the Reforms at Penn State.

This would correct the misjudgments of Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno and insure future reforms that would remove the Conflicts of Interests of the Trustees and Corbett's Appointees.

Reading both sides about the Penn State University and Football Scandal revealed much more information than I ever read in the media and I thank Ray and Anonymous for them.

Anonymous said...

Corbett on Pension Reforms as bad as his actions against Penn State and his own Party and when he ran the PAOAG illegally.

We were told by Governors and Lawmakers that the Sales Tax Increases in all Counties, Liquor Sales Taxes, with Legalized Gambling was to help with property taxes to be eliminated them altogether? Surely the new tax on gas companies will take care of it, maybe if you believe any politician.

Meanwhile the pension Debate is a joke too. The Pension bill that the Governor is pushing does NOT fix any of the problems of school districts!

You have to make your payments and diverting money away from the revenue stream to a 401k will not work either!

Collaring pension payments back is costing the state hundreds of millions down the road.

Where is the leadership in that?

The Commonwealth needs new revenue streams! There are 43 states in the U.S.A. with budget surpluses this year!

Corbett's Pennsylvania $1.5 billion in the hole, using Corbett's policies and political prosecution's persecution bleedership?

Republican leadership has failed as much as any Democrat.

Corbett and Corbett Republicans are using sound and fury signifying nothing to convince the base it will address the issue but it is all rhetoric.

It is all bluff and blustering on a campaign trial but then winks and nods in backrooms, just like his selective prosecutions.

Even Corbett's Party Loyalists and Trolls have been trying to delude themselves to think otherwise, but it will not work anymore than Corbett mistakes on the LCB, Lottery, and budgets that caused huge deficits.

Corbett has been dragging his feet because he was afraid for his own pensions, until now that he sees he way behind in the polling and found Jesus over a phony Pension Issues?

here is idea soon to be ousted Tom Corbett, put a Pension Tax on Gas Well Productions.

Oh. no that will mess up his Corbett's Corporate Campaign Contributors?

Anonymous said...

The last thing that is needed is a new revenue streams that only benefit those receiving Commonwealth Pensions.

We need our tax money to benefit all of us and not just those with a Public Pension.

The politicians including Corbett's Tom Ridge was the ones that added teacher Pensions to the Commonwealth now breaking us broke.

Did Corbett ever mention that when Tom Ridge appointed him?

Allegheny County biggest problems came from Port Authority and the City Pensions.

What is never mentioned in how much these pensions are paying the recipient.

Tom Ridge's pension Plans made it very easy for a Teacher's Pension to pay $80,000/year.

All being paid by the taxpayers should not be treated better than those paying the bill.

If 401K is good enough for those in the private sector it needs to be good enough for those in the public sector.

As it now stands property owners are being asked for more and more to fund fat pensions while not being able to fund their own retirement.

I'm amazed that those receiving these pensions, who supposedly care so much about kids and education, see what's happening to education because of pensions, yet remain silent.

I know it's unrealistic to think they care enough to give back to save education.

It's easy to just use the talking point that "pensions were not funded properly in the past", but the truth is we couldn't afford them then and we can afford them now.

You can only squeeze so much juice out of an orange. The oranges are drying up! Maybe the only option in Bankruptcy.

Corbett is trying to fool us in this re-election year when he could have solved the problem in first year, but Corbett is the problem today.

Anonymous said...

John Prezel, Bill DeWeese, and Mike Veon could have solved these problems with tom Corbett but Corbett thought he would be better off without them.

A newly elected Governor Wolf's focus is simple, more prosperity, better performance, and true independence for all citizens across the commonwealth.

We need to help put people on a path towards greater independence.

Some of the ways to do this is through successful worker training for those receiving food stamps and by increasing individual control of personal health care choices, while maintaining a vital safety net for our commonwealth’s neediest.

Hardworking Pennsylvania families should be able to keep more of the money they earn, so they can build a bright future of their choosing for their children and grandchildren.

Due to years of kicking the can down the road, the Keystone State dealt with budget deficits for well over decades.

A new Governor Wolf will make prudent, decisions, to advance a budget without new taxes and cause a surplus.

As government grows larger, it becomes wasteful and inefficient, much like tom Corbett waste line and stomach and then the brain lowers its output.

If wasteful spending continues unabated, Pennsylvania families would be paying thousands more than what they pay today to operate state government.

Governor Wolf will put into place long-term structural reforms that will save taxpayers well over $1 billion.

These reforms will continue to save taxpayers billions more year after year that they are in place.

Right-sizing state government and reforming it to be more efficient will allow us to invest in areas of need, such as worker training.

By becoming more efficient and controlling the cost of state government, it can be more nimble and have more resources to react to the future needs of the state.

We must adapt to the marketplace of the 21st century and create a dynamic system of government.

We can protect the most vulnerable, while giving people the resources they need to get back on their feet.

We should give our friends and neighbors in need a hand up, so they can get back on their feet and provide for themselves and their families.

Corbett slaps in our faces to help out Canada's pensions Funds, and Great Kingdom Gaming Companies have comeback to slip their hands into Commonwealth pockets and call it a reform when it is really a campaign payoff to them.

Anonymous said...

There is zero chance the criminal trials ever get anywhere even though Spanier shows no accountability, which is not the same as responsibility, and accountability is a vital part of leadership.

The Penn State Trustees Elite are hiding something by using the Universities Bank Account to "move on."

I'm just curious why Spanier doesn't think he had anything to do with any of the Penn State Scandal.

Even if his hands are clean, which they clearly are not, he was the President of Penn State and the top decision maker, and ignored the Clery Act, NCAA Rules, and Children Protection Laws.

GraHAM made a lot of money to be in charge so top decisions would come from him.

I sincerely doubt his top officials including Paterno kept this under wraps from the president.

Graham totaled his career with a job description suicide--which it clearly was and he should be ashamed of himself.

As the leader he should have expressed some accountability which is NOT the same as responsibility.

Whatever kind of oblivious idiot that Grahambla wants to portray himself being in 2001, the fact remains that he had an active hand in leading Curley and Schultz down their road to ruin from the end of 2010 until today.

They did not cooperate, they did not tell the complete truth, and they withheld evidence. Those are not the actions of innocent men.

Anonymous said...

I read all these posts and one thing for sure is the only conclusion I can reach is the Penn State Trolls are frightened by John Ziegler's latest on none of the molestations ever happen and it has all been made up by the media just like Ray has stated on and the Spanier thing.

These posters worried about children over Penn State's football are cowed and pretty much fade away when confronted.

You can almost smell and feel the fear and I believe Penn State and its football program is a Port View thing and the "move on" crowd is not comfortable with it.

Hard to understand why whether Penn State had Clery Act violations does not matter.

The football program was an honorable program it's just incredible to me how much pure conjecture is involved here and JZ is acts like he works for sole Judge Freeh.

When Louis Freeh makes conjecture, we all rightly freak out.

But when JZ does it in a way that's beneficial, there's many Penn State fans who accept it as gospel and support him.

I am sorry to say, one either approves of conjecture or others don't, but you can't have it both ways depending which side the conjecture comes down on.

Examples both Ray and all Anonymous never consider:

Jerry didn't know McQueary was the witness.

This is "proven" because Jerry didn't try to ingratiate himself to McQueary, or basically bribe him with another job offer.

JZ ignores the possibility that Jerry could've just hoped McQueary didn't see too much and therefore purposely acted nonchalant about it to avoid the appearance of guilt.

There's more than 1 rational explanation, but JZ will only consider the one that fits his narrative just like Ray Blehar, Louis Freeh, Graham Spanier, Joe Paterno, and Trustees Clery Act clean up on campus????

A 13 year old would fight back, know about consent, etc.

Since when is JZ an expert on how child sex abuse victims would react?

Does he think 13-14 years old aren't sexually abused without a fight and without the kids going to police?

Adults are sexually abused and often don't do those things, so JZs conjecture here is not only wrong, but disgusting.

JZ lists things the alleged victim did with Sandusky afterwards.

Again, I'll stick with experts in considering how abuse victims react and continue relationships with their abusers.

I can agree all day with JZ that it doesn't make logical sense, but I also don't think Stockholm Syndrome makes logical sense, and yet it exists.

Because Penn State football fans can't apply rational thought to the actions of a person experiencing something traumatic.

McQueary's father saw this is a good opportunity for face time with Joe to help land the WR coach position. Zero proof of that, just none. Pure conjecture.

It's perfectly understandable that the alleged victim gets the date wrong or the time frame all wrong by a couple weeks, but it's HUGE when anyone else gets a date wrong!

Again, JZ views everything with an eye towards fitting into what he wants to believe or what others attack as inconsistent and then ignores the Clery Act violations purposely done to keep the Penn State Cover-Ups Public Image clean as if that was never a motivation.

I love JZ defending himself on the hack...errrrr...glitch.

I think it's obvious by now that he would never accept such a 'coincidence' from anyone else and some here do the same to the Trustees.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming more clear that people like Franco Harris, PS4RS, newly elected Alumni Trustees, Ray and Zieglar keeps saying they outed themselves on saying they know the truth, but where does they know all the truths about Penn State and Paterno being the victims, when we know many rules, laws, and ethics were not followed at all and outright ignored so football players could keep playing.

Just using their names in letters to the editor, but I don't see where they ever justify the intentional breaking of Clery Act laws and then saying that was ok because Paterno was not involved even though Joe sought to break rules on treating his players different from students???

It is just like Zieglar was in fact outing him as Victim 2 if all he had done in the past was write letters defending Gerry without stating that he was a victim but all of sudden Paterno is now victim too.

Anyone thinking laughing makes any points stronger is just wrong and it doesn't. But the constant laughing does make them look pretty crazy at times in my opinion.

For God sakes, Zieglar and his gang to save Paterno thinks the attorney cut a deal with Victim 2 based on the contingency fee, how is that rationale thinking?

Once again, absolutely nothing but conjecture and disgusting accusations to make with zero proof and in the face of the facts that Penn State violated and ignored Clery Act Laws.

Yes, the Penn State settlements should be questioned but how can they if we ignore Clery Act intentional violations just to save the Penn State image.

But when the Penn State Trustees take action to clean up Spanier and Paterno's mess in defending Penn State football players it is time we all must decide which would cost more, paying the alleged victims, or fighting them in open court.

I'm not sure they chose wrongly.

Anyone involved in the law can tell you that company's constantly have to make decisions about settling suits where they know they're in the right, but the cost/benefit analysis forces them to settle anyway.

So look, even if I were to agree that Victim 2 was not sexually abused, and neither was Matt Sandusky, it doesn't change my point here.

And that is that Zieglar constantly makes leaps based on assumptions and what must "rationally" or "logically" make sense in Zieglar's mind and ray, PS4RS, Franco, and new Trustees seem to follow this kind of strange logic.

That isn't proof, and we all rightfully jumped down Freeh's throat for doing the same thing, just to defend a Coach that help contribute, cause, and died knowing he ruined his own legacy by demanding special treatment that has proven within all reasonable facts.

Anonymous said...

Saw Matt Sandusky on Oprah, Matt without a doubt comes off very believable. I now believe he was molested by the monster.

It is about time a decent Penn State students, graduates, fans, and alumni we start to come to the facts something very wrong happen at Penn State and it is wrong to think otherwise.

What is sadder is we all deluded ourselves thinking nothing went wrong and we blamed others as if we have some type of superiority over other universities.

I am very sadden and disappointed in reading some blogs here that have made excuses, slit hairs with little facts, and simply wrong thinking somehow others are to be blamed.

we are Penn State and it happen here, get busy accepting it, support correcting it with the reforms, and understand some important people we once put up as icons and on murals were not what they clamed.

As we read how Penn State did not even have Clery Act enforcement until 2012, it is clear Penn State as well as the Football Program were not obeying, following and violating laws and there is no way to hide from it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I knew a woman whose husband abused their daughter. When the daughter finally told the mom believed the daughter, at once, and left her husband. What kind of mother attacks her child? Your dad molests you then your mom attacks you for speaking out. Talk about a double whammy.

I keep wondering why did Dottie allow her husband and father of six go off all the time with all these other boys?

Why wasn't she making him take his own children to those football games?

Anonymous said...

Matt Sandusky's use of the words you and yours indicate a detachment very common with survivors. His loss for words and his candor regarding his mixed feelings seem very authentic. He maintained his composure until he discussed how painful his decision to come forward has hurt his wife and child.

And how he regrets that decision just for that reason; that he handled the abuse and he can handle what has gone on since he came forward, but that his wife and children are innocent, and don't deserve the mean treatment they've received.

Very compelling and some people attacking Penn State while defending those responsible from 1988 to 2012 need a reality check of their own soul and moral compass.

There certainly are a lot of employed and unemployed conspiracy theorists and sycophants on Websites blaming the Trustees that had to fix the problems caused by Spanier, Schultz, Curley and unfortunately JoePA.

Sandusky was still running overnight Penn State Football Camps for little boys in 2009.

How can that be and why did Gerry keep working for them?

After all, just consider that Sandusky watched Joe's last win from the President's box.

Well after the Grand Jury investigation and about a week before Sandusky was arrested.

There are Penn State fans that worship a god, that wasn't, who had an idol, that isn't.

There is even a strange type of Nittany Lion devotion of Priesthood that does not really believe, or have any but is glad others do, so they can use the false god's image for their own purposes.

Now they are trying to outnumber the good and decent Penn State students by groveling idolators and Paterno/football program lackeys.

Don't overthink it Penn State fans and friends.

This isn't as complicated as some would have all of us believed in you.

All the crying began after the AG office got indictments, not before.

All the crying happened after reputations were ruined.

Time to man up Penn State Fans and face the reality in order to overcome our scandals.

Anonymous said...

Just remember the confusion is there deliberately placed by those thirsty for a statue and give Joe a pass for not doing more as he should have but failed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jerry Sandusky was one of the first players, graduates and then assistant coach that part of the Penn State way, Grand Experiment, and Success with Honor fraud slogans and helped contribute to the "Never Was Brand" in reality.

Larry Johnson is still proving those were nothing but pure Public Relations ..... A Las Vegas judge gave a lawyer until July 30 to produce proof that former NFL running back Larry Johnson met terms of his sentence after his conviction in a domestic violence case involving an ex-girlfriend at a Las Vegas Strip resort.

Attorney Gregory Knapp appeared in court for Johnson on Thursday, and said later that he will provide paperwork showing the 34-year-old former Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins star has completed required community service and counseling.

Johnson was sentenced to probation, 48 hours of community service, and six months of counseling after pleading no contest in July 2013 to misdemeanor battery and assault. He was arrested in October 2012 at the Bellagio after he was accused of beating and choking the 32-year-old woman.

Louis Freeh did more to clean up that Penn State shameful image and that upsets the very Penn State Fans that fell for it in disbelief and that is where the frustration is truly coming from the alternative Due Process group.

The Trustees, Matt Sandusky, Louis Freeh, and President Erickson Reforms has put Penn State back onto the path of just being a normal program again, and all pretense that it was once special is gone with the wins.

Anonymous said...

Here is something no one from Franco Harris, Blehar. Zieglar, Lubrano, Jubelier, PS$RS, and many others cannot explain or spin properly.

Everyone knows that Penn State Scandal caused by Gerry Sandusky, Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz, Tim Curley and Joe Paterno gave the Board of Trustees little choice but to accept the sanctions and had to deal with hosts of problems .

Those problems compounded when none of these above named officials in charge of Penn State University and the football operations were on a non-disclosure, non-compliance, and cover-up mode whenever any investigations began preferring to keep enigmas from pubic transparency.

Subsequently, it is easier for the non-informed to just accuse the Board of Trustees that they did not handle the scandal properly from the start. Alternatively, that the Penn State scandal could have magically been handled better.

Yet, Gerry Sandusky was using Penn State football as bait and cover while molesting children for years using the Paterno’s dictatorial secrecy methods that built his football program.

Graham Spanier was a master of deflecting any accusations, investigations, and going after any bad publicity.

As Gary Schultz and Tim Curley made sure Penn State Employees within would be in fear of losing their jobs if at any time they exposed, revealed or did not tow the Penn State line so the money kept rolling in under mythical slogans.

The Penn State students, alumni, fans and outside sports media were maniacal and acted as a cult believing the slogans instead of looking into the truths, actualities, and realities.

This happen under the slightest of accusations such as players arrests, curtis enis agent gift takings, players beating up students, rapes, ref guman game fixing allegations, paterno business conflict of interests, paterno relative hiring’s, and compensation, global warming data email scandals.

They all became very good to making sure investigations were refracted, blocked or went away.
However, this time the Gerry Sandusky Revelations were just too big and terrible to handle and blew up in 2010 even though the fuse was actually lit way back in the 1980’s, 1998, and 2001.

Graham Spanier and his band of whitewash gang became experts in not cooperating and attacking anyone that could shame the university or program. They made sure the Trustees now asking questions would not be provided the information and in came Louis Freeh appointment to investigate what and how the Penn State Scandal unfolded.

After the Louis Freeh Investigation to recommend reforms fans operating for never of falling prostrate on the

The Penn State students, alumni and fans were in shell shock upon learning about what was happening at Penn State and under the football brand self-created made up image.

When they did learn what happen they fell to the floor in disbelief crying and shaking like a bowls of jelly, and could not blame Penn State Saint Paterno. So, they started to look to the Trustees and New Interim President Erickson and AD Joyner and blamed them for not handling the scandal crisis investigation that Spanier, Schultz, Curley and Paterno had put off for years and could no longer deal with now that under oath investigations took over as they all lawyered up.

This is what really happens and it began at Penn State not being able to live up to a made-up image created to promote football money making. No matter how well that was managed and manipulated over the years, it was still built on lies, crimes, and non-compliance with all laws, rules and exempt of ethical integrity.

No one could have handled such a scandal with Spanier could no longer cover up anything with so many secrets and that is why Joe Paterno cried before he died over losing his reputation knowing the truths he crushed into the earth, only came back to rise again, and that is the true Penn State story forever more.

Anonymous said...

It should not come to anyone surprise why now long gone District Attorney Gricar never would file charges concerning the 1998 incident.

The meanness, pomposity and arrogance of some Joe Paterno and Penn State fans are beyond the pale of decency.

Corbett was right (But Lacked Focus & Courage), not investigate the Sandusky molestations at Penn State before any election due to these very sick rabid buffs. One can lament on the time it took for the AG Corbett to act in 2009 as the Kane Report concluded.

However, Corbett slow probe had no question believing the victim but questioned the ability to get a conviction considering the perp was considered a pillar of the community within a football program beyond any reproach and run by a great coach but never was a saint by any means.

The Corbett’s staff had no choice but to Look for more evidence and victims to build a much stronger case to present to a jury as opposed to an he said versus he said case where it would be one kids word against Sandusky viewed as a pillar of the community and all of those sick Penn State admirers.

This is very same issue Gricar had to consider and felt it was already too tough to investigate Penn State when Paterno would not allow his players or coaches to cooperate with any on campus inquiries or outside investigation.

Spanier made sure he backed up Paterno on that point and why he allowed Triponey to be let go, to protect the Penn State mantra.
How to convince a jury from a community known for one-sided coaching football worship that a Penn State player, graduate, coach and emeritus alumni such as Sandusky abused one kid based only on that kid's word, was not prosecutable at the time with just one victim.

When you add the little evidence that may not have been able to use the phone, conversations would have been even tougher.

It all fell apart after the victim's finally told their ordeals, and once made public, nobody including Superman or God could have handled the Penn State Scandal that came from those in charge above and thought they could cover it up again.

Even Joe Paterno knew that in the end, and why he broke into tears, no matter how great a coach, mentor, fundraiser, and charitable man of action, the jig was up, and the only things left were horrific revelations of the warts and scams left from years of crimes.

Anonymous said...

To be clear, I don't doubt Matt Sandusky's story for even a nano-second. Unfortunately, too many times certain people, students, new trustees, and former players are just having a hard time in accepting that Penn State football had some dark secrets and never was better than other programs.

They just knew how to cover up and protect the program and it was not just Gerry but breaking rules, hiding non-compliance and actual crimes that none of us can be proud of, regardless how much we loved our Nittany Lions and Head Coach.

Bravo, Matt Sandusky! As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I commend you for having the guts to speak out, especially about your adopted "father" the Grand Experiment himself that never was a Success with Honor!

Anonymous said...

The victim thing with Spanier doesn't work because he can't or won't tone down the 'extreme smugness' he displays every time he walks, speaks and is seen in public.

As I said, Spanier has a bigger ego than any person I ever saw or met, and that is saying a lot.

Spanier is very unlikable, arrogant, and controlling something that will seal his fate before any jury.

The one good thing was that those who watched Matt Sandusky on Oprah and read the New York Time's puff-piece with Spanier have a good contrast to this story and not in Spanier's favor.

The non-familiar names above the TIME's comments pretty well went 100% that Spanier is a lout.

Every time Spanier's Defense and Public Relations Team attempt to unleash a 'Truther' piece, it backfires 100%(in the sense of the people who have zero connection to this story or have not been following it).

So much selling with no new bites.

People don't go stupid because some pathetic lost cause throws a few millions at it.

When Lubrano is having a poo-poo, We now will have Lord pinch-stomach turn for us.

The fluff and shill piece may have blown up in Spanier's face, for his future outcome at a trial.

It would be interesting if an enterprising journalist would decide to follow up.

Anonymous said...

To our dear friend, Early Morning Anonymous,

Let the truth prevail.

Anonymous said...

As more comes out especially on the abuse of children it appears the right thing was done at Penn State to overcome the culture of football in favor of creating a culture of compliance that now protects children and students over protecting football players that were arrested and then given special passes as demanded by Paterno so he could play them to win.

It is good to see Penn State University doing the right things and in a way that now sets Penn Staters to be proud today and forget the horrors of yesterday.

Anonymous said...

After reading on the Internet about the Clery Act there is no doubt Joe Paterno was intentionally ignoring the Clery Act and it shows Ray does not understand the Clery Act requirements.

Joe help cause this Penn State disgrace no matter how much we loved, respected, and saluted Joe for other great accomplishments.

Joe's own actions contributed to bringing dishonor where he once talked about success with honor, and there is no way to avoid that conclusion.

However, Ray Blehar maybe is right about Penn State needing to be torn down and rebuilt with a cleaner philosophy but those smells, filth, and dirty marks started under Paterno not anyone else.

It is very weird, it is as if the success Joe had was part of the indignities, humiliations, and shame that came back upon on our “Adopted ‘(Alma Mater)’ Mother”.

Thus, leaving a legacy of outrage of degradation repute, and all the good Joe did cannot overcome the discredit he brought back on himself, his players, and his program.

Anonymous said...

Email Proof Ray Blehar is Lying About What He Believes Regarding Victim 2 & Jerry Sandusky


Slowly though, it became clear to me that Ray was not only nonsensical in his larger, always uncompleted, theories of the case, but that he was wrong about nearly every major prediction/assertion he has made in this story.

Among the examples of this reality are the following:

Ray bet me $2,000 just after the Freeh Report that he would prove that Freeh faked emails. He never did that, and he did not pay me.

Ray claimed that Sandusky was always referred to as coach and Paterno as Joe, a claim needlessly and completely discredited by Sandusky to the point that I had to take this out of the second version of "The Framing of Joe Paterno."

Ray claimed constantly that Rodney Erickson would be arrested, and yet all that has happened was that he has had things at PSU named after him.

Ray constantly claims that PSU "reported" the 2001 incident despite the fact that the administrators defense team has never made that claim in court, Sandusky was not informed of that as would have been required, and if that did happen it would back up Mike McQueary, who Ray has roundly mocked.

Ray claimed to have proven that the janitor who allegedly witnessed the "Victim 8" episode was not working at PSU at the time. When I proved to him that he was indeed working part-time, Ray was forced to admit that his only significant contribution to the factual record was false.

Ray constantly claimed that Kathleen Kane's investigation was going to break open the political conspiracy he has been promising in this case (something I told him from day one was never going to happen), but her report was a complete dud on that front.

Ray has also lied to me personally on at least two occasions. The first was when he said he would give out the remainder of the "Hey Media" T-Shirts at the "Rally for Resignations" but ended up effectively selling them for his own expenses (something I wouldn't have had a huge issue with if he had told me that was what he was going to do). The second was when he and Eileen Morgan agreed, in writing, to stop posting at PS4RS in protest of their censoring posts objecting to the PSU BOT (including the "Reform" members) voting for the absurd Sandusky settlements, only to immediately break that pledge without even telling me.

Submitted by jzadmin on Sun, 07/20/2014 - 12:05

Anonymous said...

I debated and had good discussions with Ray Blehar.

Where I could agree with him I did, and where I pointed out his mistakes on the Clery Act I did, and he responded where he could and how it related to Penn State scandal.

I very much admire Ray Blehar Analysis on most things and he is thoughtful and reasonable on looking at the other side of anyone's arguments.

I do not think he is a liar as JZ said, and Ray is not afraid to put his name and analysis to back up his thoughts, proof, and details where he defends as well as condemns some actions he sees unfair, unreasonable, and unreliable.

So, sure he may mistakes like all of us at times, but he is no intentional liar and it is wrong to say about him just because one or Ray may disagree over a subject matter.

Hang in there Ray Blehar!

Anonymous said...



Bond service Moody's downgrades state's rating:

Citing large and growing public pension liabilities and the state's reliance on one-time revenue sources to balance its budget, Moody's Investor's Service Monday downgraded the rating on $11.1 billion Pennsylvania general obligation bonds from Aa3 to Aa2.

Despite the downgrade, the ratings agency gave state debt a stable outlook, citing Pennsylvania's diverse economy and “recent history of improved governance reflected in timely budget adoption, and strong executive powers to control spending mid-year.”

“This downgrade isn't surprising — it's what we've been warning about for years,” said Nathan Benefield, vice president of policy analysis for the Commonwealth Foundation. “While Pennsylvania has managed to balance its budget without new taxes, we've yet to close the structural deficit, continue to spend more than revenue for the seventh consecutive year and haven't addressed the growing pension crisis.

“Moody's has issued a clear warning that until we address the long-term cost-drivers in the budget, ratings agencies — and more importantly, investors and businesses, will look at Pennsylvania warily,” Benefield predicted.

The downgrade came as Gov. Tom Corbett continued to call for state lawmakers to adopt a hybrid pension bill to control long-term costs. This month he approved the state's 2015 budget, but vetoed $65 million — or 20 percent — of the General Assembly's budget, citing its failure to address pension issues.

“It's clear that this pension crisis has put severe strain on Pennsylvania's finances,” Corbett said, responding to news of the downgrade.

“Doing nothing is not an option and doing nothing fails our families,” he added.

Read more:
Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Johnny Ziegler is known for personal attacks and being close-minded are the things he is but blames others.

In addition he is more of a drama queen than Bryant Gumbal.

Ziegler constantly references his own pure motives and attacks anyone who disagrees as 'delusional' or a "liar."

Then he switches into a sophomoric series of personal attacks and insults.

Sooner or later he does it to everybody.

He has even attacked Eileen Morgan, one of the sweetest and most forthright people I have ever met anywhere, not just in this protest against the BoT but anywhere.

The guy is a dangerous loon.

Everyone who associates with him will regret it sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is a vindictive piece of dirt and why he has failed as a Governor.

Corbett is so far out of the loop it isnt even funny anymore and Corbett's Pension Plan Proposal does nothing to address the real problem and that is Tom "the dope" Corbett.

The man in his mirror is the problem simply put and has terrible advisors.

If they were real advisers they would tell him for the good of the state of Pa. you need to resign.

Corbett is a disgrace plus going to go down as the wost Governor in the history of Pennsylvania.

Corbett is a Corporate selected stooge and now the Corporations are upset he will be ousted, but they chose him, will make no inroads with the 77% of Pennsylvanians who absolutely do not like him.

Anonymous said...

Is Corbett mixing official business and campaigning? Yes, analysts say, all politicians do
By Christina Kauffman |
July 24, 2014 at 4:39 PM

If anyone should know the fine line between official and campaign business, it's perhaps Gov. Tom Corbett, whose investigation of Capitol corruption during his tenure as Attorney General put more than 20 people behind bars and buoyed his run for the office he now holds.

But supporters of Corbett's Democratic opponent in his bid for reelection say they aren't so sure.

The Campaign for Fresh Start, a PAC supporting York County businessman Tom Wolf, on Wednesday sent tweets in which they noted Corbett campaign staff attended Gov. Corbett's taxpayer-funded pension reform promotion event.

The hashtag? #whoops

The group also posted screen-captures from Corbett's official twitter page, @GovernorCorbett, and his campaign twitter account, @Corbettforgov. Between 11:15 and 11:22 a.m., both accounts had tweeted pictures of Corbett on one of his latest pension reform stops – at a senior center in Bucks County.

Campaign for a Fresh Start spokesman Mike Mikus said it was clear both official and campaign staff were present at the event, and that didn't sound right to him.

"This is how Governor Corbett got the chops to run for governor, prosecuting people for using government resources and government staff for campaign purposes," he said. "This just happened yesterday and we're still figuring out what, if anything, we're going to do. It's clear there's an issue here...If it's not illegal, it should be."

But very little is "clear" about the line between candidate and official when incumbents run for re-election, said Stanley Brand, a lawyer and Distinguished Fellow in Law and Government at Penn State Dickinson School of Law.

While it might turn off taxpayers to realize the line between official duties and campaign activities is so fuzzy, it is.

"It's very muddy, because you don't stop being an official while you're campaigning," Brand said. "There's some overlap. It shouldn't be substantial, but there's always going to be some."

Brand said the "mere presence" of campaign staff at a taxpayer-funded event, such as the pension reform meetings, isn't a violation of election law.

The "rule of thumb" to determine legality is whether the government (taxpayers) expended resources for any campaign-related business, Brand said.

Corbett campaign spokesman Chris Pack said the campaign staff member who attended the event used campaign-funded transportation.


Source Link:

Anonymous said...


A staff member paid for by the campaign follows the governor to all of his events "should a campaign question arise," he said.

"This has been around forever. You know what it's called? The advantage of incumbency." analyst G. Terry Madonna

As the governor in an election year, Corbett fills roles as both the governor and as a candidate for re-election, Brand said.

"There's definitely every caution exercised to make sure no state resources go into campaign," he said. "Any travel that is done by the campaign, those people are reimbursed by the campaign."

The larger issue at play in this debate is a problem endemic to the nature of the political system, and it didn't start with the Corbett administration, said G. Terry Madonna, a political analyst and Professor of Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College.

The governor's cross-state promotion of pension reform, paid for by taxpayers, has all the flavor of a political campaign, Madonna said, but such jaunts are nothing new.

"Incumbents of all kinds campaign all the time," he said. "You think when a governor and a senator are out doing a meet-and-greet with constituents that's not a form of campaigning? Everyone knows it is."

Madonna said he'll "let the legal experts decide the difference" with the Bucks County visit, but he doesn't see anything illegal or immoral about it.

"This has been around forever," he said. "You know what it's called? The advantage of incumbency."

As long as there's no overspending of taxpayer dollars, voters intuitively understand the nature of campaigning and expect it, he said.

Brand said intertwining of campaign and official duties "happens on the national level all the time."

Campaign finance reports for incumbents show reimbursements to government entities for airplane travel and other expenses when campaign staff tag along, he said.

Charlie Gerow, a Republican analyst whose firm is under contract with the Corbett campaign, once worked for President Ronald Reagan's campaign.

He said the president's time on Air Force One was broken down for cost when the president mixed campaign and official business on a trip.

Pension reform can be seen as both campaign and official business, said Larry Ceisler, a Philadelphia-based public relations executive and sometimes Democratic Party strategist.

While it might not be a legal issue, Ceisler said the mixing of campaign and official business during the pension reform tour could make good fodder for a pro-Wolf commercial in which it's noted taxpayers footed the bill for Corbett's "political jaunts" around the state.


Anonymous said...

My Comment:

Corbett touted himself as better than past governors, tough on crime and corruption, etc.

When Corbett ran 4 years ago. So even if "all" incumbent politicians mix campaigns and work, Corbett and Madonna should be holding himself to a higher standard, right?

Yet, one can see Corbett has no moral code, nor does his agency heads and administration.

For a breathtaking (literally) example of says-nothing-but-sounds-important, campaign event disguised as work, check out this website

Corbett's Labor Department is spending Tax Dollar$ to throw this party - federal dollar$ that are supposed to be spent on helping people find jobs and business owners get staffed up.

What a collective waste of funds to try and get Corbett reelected.

And before anyone starts in with the "liberal" "left" whatever comments, I'm a Republican through and through. but I can't wait to vote him and his know-nothing Second Mile Cronies, Secretaries, Administrators out the door.

They continue to spend obscene amounts of money on salaries for themselves, hiring layer upon layer of non-civil service staff, lavish offices and other perks, all the while cutting staff who know stuff, cutting programs that work, and crying the blues to the feds about how they need more money. Pathetic.

Hmnnnnn....where is Frank Fina now, on that is right, covering up his Selective prosecution by making sure Acting Ag Ryan erased his emails, proffer notes, and investigations details so no one can review them, just like the IRS?

Anonymous said...

When Tom Corbett was Attorney General and went after John Prezel, Bill DeWeese and Mike Veon criminally while exempting Bob Jubelier, Brightbill, and Stan Smith for doing the same things along.

Corbett had Jubelier's Senate Aides in Mike Long, and Nyquist working on his Governor Campaign but never called them before the Grand Jury when they were suppose to be under investigation too?

Beaver County Commissioner Charlie Camp used his Campaign Donations to pay for his education and went to classes on County Time while taking a paycheck from the County of Beaver?

But Camp as Corbett's County Campaign Chairman never was investigated and has a new job appointed by Corbett.

Charlie wife works at The Beaver County Cyber Charter School that Corbett’s AG Staff held Grand Juries showing Conflicts of Interests but the Grand Jury Report was never made public and went away after Corbett was elected Governor.

Nick Trombetta Founder of the Cyber Charter School has been indicted by the US Attorneys after Trombetta Staff turned him in an refused to cover up for his crimes.

The same guy that hired Corbett's Campaign Manager wife in Beaver County???

These may the reasons why Corbett is so low in the polls because he is also so low character and hired cheap prosecutors like Frank Fina that turned a blind eye to Corbett's Campaign Machine but went after others in the name of selective justice.

Anonymous said...

This Tomalis issue is a real failure of leadership.

Anonymous said...

Governor makes a new positions for one of his buddies; gives him a salary and benfits for the rest of his life probably; does no work, and probably never had anything to do with education before this job.

But lose teachers and programs at school because they can't be funded anymore and he wants to cut my pension, which I've been paying into for over 30 years.

Let's get his guy out!!!!


Ghost Employee No Doubt!

Anonymous said...

I'm new here, so I ain't rightly certain. Is everybody in the commonwealth as butt-stupid as Corbett?

Things seem different here. They say God made Corbett last, don't you know, after he got tired of making everything else the same.

Even with education adviser Tomalis, Corbett comes off a little stoned and a whole lotta stupid, no wonder the only Law School that admitted Corbett was Saint Mary's a lowly one in Texas.

Voters are puzzled how he got out of law school, Republicans chose him for being dumb so they could control him.

Now they are about to learn Stupid Is as Stupid Does, and the Governor's mansion awaits a Democrat.

Some men are born in the wrong century. I think Corbett was born in the wrong commonwealth. Oh, by the way, you're fired Corbett!

Tom Corbett is about a half a bubble off plumb, and that's for sure and for certain.

Anonymous said...

You know, if Corbett is going to lose, the Republicans should tell the voters.

Even though Corbett knows he is going to lose, he cannot give the Voters can take the good news, and the Republicans the bad new, because Corbett can't tell anything straight.

Why Corbett is about to give up and no sense taking his time to make it sound better than it is since he reckons he is going in circles.

As AD, Corbett Wired things up to remove better political leadership than him, and the Voter saw right through now.

So, Corbett just cannot tell anyone honestly he is lost and will lose the election.

Corbett will deny it so he can take away and keep most of his Campaign Money and then fake that he knows exactly where he is but the Republicans are getting a little worried.

Don't worry, on a new job it's quite common for things not to go well at first.

Most Europeans view Americans as uncouth misfits who should be run out of their own barbaric country. But the Americans already run the misfits outta their country, by sending them back to England, where Corbett will be hired by Camelot Global Services as a Doorman for their Executives.

Anonymous said...

Corbett’s best political friend Sam Smith says he wasn't aware of the effort to use state-paid computer equipment ... Smith signed more than $4 million worth of continuation contracts but Corbett never brought him before a Grand Jury nor charged Smith like 10 others with ties to the House Republican Caucus. But Smith is the leader of the caucus and most of the events occurred on his watch. Smith tried to have it both ways. Smith like a coward said he wasn't aware but stopped short of saying he was lied to and only reluctantly conceded that he believed he had been misled by Perzel. Corbett somehow did not simultaneously conducting investigations of the four caucuses in the House and Senate. When House Republicans wanted to replace all their computers in July of 2007, in the midst of Corbett's so-called "investigation," Corbett told them to go right ahead. That was pretty good for Perzel and other Republicans who supported Corbett.
Corbett shows he protects friends and prosecutes enemies and ignore crimes by his political contributors and appointees, this is why Corbett will lose the election, and then should be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Anonymous has picked Ray apart to the point that Ray is off turtling somewhere. C'mon Ray, get back on your feet.

Anonymous said...

Remember year 2010?
1. Corbett was elected Governor in Nov.
2. State House elections switched the majority to the Republicans.
3. State Senate elections returned the majority to the Republicans.

Perzel was intending to run for Governor in 2010. Bonusgate opened the door for Corbett to search for illegal activity in the Republican Caucus. History will show us that the extent of the alleged abuse was never proven. The heavy arm of the law prevailed. Perzel was an easy target following the 2015 pay raise debacle.

Corbett did not want to interfere with a Republican return to the majority in the House, so he allowed Smith and others to walk.

The Senate was in Republican hands so Corbett did not want to lose the Senate, the Senate walked. It took the DA in Allegheny County to deal with Senator Orie and family.

Corbett will do what ever it takes to win. This election will get brutal. Corbett's past abuse of the law will surface. He belongs in jail.

Anonymous said...

Ray Blehar has become a Ghost here too, like Corbett's Tomalis.

Just having to respond and defend an absent overpaid employee consultant like Tomalis shows Corbett is not qualified to remain as Governor.

This quote from PENNLIVE says all we need to know about Corbett and Tomalis relationship....." Attempts to reach Tomalis for this report were not successful"

When a Newspaper can't find you or talk to you, you are in hiding or not on the job, both are bad and Corbett's Defense is a terrible reflection on his abilities to cover up his mistakes and crimes.

Maybe Tomalis is the Wizard Of Oz, the man behind the Corbett's curtains of cover-ups, smokescreens, excuses, and whitewashes for Corbett's employees, friends, and contributors but now even his minion Frank Fina, is under the gun to prosecute ghost employees in Philly?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans should ask Corbett to resign and turn over the Campaign Contributions to his replacement in Cawley.

The one thing about Republicans is none like to lose their possessions and when it comes down to immunity or conviction, they start talking and Corbett's Cauldon of Corruption is made of Ceramics and a Special prosecutor appointed by AG Kane would bring down thee entire Bonusgate gang of Senate Aides, participating Judges, and Senators themselves as revealtions come out under a Grand Jury!

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania's corruption extends into every branch of government. We need a strong Attorney General, a statesmen as Governor and brave leaders in the legislature.

None can be accomplished without an independent media.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

RATS = "Republicans Abandoning Tom's Ship"!!!

Now there is a Campaign Commercial Slogan ready for producing just showing those that have resigned and abandon ?Corbett's Governance.

After they run all the names, then say it is time for the Voters to Abandon Corbett on Election Day.

Heck, even Tomalis abandoned Corbett years ago by not showing up for his Commonwealth Consultant's Job....and this is only one we know about right now.....could be lot more if one would take the time to look it up????

Anonymous said...

With Corbett's general unpopularity, association with the natural gas industry and the Sandusky investigation (Moulton report not withstanding), and the recent news with the recent Tomalis concerning his ghost activity and production in his Corbett-created consultant position, and more to come.

Corbett still behind Wolf by large margins.....thinky through the linky:

Corbett has no choice but to turn with attacking Wolf with the nastiness and that will only make Corbett look even more weak like a coward.

Patton one knew the Nazi's were finished because they were using carts to transport their supplies.

The National Republican Campaign Contributors have cut off all monies for Corbett and that proves they won't fight for him.

The better bets are on walker in Wisconsin and Christie in New Jersey and taking the senate for the Republicans over immigration, ObamaCare, and IRS Scandals.

Corbett will go down as the worse
candidate the Republicans ever selected in their Commonwealth History.

Corbett’s Corruption Sat On A Telling Tall Tales,

Corbett’s Attorney General Candidate Had A Great Fall.

All The Captains And Kings Couldn't Put,

Corbett’s Corruption Together Again!

Meaning.....Corbett's framing others on ethical violations at best by Franky "The Fink" Fina, used an unsuccessful approach to climbing the walls of the Legislatures, but most of them want Corbett gone now since they accumulated dirt on all of them, during the 36 Grand Juries of which only 6 gave Pubic Reports.

As a fly on a wall in the Halls of our Legislature, "We Will Wait Play Along Sooner Or Later When Corbett Blows His Lid, Then We Will Get Him, And No One Will Care!"

Well, the time is near, and Corbett's own Corruption scared his own Party more than the Democrats they were afraid of and like the Mob they never forget.

Anonymous said...

I just go back from Ohio, and paid $339 a Gallon for Gasoline under Republican Governor Kasich thatw as wise enough to help fund Highways under taxing oil and gas unlike Tom Corbett.

In Pennsylvania the exact same Gas costs $369 and this is why Corbett will go down too, and the Republicans in the senate.

They acted like Corbett.

Anonymous said...

I guess Corbett never knew one of the jobs he claimed he has created by not taxing oil and gas was Tomalis Ghost Job?

It is going to be fun watching Corbett hide and explain and then tell us how his two phones shows he is not corrupt when Tomlais Phone shows he was never working!

Anonymous said...

"Casper!" Tomalis......Tommy Corbett's nickname for him!

If Tomalis collects his check via USPS and does no work, wouldn't that constitute mail fraud?

A much more serious Federal offense.

If I recall correctly that's what other ghost employees and their employers have been convicted of in the past.

Shame on Corbett for excusing the appearance of impropriety.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the uproar is all about? "Tomalisgate" is just another non-political initiative similar to the Sandusky investigation where Corbett is waiting for enough clues to come forward so he can send his highly qualified $140,000 consultant into another "cold case."

It fits the Corbett M.O.

Ignore the Second Mile children and take the campaign cash.

Destroy witness and proffer notes and proclaim a fair trial.

Prosecute alleged ghost employees and hire your own alleged ghost employee(s).

Approve a state Grant for the Second Mile HQ and then withdraw the Grant.

Corbett will throw the acting Secretary of Education under the bus for not properly supervising a $140,000 consultant.

Anonymous said...

Corbett destiny was to be a 4 Year Governor and Ghost the next 4 years, and Corbett did it to himself, but has hurt the Republican Party in the process, but they deserve it to for choosing him as Attorney General and then Governor.

I can Garbage Waste Landfills Dumps named after him in the future!

The Thomas Corbett Waste Dump in Shaler, Pennsylvania!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how Corbett could get so far from where he planned, and yet find it was exactly were he needed to be, but is lost now.

Corbett is starting to realize that there's a big difference between deciding to leave and knowing where to go.

When a Attorney General Corbett made his plans to prosecute others for crimes they did not do so he could become Governor, all that is left now is to laugh at was a horrible plan, but Corbett chose to ignore that and now as every relationship that has hit a crossroads has made Corbett to ask, What is it that you want from me?

Time to leave, resign, or wait for a big beating in any election he cannot win, and will just bring him down wondering why he lacked the courage to do the right thing.

Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.

Corbett forgot G-d condescends to use our powers if we don't spoil His plans by ours schemes?

Anonymous said...

Tomalis' salary for the position he has held in the state Department of Education for the past 15 months totals about $175,000, not counting the cost of benefits he has received.

Because the education department receives federal funds, federal authorities should have an interest in determining if Tomalis is a ghost employee?

State lawmakers and a high-level legislative staffer have been prosecuted for placing ghost employees on the payroll.

Tomalis, the former state education secretary, was named to the special adviser position in May 2013 after being removed by Corbett from the Cabinet position.

Tomalis previously held high-level positions in the state Department of Education during former Gov. Tom Ridge's administration as well as in the U.S. Department of Education during President George W. Bush's administration.

Anonymous said...

On reflection,’ Corbett said to Fina, as they huddled behind an upturned table, "This Wasn’t One Of Your Better Plans." .......the lofty mind of Corbett and Fina can be imprisoned by their artifices of their own making.

Bonusgate bogus investigations guided them through the night with their Governor Election brightness, but they forgot it always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen, as they let many other go, until these same friends have caught them doing the same things.

They thought the erased emails that destroyed documents that outlined their plan to perpetrate selective and malicious prosecutions, insider political favoritism from charges and arrests, and political character assassination would...hopefully tripling their paycheck on this job and increase Corbett's political power over others.

But in the end....the best laid plans often go a lie, Because no matter how detailed the preparation, A plan will always have a weak point and there will always be those looking to exploit it.

The plan failure and the perpetrators along with, Casper Tomalis, Corbett's Friendly Ghost ain't no Quaker today and never was, now Corbett's Empire of Dirt is about to bury him under his own corruption.

Anonymous said...

Gene Stilp wants answers regarding consultant Ron Tomalis' employment status. On August 3, Jan Murphy, Sunday Patriot News, writes that Stilp delivered a letter to the state inspector general requesting an investigation of allegations that Tomalis' is a "ghost employee."

Stilp, and the public, will be disappointed when he discovers that the state inspector general's office is run by Corbett and Frank Fina's former prosecution team. These are the guys that ran the Bonusgate and Computergate prosecutions. They are dedicated to win at all cost and implement orders delivered to them from the head man.

Sorry Gene, you need to look elsewhere for the truth.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget the Austin Scott thing. Dismissed from the team for rape allegations which he was later exonerated.