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"There's a 'significant difference' in having a campaign adviser at the Capitol and paying a campaign operative with state money." -- Widener University political science professor J. Wesley Leckrone.

In an attempt to demonstrate that Tom Corbett's taxpayer-funded political activity isn't as bad as the taxpayer-funded political activity he prosecuted as a campaign stunt, Tribune-Review reporter Brad Bumsted includes the above nugget of wisdom in today's account of political meetings held in the Governor's Office. 

The problem with this feeble defense is that not everyone Corbett sent to prison was guilty of "paying a campaign operative with state money."  Staff who went to prison were convicted of nothing more than engaging in political activity while on state time - a crime Corbett and his operatives committed again and again, even as they prosecuted political adversaries for the same behavior.

Political meetings in the Governor's Office are hardly the most blatant example: 

Remember, these are just the offenses we know about. None of Corbett's staffers were dragged before a grand jury and threatened with prosecution if they didn't cough up damaging testimony about their boss and co-workers. No one went digging for incriminating information in their emails  - not even the guy whose job it was to determine if political considerations affected prosecutions. This is just the wrongdoing that accidentally spilled out, even though no one actively was looking for it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great article.

The question is, "How will defense attorney's use Corbett's actions to counter state prosecutions in the future? Is the Governor above the law?

You are right, while Fina and his team prosecuted legislators, Corbett was in the Executive Offices thumbing his nose at his own staff.

State paid prosecutors got Corbett elected Governor and taxpaying voters will "indict" him in November.

Anonymous said...

Fina charged numerous people with Theft of Service counts if they met between 9 and 5 for a campaign meeting. The fact that most of those involved worked excess hours did not matter.

I guess it is good that Fina is now with the Philly DA. Does he have the law on his side as he prosecutes Philly legislators who have followed Corbett's standard of excellence?

Anonymous said...

Tom terrific Corbett will win in November. The tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

It is a real shame that Fina and his prosecutors did not know their boss's policy regarding mixing politics and state business.

After sending people to jail, Corbett just authorized all politicians to bring their campaign staffs into state business meetings.

I wonder what the citizens of PA think of this development?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

As a citizen of PA I can tell you it is pretty obvious Corbett has been playing politics with just about every aspect of his time at the OAG and Governor's office. I covered this in my post on the recent Moutlon report. no1lion99.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille recently issued new rules to PA judges regarding campaign donors.

Several Trial Judges were directly involved in Corbett prosecutions involving Theft of Service charges against people in the Legislative Branch.

How will the Corbett Doctrine of inclusion impact future corruption charges and judicial conduct?

Will Judges have campaign staff sit in with them and advise them when they consider how to rule on a case?

Anonymous said...

Flip-flop ??????
Corbett's actions disclose a flip-flop personality.

He arrested The Second Mile's Founder, Jerry Sandusky, and then ignored the organization in the investigation and solicited campaign contributions from The Second Mile network.

Corbett approved a state Grant for The Second Mile Headquarters Building and then withdrew the Grant.

As Attorney General, Corbett brought criminal charged against people in the Legislature for mixing politics and state business. And then as Governor, he embraced the notion.

Thanks to Brad Bumsted, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Corbett's daily schedule has now seen the light of day.

Corbett fought disclosure of the schedule and then admitted that for 3 years he has been bringing campaign advisers into the Governor's Office to help guide policy decisions.

Corbett was meeting with campaign staff in the Capitol during the Republican "Computergate" trial.

Fina was prosecuting what Corbett was embracing.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't these people understand that there has to be a separation from the politics and the [legislative] office?" Corbett said. The insert was included in the Patriot-News story.

This quote was taken from a Patriot-News story dated December 16, 2009 by John C. Whitehead entitled, "Bill DeWeese, Stephen Stetler accused of illegally using employees to perform campaign work."

Corbett was PA Attorney General at the time.


Corbett and his state staff have been coordinating official policy in cooperation with his campaign advisers for the past 3+ years. Where is AG Kane on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that nitwit Andrew Paris as another political operative employed by then AG Corbett and currently as Governor.

Anonymous said...

Andrew M. Paris

Andrew Paris is the Executive Deputy Director of Policy and Planning in the office of Governor Tom Corbett. Andrew specializes in statewide policy matters including criminal justice and law enforcement, liquor control, gaming, emergency management and transportation.

Prior to assuming his current role, Andrew served as Governor Corbett’s Research Director during the 2010 campaign for the Office of the Governor. In this capacity Andrew designed and executed an intensive statewide research effort to create successful outreach strategies and guide policy initiatives into action plans for government reform.

Between 2005 and 2009, Andrew served as a Legislative Liaison for the PA Office of Attorney General, working on projects such as a legislative outreach effort to ensure the successful expansion of the Attorney General’s Child Predator Unit. To advance the Attorney General’s legislative agenda, Andrew authored and advocated for legislation involving sexual and environmental offenses, firearms, drug offenses, animal welfare and other statewide policy concerns.

Andrew received his B.S. in Public Administration from Shippensburg University in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, August 7,
Thank you for the information regarding Andrew M Paris.

Paris' bio states that between 2005 and 2009, he was on the state payroll working for AG Corbett. One of his jobs was to initiate a legislative outreach plan to expand Corbett's Child Predator Unit.

So Paris lobbied the Legislature for money to expand the Child Predator Unit.

Corbett received the Sandusky case in March of 2009. The Child Predator Unit was not assigned to the case. Why?

Corbett lost the Sean Ramaley trial in December 2009. In early 2010, Paris transferred to Corbett's campaign. AG Corbett assigned the Child Predator Unit to support the Bonusgate and Computergate prosecutions.

The Child Predator Unit was not performing the duties as Paris proposed to the Legislature. As a result, Corbett's requirement to identify more Sandusky victims was delayed for almost 2 years.

Corbett took the oath of office as governor in January 2011.

And the Sandusky investigation was not political?

Anonymous said...

The REAL story here is what else is Tomalis doing with his time?

What other income does he have?

Is he consulting? Advising? There is a reason he left the secretary's position in the first place.

Obviously he had something else he wanted to do involving earning income that he could NOT do in the cabinet. So what is it????


If Tomalis is only getting paid by the state, he could have remained secretary.

There is something nefarious here and it will take a good reporter to find it.


I think its time for the Impeachment proceeding to begin for Governor Corbett. He's has committed one crime- against Pennsylvanians-to many.

Anonymous said...


1. When the Governor was requested for all work-related correspondence Tomalis sent, Corbett's staff produced just five emails?

2. Tomalis' own commonwealth phone logs averaged one phone call a day over 12 months and on most days no phone calls at all??

3. Tomalis's employment calendar showed many weeks with little or no activity including 20 weeks that appear to have no work-related appointments at all at anytime???

4. The Commonwealth's Tomalis's Travel Records were not recorded, unavailable and unable to being provided nor any Reimbursement Records in support of his work.????

6. A number of key players in higher education said in interviews they had little or no contact with Tomalis in his advisory role??????

These are traits of a Ghost Employee and people, especially elected officials such as Corbett have gone to jail for it, will Corbett???????

Anonymous said...

Where was Attorney General Tom Corbett and Frank Fina from 2006 to 2012????

Another Philadelphia Police Scandal, Right On Schedule And Missed By Tom Corbett and Frank Fina?

Imagine if coworkers allegedly violated rules again and again, not over a year, but sometimes for more than a decade??

Imagine if they allegedly committed acts of violence, and stole money and drugs, and their reckless behavior resulted in $500,000 in settlement payouts???

And imagine if these employees were never fired or appropriately disciplined and, in some cases, collected substantial overtime and commendations. What sort of business would tolerate such behavior????

Welcome to the Philadelphia Police Department being free to doing any corruptions while Ag Corbett and his Deputy Frank Fina did nothing about it for over 6 years?????

There were 15 Internal Affairs complaints filed against Officer Thomas Liciardello, the alleged ringleader in this indictment. He was found to have violated regulations only twice, and never one PAOAG Investigation under tom Corbett???????

The officers were never repeatedly investigated, until fellow Officer Jeffrey Walker was arrested and cooperated with authorities, as Fina stood by, and Corbett went to hiring Ghost employees.

Anonymous said...

Corbett and Fina deserve Jail Time and after the election will be indicted after a Grand Jury uncovers their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Ron Tomalis and Louis Freeh at Sandusky Press Conference.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the person (Hi, Andrew ;)) who copy and pasted his LinkedIn profile. Surely, such keen copy/paste proficiencies will come in handy as he (you) gets his (your) resume ready in advance of the Wolf demolishment of his (your) boss.

Anonymous said...

During a campaign stop in Westmoreland County yesterday, partisan Republican Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett took a shot at the state legislature over their staffing levels.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Corbett wagged his finger at the General Assembly when he chastised them on their staffing levels:

"He said voters should watch the budget process to see whether lawmakers make any cuts. He said some high-level staffers earn more than Rendell. 'See if they reduce their staff.'"

Clearly, Corbett is referring to all the extraneous Republican House staff that has enough spare time on their hands that they can work extensively (and illegally) on campaigns.

Without a doubt, Corbett was also referring to Republican Senate staffer Drew Crompton whom the Senate could spare for six months in 2006 to work full-time for the ill-fated Swann for Governor campaign...and who got a $20,000 bonus from the taxpayers.

Corbett didn't just chide the state legislature. He also said that if elected Governor, he would lead by example:

"I can do more as governor setting an example of how things should be done than investigating what needs to be done."

Here at CasablancaPA, we're glad that Corbett will start practicing what he preaches if elected Governor because as Attorney General he has plenty of room to cut himself.

We have a couple suggestions for him. Specifically regarding some of the most glaring examples of the campaign staff Corbett has parked in his offices so the taxpayers can pay their salaries until Corbett needs them to work on his campaign efforts.

The OAG directory lists three "executive assistants" on the payroll for Corbett. Yet, two of these assistants -- Joe Murzyn and Becky Myers -- leave the office for extensive periods of time to work on Corbett's campaigns. Does Corbett need three executive assitants as Attorney General or does he need a place to park Murzyn and Myers on the tax-payers' dime between their stints of working on his campaigns?

Does Corbett really need three people to man his Legislative Affairs office or is at least one of the slots a parking place for Andrew Paris? Paris is a well-known and documented Corbett campaign operative who apparently has left to campaign once again for his boss.

The biggest parking stall at the OAG has been filled by Brian Nutt. Ostensibly the Chief-of-Staff for the entire OAG, Nutt is Corbett's full-time campaign manager who in reality has been cooling his heels with a taxpayer-funded $110,000 salary that has tided him over while waiting to run Corbett's re-election effort and now his gubernatorial campaign.

If Corbett wins the GOP gubernatorial primary, in the 36 months between January 2008 (Corbett's AG re-election year) and December 2010 Nutt -- the person Corbett chose run the day-to-day operations of the entire OAG at a six-figure salary -- will have been at the helm for only 12 of those months.

What kind of legitimate Chief-of Staff can take leave 2/3 of the time?

Corbett is a hypocrite because you can be sure that if he doesn't win the 2010 primary, Nutt's sweet no-show gig will be waiting for him at the OAG (as well as Myers', Murzyn's and Paris' parking spots.)
Posted by Ugarte at 11:37 PM 30 comments:

Charlie Sc said...

Can someone check Tomalis'a financial disclosure forms to find out if he was working as a consultant while collecting a large salary and benefits from PA?

Anonymous said...

Any guess Tomalis never filled out his Disclosure Forms required by Law within the Commonwealth?

Anonymous said...

The Slenderman reads your posts and knows where you are.

Anonymous said...

The Slenderman is a paranormal figure whose existence depended on Grand Juries covering the commonwealth geographic area.

Political Believers in the Slenderman appearances within the diminutive shadows of The Dark Man and Branch Man and the Tall Man?

They all wear a black suit strikingly similar to the visage of the notorious Men In Black, and do so the same day they are meeting to discuss how they will stretch to reach critics by striking fear in the name of misguided justice to induce fear and ensnare their political prey to do the bidding of those that meet at the Waldrof Astoria every December of every year.

They will attempt to absorbs the people they need by inviting them to an undisclosed location also unknown until the last minute to insure no video or evidence is ever left behind in their wake to deduce a definite conclusion to the next prowler towards power after another has proven too vain to keep it.
Once they entice one it takes months to understand just how powerful one can become with such puppet master and once caught in that web of sin, one’s face turns pale and slightly ghostly, and that same face will take on an apperance that looks different to each person, if it is seen at all.
They sometimes are portrayed wearing hats and walking many miles everywhere watching how they react to their bowlers or fedoras and sometimes a tophat. They will always be seen wearing a long flowing necktie or scarf, which is either red or grey, another sign you belong to them as they approach.

The greatest fear they have and that makes them crumble and stumble is they only fear the man or woman that has nothing to lose, because they cannot deal with such people that reject wealth, health, and the means to gain power.

They run in fear of their own shadows may give them away.

When they have been caught misusing the hammer of justice and the tool of revenge on all those who resemble them, so silence is maintained in place of ignorance.

In the end, much of the fascination with Slenderman is rooted in the overall aura of mystery that he is wrapped in on purpose to protect his own tracks of tears.

Despite the fact he once helped only Judges being elected almost exclusively, it is difficult to say whether or not his only objective is now the re-election of Corbett under the directions of the great White Whale that knows how to cover hi spouting so he is not harpooned, but you!

Akron, Ohio is a place he hangs sometimes too.

Anonymous said...

Other then last post guess slenderman veiled threat scared people away - google it - is revolting

Anonymous said...

This Blog is too valuable to get off message. Who oversees the Attorney General and the Governor? Looks like the Legislature has the power to impeach.

Anonymous said...

The only person that was scared away was Corbett's Campaign that removed Corbett's Video of him and Indicted Texas Governor Perry.........Corbett dropped all views of its previous Campaign touting the Corbett-Perry Axis on Oil and Gas.


"HARRISBURG, Pa. Campaign manager Mike Barley said Monday that the campaign removed a video endorsement by the Texas governor of Corbett from its website shortly after a grand jury indicted Perry on Friday on two felony counts of abuse of power. Barley says the Corbett campaign pulled the video because it did not want the indictment to distract from the campaign."

Wow, whatever Corbett did the karma came back on him big time.

Anonymous said...

NOT....SO......FAST........Look who lese was scared away from staying by Tommy Crookbett and that is the $139,000+ Non-Show, Ghost Education Consultant Employee hired by Tom Crookbett but paid for by the Pennsylvania Taxpayer?????

Now where is Frank Fina's Deterrence for Politicians misusing Taxpayers Funds on Ghost Employees?

Ron "Cssper The Ghost Consultant" Tomalis, became an educational consultant to Corbett in the spring of 2013, keeping the $140,000 annual salary plus benefits he had earned as a Cabinet member??????

Tomalis' office calendar showed 20 weeks with little or no activity, telephone logs with few calls and a total of five emails during his entire stint as a consultant?????

There were no state reimbursement records for travel for his job, as a television station in Harrisburg reported that state employees hung a nameplate on Tomalis' office the day before acting Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq was due to meet with a reporter. Dumaresq referred to the nameplate during the interview as evidence Tomalis was an actual employee,????

Dumaresq still has his job too, unless Crookbett may make Dumaresq job disappear too, since the participation in being part of the Ghost Consultant Employee Conspiracy Cover-Up???

In his resignation letter released to the public by Dumaresq's office, Casper Tomalis wrote that "given recent events, I believe it is in the best interest of the Administration that I resign my position."??

In a statement, Corbett thanked Tomalis for his work?

Looks like a Commonwealth Conspiracy and requires an Investigation??????????????????

Now lets hope AG Kane does not disappear or becomes an Attorney General Ghost!

Anonymous said...

Every Republican Power Elite Generation creates its own monsters to protect The Pennsylvania Society from the people they choose to wield power as Governor, Attorney Generals, Senators, and Commonwealth Legislative Offices.

People like Frank Fina actually become their own Fodder for Folk Tales just like Warlocks, Witches and Wyrms in the Penn Woods Grant by the King of England, but the Slendermen is after him too.

Just like Tom Corbett’s infused Grand Juries, feared Jaws of Justice while ignoring Corbett’s own campaign takes and campaign money mirrors crimes.

Slenderman is a pure product of Corbett’s Puppet Masters of PA Power Elite, Judges, AG Employees, and Media. Today, like Casper Ghost Tomalis appears in places he rarely frequent, these days and as abandoned, crumbling halls of justice, deep political wounds, a playground with the rich jungle gyms no longer giving him free membership to stay slim.

Corbett has become a suburban ghoul with Corbett’s own sorry history and Corbett’s own shadowy methodology and, of late, Corbett has become the object of his own embarrassing controversy due to his attacks on fellow politicians until losing the Attorney General office made Corbett more impotent than his own wife did to him personally.

The Slenderman’s dark needs and deeds is a horrible story.

It underlies how little we understand about the psychology of a political generation weaned on how images can be morph from fiction to fact in the course of half a decade. People put in jail by true crooks like Corbett a demon spawned not out of a specific place but out of cheap bucks of cheaper people that only care about Buck$.

The Slenderman is now after Corbett and Corbett will soon be put in Prison. The Slenderman does not go away only re-assigned by Whales that seldom spout and whose spray cannot be seen even with long ears, arms and legs and his misshapen skull is hidden by the eaves of the House of a sun setting sun.

Anonymous said...




Now read how Corbett has been deleting his emails as Governor?

Corbett, Department of Education defend email deletion practice
Friday, August 15 2014, 10:29 AM EDT
Reported By: Erin Calandra

PINE GROVE MILLS, Pa. -- Gov. Tom Corbett continues to defend a top education advisor accused of being a ghost employee who collected a six-figure salary for doing very little work, according to an investigation by a Pittsburgh newspaper.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette first reported the alleged lack-of-work by Pennsylvania Department of Education advisor Ron Tomalis after finding a relatively blank work calendar, few outgoing emails and a call log that barely indicated one call per day.

Tomalis submitted his resignation within the education department effective Aug. 26, with acting Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq stating he's leaving to pursue other career interests.

Tomalis was making $140,000.

The investigation into Tomalis' work has created a political storm, with the Corbett administration blaming his gubernatorial challenger's campaign of creating a story where there isn't one.

"There is no situation, he was doing his job, he was under the direction of the Secretary of Education," Corbett said Wednesday during an interview at Ag Progress Days in Centre County.

Corbett said those duties included tasks working on STEM education, the Ready to Succeed initiative, and the state's Governor's schools.

Corbett said there is no proof that Tomalis neglected his work.

The governor said he isn't surprised by the lack of evidence of correspondence, particularly through email.

"We get rid of emails because there's nothing to them," Corbett said. "I don't discuss anything of importance on an email."

Corbett's challenger, Democrat Tom Wolf, said Wednesday, while also at Ag Progress Days, that'd he'd be interested in seeing more clarification regarding the Tomalis investigation.

"The state taxpayer dollars were being wasted, and we need some answers and I hope the governor will be forth coming with those," Wolf said.

Corbett previously said many of Tomalis' were deleted by Dumaresq, which he said was typical.

The Department of Education issued a statement following WJAC-TV's report Wednesday standing by the practice of deleting and erasing emails, saying the practice isn't dishonest or illegal.


Why does Corbett put himself above the Open Records Law and other Laws?

Anonymous said...

"Corbett said there is no proof that Tomalis neglected his work."

Tommy, that is the wrong answer, the better question is "When Will You Prove Tomalis Did Any Work?"

When you erase Emails that can prove your answers right, it is just wrong, and more importantly as Governor under the Open Records Law, IT IS ILLEGAL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Was the removal of Governor Perry's endorsement from Corbett's campaign website decided in the Governor's Office? Corbett said he needs all hands to advise him.

Corbett needs to inform the public.

Anonymous said...

Corbett meets with his state paid and campaign paid advisers in the Governor's Office so he does not have to email people.

Fina would have arrested him for his shenanigans. Has Fina commented of the activities of his former boss?
The one he helped get elected Governor.

Anonymous said...

Fina's prosecutorial theory has generally been that everybody close to the offense knew that illegal activities were happening.

Therefore, he and his staff of prosecutors knew Corbett was abusing the very laws they were charging.

The whole time Corbett has been in state government has been to enhance his power.

Anonymous said...

The NCAA backs up why Corbett was right on the Penn State scandal and Corbett is still right today using NCAA logic, based on the Principles of punishing any Football program that wins at all costs.

Details that support Corbett:

Dr. ED RAY: "Our sense, and one of the reasons we were interested in taking up this case, was because this wasn't just a lack of institutional control of athletics, where people are cheating, coaches are lying or whatever. ... The sense here was that it was beyond lack of institutional control of athletics. This went to the issue of institutional control of the institution. That if you read the constitution and by-laws of the NCAA, we talk about responsibility and accountability for acting with integrity, civility, honesty, behind" collaborative, being forthcoming to protect the core values of all intercollegiate athletics. This university violated these basic values. Not just through what happened in connection with athletics, but at the university at large."

Dr. ED RAY: "Well, I've told people, and this is just my opinion of why I felt comfortable with us getting involved, if you think about it, starting in 1998, think about vacating the victories, the bowl wins and so forth. Beginning in 1998, people knew or had a good idea that inappropriate behavior was going on at the expense of innocent young children. And that powerful people who you would expect to look after them failed miserably. ... So starting in 1998, they did not do the right thing so they could get football victories, so they could attract scholarship students that, so they could go to bowl games, so they could establish the kind of victory records that they did. ...

"I think I've heard nobody question the $60 million. The idea is that's what they make per year in football, you know what, it's time to give back. So let's take that money and make sure it goes into an endowment for programs to help abused children, maybe save children from further abuse as well. ...

"But the issues of the scholarships and the probation were really all about the idea that winning at any cost is not acceptable."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Fina's prosecutorial theory has generally been that everybody close to the offense knew that illegal activities were happening. Therefore, he and his staff of prosecutors knew Corbett was abusing the very laws they were charging. The whole time Corbett has been in state government has been to enhance his power. ....August 18, 2014 at 10:39 PM

Looks like Frank Fina knew too, the Slenderman has to pursue Fina to complete the injustices.

Anonymous said...

The Corbett administration has still not proved Tomalis was not a Ghost Employee?

Corbett and none of his Aides still cannot cite what Tomalis did in the last year to earn the $139,542 salary he was paid after stepping down as state education secretary in June 2013?

Even worse, Mr. Tomalis’ boss is running for re-election and the questions will still be there in November and demand an investigation now not later.

A simple investigation by just one Newspaper Reporter requires an official investigation now by AG Kane.

The questions about Mr. Tomalis’ doing little to no work remain, despite Mr. Corbett’s weak and unproven defense “Tomalis Is Not A Ghost Employee” whether using his Political Campaign Phone or the Governor's Taxpayer's Phone on Campaign Time during the Taxpayer's Time as Governor?

The PAOAG Investigation should begin immediately on bringing Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq’s before a Grand Jury and get her on the record.

Dumaresq's statements, door name placement actions, and excuses defense of Tomalis being paid as much as she without overseeing a Cabinet Post of over 600 Employees and a $12 billion budget is no longer laughable but requires a criminal inquiry NOW too?

The timing, handling, and outright lies about Tomalis’ non-working and followed up resignation without any significant records produced by Corbett or Dumaresq is direct evidence of a cover-up is going on hiding behind a political campaign.

Tomalis paid as much as Dumaresq for only five emails, made slightly more than a phone call a day for a year and had a mostly empty work calendar, followed by Corbett's admission he destroyed his emails is alleged Obstruction of Justice on Taxpayers Dime requiring an investigation.

Carolyn Dumaresq needs to resign as well and answer all investigative questions for giving different answers for Tomalis’ lack of emails, memos, phone calls, and not being on the job?

Carolyn Dumaresq has not explained publicly how Tomalis first said he preferred face-to-face interactions and later that education department employees purge emails frequently.

This alone proves to be an apparent violation of the Education Department und Governor Tom Corbett and Carolyn Dumaresq violations of commonwealth laws, policies and records retention law.

The simple plain facts are Corbett broke the same laws he cited and prosecuted others for breaking when he was Attorney General.

Shame on Tom Corbett and he should be doing what Governor Perry did today, take a mug shot, and be prepared for trial along with Carolyn Dumaresq.

Anonymous said...

The new revelation to come out on Governor Corbett's Tomalis's Ghost Employee Scandal, joined by the Commonwealth Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq lies and cover-ups is the Smoking ?Gun Comments made by a Corbett aide that Tomalis's important Consultant no show job will not be replaced?????


Now Governor Tom Corbett that took great pride in knowing the Pennsylvania Laws as Attorney General has just said....."If Re-Elected, He Will Consider A New Hire?????

How is this being fiscally conservative?????

It is these kind of statements and actions by Tom Corbett that has lowered the Commonwealth's Moody Bond Ratings!!!!!

It also asked the Public to demand How Important Is This Ghost Post In The First Place?

As pointed out above, as Former Pennsylvania Attorney General, Tom Corbett either knows that Tomalis job was truly a Ghost Post made up by either Corbett or Secretary Dumaresq or both are complicit in committing fraud or crimes from the Taxpayers Coffins.


Better yet, since Republican Tom Corbett as a Candidate for Governor Corbett created the Attorney General's Public Corruption Unit once headed by Frank Fina, WHERE IS ATTORNEY GENERAL KANE OR IS SHE IN COMMONWEALTH CAR 54 AND WHERE ARE THEY NOW???

This scandal is bigger than the Texas Governor Perry Scandal Indictments but Pennsylvania Ethics Commission, Attorney General, Public Corruptions Unit, District Attorney of Dauphin County and Auditor General seem to be Ghost Employees too????????


Looks like when it comes time for your own Re-elections......we can vote for Candidates that show up and do their jobs instead of running away and hiding as Corbett allows Tax Dollars to be wasted on Ghost employees!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another future ghost employee?

Laurel Brandstetter, Senior Deputy Attorney General, is leaving the Office of Attorney General.

She told Brad Bumsted that she will clerk for Judge Bill Ward while she builds a legal practice at Leech Tishman, Pittsburgh.

Bill Ward was Corbett's former Chief of Staff.

Corbett, Fina and his team of prosecutors charged Sean Ramaley with being a ghost employee in Mike Veon's District Office while he ran for state Senate.

They also charged Republicans
with similar charges.

How can an over-qualified clerk in a judge's office build a legal practice while working in the County Courthouse?

Attorney General Kane could have a field day prosecuting all of Corbett and Friends' indiscretions.

Do they still teach ethics in law school?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Corbett has finally come home to becoming Crookett with his own Ghost Employee Scandal.

Even the Republicans in Harrisburg have abandon Crookett.

The investigation of Capitol corruption put more than 20 people behind bars and undoubtedly played a key role in Tom Crookett's victory in the governor's race.

Yet Coorkett never explained how his investigations was handled by giving his fellow Republicans a break especially one caucus, the Senate Republicans?

Crookett let the Senate GOP walk because leaders in that caucus were able to aid the aspiring candidate for governor. One very Big Republican Opposition Researcher actually went on the public record said he spoke to Frank Fina Investigators about his political and legislative work for the Senate Republicans, turned over records of his work, and said agents never contacted him again amd not one Senate staffer was ever called before the Fina’s Grand Jury?

Crookett, never addressed and always declined any and all opportunities to fully explain the differences in what his investigators found in their look at the Senate Republican caucus, citing the secrecy rules surrounding grand jury investigations, just like he did with the Sandusky Grand Jury and The Second Mile Campaign contributors.

Interesting, that all of Crookett’s legislative corruption cases spawned from grand jury probes, but no Grand Jury has been called upon Crookett so far?

Anonymous said...

Laurel Brandstetter, is she the same Deputy AG that Frank Fina hired that made a fool of herself when she prosecuted Sheriff George David and did not check as evidence if David's Gun was even loaded and still charged him?

Even the judge had to chuckle on that one when he dismissed the charge in front a Jury.

The Jurors were in no mood for Laurel Brandstetter tactics, antics, and malicious prosecutions since they found the Sheriff Not Guilty on all counts after just one hour of deliberations????
Looks like Laurel Brandstetter, is now following the Late Great Chuck Noll’s Advice by getting on with her life’s work since she was a terrible Prosecutor under Tom Corbett.

Good to see Judge Ward keeping her on the Taxpayer's Payroll so she can qualify for a State Pension.

When does Judge ward come to work and leave anyway?

Anonymous said...

How can an over-qualified clerk in a judge's office build a legal practice while working in the County Courthouse?

Time to set up a monitor on Judge Ward's Office and see if she Laurel Brandstetter will carry two phones like Crookett claims to do while being paid on Taxpayers dime!

Attorney General Kane could have a field day prosecuting all of Corbett and Friends' indiscretions??

AG Kane better quit hiding and start her own Public Corruption Unit Grand Jury on Tom Crookett before others claim AG Kane may be a Ghost Employee!!

Do they still teach ethics in law school???

Rumor has it Tom Crookett seldom went to classes at Saint Mary's Law School in Texas, and it shows in his Answers to Newspapers reporters. When Investigators come a calling Crookett will use "I Don't Recall Defense"!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess we are looking at another Karma Payback Is A Bitch repeat now to be known as DUPAGATE.
Rumor has it that Carolyn Dumaresq is changing her name to DUPAresq based on her inconsistent comments, belated Tomalis nameplate hanging, erasing or unable to find emails, and then caught saying the resignation of Tomalis will not be filled, in direct contradiction of Corbett saying h will fill it after his re-election?

DUPA is Polish meaning……part of a body "Ass" along with a slang meaning for "Chick", mostly used by men and sometimes another slang meaning for "girlfriend".

DUPA can also be about describing somebody that is "Clumsy" or a "Loser" or "Stupid".

A saying: "No i DUPA" or "DUPA!" means that something did not work out.

What is remarkable is that all these words describe Governor Tom Corbett & Staffers, Ronald Tomalis, and Carolyn DUPAresq by this DUPA word, because they look like Asses, Clumsy, Loser, Stupid, and Something Did Not Work Out?

I can hear them before the Grand Jury now saying:

Tom Corbett:……”Boli mnie DUPA! ( My Ass Hurts)! “

Ron Tomalis…… “Popatrz! Ale DUPA! (Look! What A Chick Covering For My Ghost Job With A Taxpayers Name Plate!) “

Corbett Staffers……”Poszedl do swojej Dupy. (He Went To His Girlfriend!)”

Carolyn Duparesq……. “Ale z ciebie DUPA! (You Are So Clumsy).& “Jestes DUPA!” (You are Such A Loser)!”

The Grand Jury will crack up with laughter when DUPAGATE comes to Harrisburg and as Republicans everywhere agree that is an appropriate name.

No offense to any Polish People anywhere, they created the right word, to describe the People Corbett appointed.

A Bunch Of Corbett's DUPA's.... Thus the name for it is will be DUPAGATE!

The Slenderman would approve since he has a slender Dupa, LOL.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...Translation...Laughing My Dupa Off!

What is more remarkable is that Governor Corbett with a C Average at Lebanon College and at a C- Average at Saint Mary's Laws School actually chose DUPA Staffers that vetted these EDUCATION SECRETARY APPOINTMENTS?

Ron Tomalis only has a B.S. Degree in Political Science from Dickinson College (Carlisle, Pennsylvania). Bow we know why the emphasis is on BS. I mean is this best Corbett could find to appoint as his Education Secretary?

Carolyn DUPAresq received a Doctor of Education in Personnel and Labor Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Arts in Secondary Administration from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Hood College, Frederick, Maryland.

This gives a total new meaning of, "Being From The Hood”.

How can DUPAresq expect Taxpayers not to laugh at her antics of trying to explain a "Tomalis Name Plate" went up, days after the PPG did an investigation on Casper Tomalis Ghost Employee status and claims to have a Doctorate Degree in Personnel and Labor Relations?

Shall we educate DUPAresq on what a Ghost Employee is before Investigators ask her so she can avoid Obstruction Of Justice charges covering for Corbett's appointments; here let us try to make DUPAresq recall DUPAresq Doctorate Thesis.......

What Are Ghost Employee Frauds?

A ghost employee is someone recorded on the payroll system, but who does not work or show up for work for the business or government.

The ghost can be a real person who knowingly does nothing or not is placed on the payroll, or a fictitious person invented by the fraudster.

The fraud attacks the payroll system with false employees misusing government taxpayer’s dollars by not working.

The aim of the fraud is to have a wage paid to the ghost and collected by the dishonest employee.

This is done by entering the ghost employee into the payroll system.

The fraud does not require an accomplice but, depending on how wages are paid, an accomplice may make the fraud easier to conduct as it will eliminate any need to convert the payment from the ghost to the fraudster.

Here is Corbett's quote on Crime...." In 1993, Pennsylvania had 24,000 men and women in its prisons. Today that number is over 50,000. This number speaks to a failure. Sometimes it's a failure in our schools, or in our society, but ultimately in the personal character of the criminal."

It is safe to say, Corbett failed our schools with his weak and unqualified Education Secretary appointments and cutting a billion from schools.

Moreover, it is safe to say Corbett failed the Commonwealth Society by misusing his Office of Attorney General as they erased all emails, notes, and proffers investigations claiming to save money by destroying evidence??

Now Corbett clearly demonstrated his own personal character of being a criminal when has appointed Tomalis to a Ghost Employee Job, allowed DUPAresq to try and cover-up not having an office, nameplate and no records of his work, phone calls, or job performance, and then erased all his emails every day saying the laws do not apply to him.

If we have a DUPA at the Top one knows DUPA's follow to the Bottom, and Corbett has big DUPA Head and DUPA Bottom!

Anonymous said...


Lert’s see the Parking Video Tapes?
“I'm telling you, he was not a ghost employee,” Folmer said.
The senator had planned to hold a hearing on Tomalis but now sees no reason to do so. He said he had a “very intense” meeting with acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq, who vouched for Tomalis' work as an adviser to Corbett.


Folmer said he can't say what Tomalis did on the job, only that he was at the agency as required, except during an initial period when he worked from home. Tomalis, who resigned effective next Tuesday, did not return calls seeking comment??????

State records show Corbett had no scheduled meetings with Tomalis, who was paid $139,000 a year????

Folmer cited 700 emails in the department's possession. He said he thought they were Tomalis' emails. But when questioned, Folmer could not say what time period the emails covered and whether all of them date to Tomalis' appointment as a cabinet secretary in 2011??????

A discrepancy exists over the emails. Eller said they are Dumaresq's emails. Folmer said he's irritated the department “isn't being transparent.” WELL, CORBETT HAS NEVER BEEN TRANSPARENT HAS HE AS A PARENT????

Dumaresq has said Tomalis was engaged in his work on higher and secondary education issues while an adviser. AND The 15-month extension of Tomalis' government service provided him a 25 percent pension boost, increasing his annual pension by $7,000 to $34,600, because of a higher multiplier used in pension calculations, The Morning Call of Allentown reported on Saturday.?????? THIS LOOKS LIKE MOTIVE DOES IT NOT?????

“I can tell you definitively there was no decision to keep Tomalis on to get a higher pension,” Corbett's spokesman Jay Pagni told the Trib. WELL, THE NUMBERS DON’T PROVE THAT AND THERE IS NOTHING DEFINITIVE ABOUT JAY PAGNI JUST SAYING IT????

The lack of scheduled meetings adds to critics' questions about Tomalis' work schedule while advising Corbett. If the department had more evidence, it was “dumb” not to provide it, Folmer said. WELL, THAT KIND OF CONTRADICTS YOUR PARKING SLIPS DOES IT NOT, SENATOR FOLMAR, WHERE WAS TOMALIS IF HE CANNOT SHOW A SCHEDULE AND BEING AT MEETINGS?????

Dumaresq recently told ABC/27 TV that she and Tomalis would “delete and cleanse (emails) each evening.” Eller later said they deleted inconsequential emails. Folmer believes they followed policies on email retention set by the Corbett administration, which allows deletion of “transitory” emails. A BELIEF IS NOT EVIDENCE AND ANYTHING DELETED CAN BE RECOVERED AS THE REPUBLICANS PROVED ON THE IRS SCANDAL UNLESS THE HARD DRIVE SERVERS ARE DAMAGED????




Anonymous said...

Interesting contrast before Corbett’s Pension demands and his selfish hypocritical supporters that take from the state.

Corbett’s First Chief Of Staff now Judge Ward now is earning a Pension from the Commonwealth.

Former Deputy AG Laurel Brandstetter, Now Will Work For Judge Ward to continue to collect a Pension for herself??

Former Education Secretary Ron Tomalis Pension was raised from $7,000 to $34,000 with his Ghost No Show job defended by Corbett???

Carolyn Dumaresq will not resign for her failures in the Tomalis scandal so she can keep earning her pension???

Corbett’s own Daughter works for the Commonwealth and wants her Pension too?????

Frank Fina is still earning a Pension from the government??????

All of Corbett's AG Deputies are earning Government Pension Plans or living off of one as they removed others Pension from illegal convictions by selective and malicious prosecution???????

As well as Corbett, demanding a Defined Pension Plan of his own even while trying to limit others from it????????

Yet, all these Republicans and Corbett attack other State Employees for working for the Government as they feather their own nests and Corbett want to remove Pensions from LCB, Lottery, and forced 401 Plans upon all other State Employees???????????

Whatever happen to the Republican Mantra about Private Enterprise making their life is better and Government is the enemy of the People, as these selfish Hypocrites above keep for themselves what they take from the government.

This would make a great Commercial for the Teachers Union and AFSCME, PSEA and All State Pensioners! Asking Corbett and challenging the Republicans to work for themselves instead of living off the very Government they attack others for doing.

Corbett's Hypocrisy knows no Bounds!

Anonymous said...

ANYBODY can use ANYONE'S parking pass in the capitol garage.

The fact that someone swiped a parking pass is NO EVIDENCE that a specific person was in the capitol. COME ON, Corbett...even someone as dumb as you can do better than this!

Those that worked in the state's Capitol Building can easily reveal, and whenever the legislature wasn't in session, the senators' and representatives' parking spots/passes were used by their Harrisburg staffers.

When state agency employees fortunate enough and with seniority enough to have passes for state parking garages went on even a week's vacation, they lent their passes to fellow employees.



Looks like Senator Folmar just uncovered a bigger scandal and instead of Heading Investigations Hearings he should before one with Legal Counsel!

Anonymous said...

Let us reform Corbett Tax Plans. Oil & Gas Companies pay no Extraction Tax whatsoever, but Corbett raised the Gasoline Tax to 28 Cents per gallon? Save money to Energy Billion Dollar Corporation and sock it to the Average Common Citizen in the Commonwealth?
Corbett has a Defined Pension Plan for himself, his Daughter, his Former Chief of Staff, his Former AG Deputies, Former Education Secretary Tomalis, current Education Secretary Dumaresq, but wants others to have only a 401 Pension Plan?
This si why Corbett will not be re-elected and should go to Prison for allowing Tomalis to raise his Pension from $7,000 to $34,000 with a No Show Ghost Emloyee Contract and approved by Secretary Dumaresq, who should resign too.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to "I Didn't Come To Harrisburg To Make Friends"?

Here's a few buddies that made out well:

1. Bill Ward, failed Chief of Staff now a Judge getting a Pension and hired Laurel Brandstetter to get her own Pension!

2. Bill Ryan, Interim AG that deleted all AG Emails sent to Gaming $150K!!

3. D L A Piper, the largest recipient of $4.6 million Camelot gaming nonsense!!!

4. Tom Ridge, Director HSY $1.8 million Grant!!!!

5. Noonan headed Sandusky non investigation now Chief of The State Police at $132,934!!!!!

6. Ron Tomalis $140,000 bumping his Pension from $7,000 to $34,000!!!!!!!

7. Katherine Corbett Gibson $89,000!!!!!!!

Only God only knows who else....not the Ethics Commission, State Police, AG Kane, Auditor General, or US Attorneys!

Anonymous said...

The people of Pennsylvania will sing praise when Corbett is cast out of office. He's earned nothing but disdain from the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Corbett's daughter should be transferred from working for the AG. Daddy gave her job for her?

It is funny, Two Crime Fighters working for the Attorney General in Corbett and his daughter.
But Neither one seemed to have any knowledge about his Son-In-Law and her Husband Gibson's alleged criminal acts?

We wonder why Sandusky got away with molestation for Decades under these two dimwits?

Anonymous said...

Highly entertaining video of Corbett gaffes. I swear there is more to this Tomalis "thing" after watching this.

Can anyone tell me exactly when Tomalis was placed as Secretary of Education? I wonder if his placement by Corbett was to ensure that Spanier would be cut off at the knees.


I love how in the last few seconds the reporter says some think Corbett was trying to get Tomalis a pension he didn't deserve. He even admitted he was hanging around to juice his pension.

And, I can guarantee you....that this administration fired employees with many, many more years of service....some just short of pension....just to clear the way for political appointees. That is a guarantee I can back up.

The biggest thing I have learned from the Sandusky scandal is that Pennsylvania politics is as corrupt as can be and that the Court System is inept. Posters are debating whether Sandusky did sex acts or not, but one thing is evident the trial was a joke. The fact that CSS trials are not even docketed yet and Sandusky's trial was rushed shows how crooked the Pennsylvania Justice system is.

Anonymous said...

My property taxes have gone up every year Corbett has been in office.

My school taxes have gone up every year Corbett has been in office.

Our Gas taxes have gone up 28 cents per gallon. It costs more to register a car, more to renew a driver's license put in by Corbett.

My tax rate would definitely go up if PA had a progressive income tax rate, but my guess is it would balance out.

The only person not working for Pennsylvanians is Tom Corbett campaigning on State Time, Ron Tomalis Corbett's Former Secretary of Education, and Corbett's Former Son-In-Law criminally convicted, but still keeping his Pension?

What is Corbett’s Daughter doing? Is she showing up for work while working for the State or does she sloth it too like Corbett?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gene Stilp has discovered another investiGATE issue with Corbett. Martin Lane, campaign donor, Sheri Phillips, Secretary of DGS, and Corbett "renting" a Lane apartment during his days as PA's Attorney General. Is this the beginning of RentGate?

Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett will be remembered for the Corbett Doctrine.

1). Subpoena emails for the previous five or six years as you investigate a complaint.

2). Dump all the emails on the defense attorneys so they are completely overwhelmed during discovery.

3). Destroy your own emails so there is no trace of anything in the executive branch.

If the legislative branch had followed the Corbett Doctrine, there would not have been any convictions, let alone indictments.

Corbett is safe since he ordered the destroy the evidence. I bet Richard Nixon wished he was aware of the Corbett Doctrine.

Anonymous said...


"Corbett is safe since he ordered the destruction of evidence."

Anonymous said...

It is reported that many conservatives in the Commonwealth do not want to vote for Corbett because he broke his vow to not raise taxes.

Conservatives need to seriously consider Corbett's re-election since he broke his own prosecution standards regarding the value of retained emails.

Conservatives need to seriously consider Corbett's re-election since he broke his own prosecution standards regarding conducting campaign meetings in the state Capitol, the Governor's Office in his case.

Conservatives need to seriously consider Corbett's re-election since he broke his own prosecution standards regarding ghost employees.

There is much to consider. Personal integrity needs to be #1.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that Corbett gets crushed, there is a significant chance of down-ticket carnage that is, Reps and Senators of Corbett's party losing as well just from their association with him.

This in turn makes it double important that all good people in both political parties continue to hammer your Reps and Senators for action that allow Corbett to undermine justice as AG while breaking the same laws he prosecuted others for as Governor and AG.

If an incumbent Governor gets crushed in PA they ought to be smart enough to know NOBODY is safe and this is what happen when the Republican Party puts a person in charge using power over principles and should be removed from power.

The one sure way to make even the most sluggish politician of either party move is to present a credible scenario where he might get the boot.

Corbett is not just going down, he is taking others with him down, and they deserve it since they thought it was wise to take down others the same way by misusing justice.

Anonymous said...

That is kind of incredible that an incumbent Governor in PA is down 25 points with only 2 months to go. 25% undecided may even split.

Going back on his promise to not raise taxes. Cutting funding to schools.

Trying to sell liquor stores and lottery while making sure pensions for his family, friends, and contributors are kept for themselves without 401 plans.

The interesting thing about that poll?

Wolf - 49%
Corbett - 25%.

Assume the rest are undecided voters and may likely split out 50%-50%. But STILL...at this point in the race, only 25% of the people polled are going to vote for Corbett??

Even the RCP average has Wolf up by 16 points. If this is still double digits come October, we will see some rats start to turn.

What is kind of interesting is that on the big board of Governor's races, there are 5 states leaning towards "likely Democrat" (MA, OR, PA, RI, MN) and only PA has a sitting Republican Governor.

I don't know . . . I've been in politics for a long time . . . I cannot remember the last time I saw an incumbent Governor in a favorable state getting his arse kicked this hard during re-election.

This is the worst state wide campaign by any incumbent, for any office, in the 40+ years I have been following politics seriously.

Corbett's ads are awful.

He is not using the power of his incumbency in any meaningful way. Unless he completely turns his campaign around in the next 2 weeks, or there is some monumental blunder by Wolf in the debates, I now believe Corbett will lose by 10-12 points.

Corbett is done.

Anonymous said...

Some unraveling of the secrecy of Corbett and Statewide Judges.....Secret judicial ruling blocks release of sexually explicit emails..............An unnamed judge issued an order blocking an open records law request by the Tribune-Review for emails and links to sexually explicit images reportedly shared by top staffers of the Attorney General's Office.

“Your Right-to-Know request cannot be responded to because a judge has issued a stay,” Renee Martin, acting communications director for Attorney General Kathleen Kane, said on Friday.

Martin said she could not divulge the judge's name or the court delaying the request.

It's not known how the records request landed in court.

The Trib filed the request on July 7, seeking “emails or email attachments” containing “pornographic images” sent by former and current office members on their official state email accounts.


The newspaper asked for such emails that may have been reviewed by Special Deputy Geoffrey Moulton, who examined more than 20 million deleted emails in a look at how then-Attorney General Tom Corbett handled the case of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky as attorney general. Corbett, a Shaler Republican, is seeking a second term as governor.

Kane directed staff members to recover the deleted emails.

“Obviously, the governor would not condone that. It's the first I've heard of it,” said Mike Barley, Corbett's campaign manager.

No one has asserted that Corbett received any of the reputed emails.

Corbett's office spokesman, Jay Pagni, declined comment, saying he was unable to reach others to address it.

Moulton could not be reached.

Sources tell the Trib the emails exist and that some contain sexually explicit materials intended as humor. They are described as a range of materials from joking comments and caricatures to images of nude adults and sexual situations.

No one interviewed would speak publicly about the emails.

Policy on computer use prohibits “communicating, accessing, viewing, downloading or storing materials on Office of Attorney General resources,” including “any suggestive, pornographic or obscene material.”

Corbett signed the policy as attorney general in 2006. It remains in effect, Kane's office said.

Anonymous said...


Moulton did find inexplicable delays (he just couldn't find proof for the cause of the delays and didn't want to make conclusions without evidence like Corbett's pal Louie Freeh) Corbett's OAG waited 2 freaking years to do things that should have been the first things the OAG did such as: search JS's house, search The Second Mile (no warrant required for this one BTW), subpoena Centre County CYS, and find the 1998 UPPD police report....you guys always seem to leave those key facts out of your reporting for some strange reason...And to piggy back on this 100% correct post ... While these inexplicable delays happened, at least one more victim was abused by Sandusky. Emails shows investigator Eschbach begging Corbett's right hand man to press charges, but she was denied.

As has been repeatedly demonstrated over the past three years, accurate reporting and journalistic integrity is extinct. "Moulton, a former federal prosecutor and law school professor, found that Corbett did not drag out the case for political reasons." NOT TRUE! Moulton repeated several times when asked to elaborate that he FOUND NO EVIDENCE that Corbett dragged out the case FOR POLITICAL REASONS. He went on to say, as Jason commented, that there were inexplicable and inexcusable delays which resulted in AT LEAST ONE MORE VICTIM. But, nobody seems to give a hoot about the fact that our government agencies continue to fail our children. Our media, while the children are being raped, keep blaming Penn State. Look around and wake up and pray that while you all look the other way, it doesn't happen to your child or grandchild next. Report on the failures of ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES who failed these kids. The system will never be fixed until it is exposed. Don't be such wimps...you're about as cowardly as the 11/11 PSU "Trustees" who have done nothing but prove how UNtrustworthy they truly are...JOEPA'S HAND REACHE FROM HIS GRAVE...."Journalism is printing what someone doesn't want printed. Everything else is public relations." - George Orwell.



Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law process begins with a request to a government agency, which has five business days to respond with information or invoke a 30-day extension. The requester can appeal a denial to the Office of Open Records, which decides whether the record can be released. Either party can appeal that decision to the courts.

Kane's office requested a 30-day extension on the Trib's request, then informally asked for more time and negotiated Aug. 21 as a due date for a decision.

Melissa Melewsky, media law counsel for the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, said if a judge ordered a stay, the office should provide a copy of the order or docket number.

“If they wanted to bypass the Office of Open records and file a declaratory action, they'd have to file in Commonwealth Court,” she said. “But that would be docketed, and it wouldn't be done by an anonymous judge.”

She was aware of only one case that went before a judge instead of the open records office.

The Pennsylvania State Employees Association wanted to protect members' home addresses from release under the law before anyone filed a request.

Circumventing the process is disturbing, Melewsky said. “When an agency doesn't follow a statute it's a matter of public concern.”

A criminal investigation or a grand jury probe also can block a request for information.

“I don't believe there are any (Freedom of Information Act) laws in the country that say when the information is embarrassing or difficult to release it should be closed,” said Gene Policinski, senior vice president of the First Amendment Center at the Newseum Institute.

He said it is rare for the court process to be cloaked in secrecy. Any reason not to disclose the material should be made public, he said.

“But absent public explanation or a public trail, people are left to speculate on whether or not this secrecy is in the best interest of the public,” Policinski said.

Generally, pornography isn't illegal if the images involve adults, said Wes Oliver, a Duquesne University Law School professor.

“If there's no aesthetic, scientific or artistic value to something the community would deem patently offensive, then theoretically it can be prosecuted. But given ever-increasing access to pornography, fewer and fewer things would be deemed patently offensive to the community,” Oliver said. “As a practical matter, most prosecutors don't bring such cases.”

Sandusky, 70, a former Penn State University assistant football coach, is serving a 30- to 60-year prison term for sexually abusing 10 boys. The case drew international attention and led to the firing of longtime football Coach Joe Paterno and unprecedented NCAA sanctions on the university.

To fulfill a campaign promise, Kane hired Moulton to review whether Corbett delayed the Sandusky investigation to get past the 2010 gubernatorial election. Moulton, a former federal prosecutor and law school professor, found that Corbett did not drag out the case for political reasons.

Kane, elected in 2012, is the state's first Democratic and first female attorney general.

Voters twice elected Corbett to the state's top law enforcement job. He served from 2005 to 2011.

Corbett's challenger in the November election is Democratic nominee Tom Wolf, a York County businessman.

Brad Bumsted and Melissa Daniels are Trib Total Media staff writers. Reach Bumsted at 717-787-1405 or bbumsted@tribweb.com and Daniels at 412-380-8511 or mdaniels@tribweb.com.

Anonymous said...

We must all take note of these sources and summaries to inform our peers.

There was a video posted the other day that featured former FBI chief Ted Gunderson on false flags, which was very informative.

From his wikipedia page, I found that he also warned about the existence of these pedophile rings and their links to satanic ritual abuse...

He also investigated a child molestation trial in Manhattan Beach California.

In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the proliferation of secret Satanic groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, a shadow government that would be controlling the US government.

He also claimed that a "slave auction" in which children were sold to men in turbans had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year, and that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the US government.

Gunderson believed that in the US there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to Satanic ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice.


Despite evidence that linked Dutroux and Nihoul to abuse parties and murder snuff films, the prosecutor that replaced Conorette, Jacques Langlois, completely dismantled the investigation. He sent police out on false tips and helped spread disinformation in the media. Although nearly 100 high profile people in government, religion, entertainment and finance being accused of involvement in child abuse 22, ISGP, no one of significance other than Dutroux was ever jailed???


From here on out the post gets more surreal. These child abuse and pedophile rings are not by any means limited to Europe. Rather, the United States has perhaps the biggest child trafficking epidemic in the world. It is important to note, the FBI does not track statistics for missing children. It should also be noted that FBI prosecution of major child trafficking rings had been virtually non-existant.


Unfortunately, the next step in this expose takes us to truly bizarre and disturbing places. A particularly disturbing child abuse case involving a military day care center came to light in 1987 43, NEW YORK TIMES.


The next case is known as the McMartin Preschool abuse scandal. But before I delve into that, I need to address the False Memories Syndrome Foundation, FMSF.


In 1987 the New York Times ran a story, 51 about a little known cult called “The Finders”. The first paragraph reads: “Police officials here said today that six disheveled children found in Tallahassee, Fla., might be the offspring of members of a little-known cult, but the officials said they had not ruled out the possibility of kidnapping.”

Anonymous said...

It is becoming clear more every day, why Corbett’s Puppet in AG Ryan destroyed all notes, emails, and proffers and it was not to save money but to cover-up, some questions on Corbett, Fina, Kelly, and Ryan investigations.

The question remains whom are they protecting, why, and what are they afraid of from a justice revelation standpoint and freedom of information does not look free but covered-up information to protect the powerful. Shame on any Appeals Judge that lets this stand in America and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

Anonymous said...

The devil is in the details....how many emails were deleted?

Apparently these weren't transitory like the ones that Tomalis sent... such as, "What color ------- are you wearing Miss Dumaresq? " (hypothetical)?

Anonymous said...

The Philly Inquirer reported on Sunday, August 31, that a special prosecutor is investigating Grand Jury leaks from AG Kane's office. Also, the pornographic emails that are being withheld were circulated to numerous people in the Corbett/Ryan/Kelly AG's office and among some judges.

This level of camaraderie indicates a very serious ethics violation with potential opportunities for bribery and influence pedaling.

If the investigation discovers that pornographic emails were shared by prosecutors and judges working on the same case, then a retrial must be considered.

The sharing of pornographic emails is far beyond professional associations. Bribery comes to mind when sensitive issues are know between people in the public trust.

Corbett and Fina's prosecutors brought criminal charges of Theft of Service against people for sharing non-business emails while on government time.

It sounds like prosecutors and judges could have been ruling on criminal charges as they broke the same laws.

The citizens of the Commonwealth deserve a full accounting of this scandal.

Anonymous said...

Quit dumping on Corbett over the Penn State Paterno scandal that is old news and even the fans don't care anymore.

I was in Dublin to see the lions game, I only saw 1 person wearing a JoePa or 409 t-shirt.

This # is way down from what I saw at road games in 2012 and 2013.

Clearly nobody cares that much about Paterno and his legacy with a dynamic coach like Franklin and that is not just one isolated data point but a trend that has turned into a belief.

Once all the investigations and evidence is produced people will find out Paterno was indeed cheating and Penn State was not obeying all laws and regulations and deserved sanctions.

Corbett made big mistakes and Corbett hypocrisy is duly noted here and by and I agree, but this is not one of them.

Can Corbett still win, I do not know..... Guess we'll in 2 months but they have something on wolf that can be a game changer I am told.

Anonymous said...

When Corbett was defending his creating a new post for his newly fired Education Secretary, Corbett told the Post Gazette in August 2013 that he met with Tomalis in his new advisor capacity occasionally to discuss higher education issues.

In reviewing Corbett's schedule for May 2013 - July 2014, Brad Bumstead uncovered that NO such meetings ever occurred.

Why did Corbett lie to the Post Gazette? And when is the media simply going to call him out for his lies, lies, and more lies?

Anonymous said...

“Do not waste your time on Social Questions. What is the matter with the poor is Poverty what is the matter with the rich is Uselessness.”
― George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

Corbett defends Tomalis saying he showed up for work ... the facts indicate otherwise ... Was Tomalis a "ghost employee" or a "zombie employee" (an employee that shows up to work but refuses to perform any tasks, has no responsibilities and produces no work product)? State government is full of zombie employee!

Anonymous said...

State Senator Mike Folmer, Republican running unopposed in the mid-state, made a political error by attacking the Tomalis "ghost employee" issue. He should have known that Republican Corbett would threaten him should he uphold his decision to investigate the work status of Tomalis.

Folmer backed down and stated he would not allow this to happen again.

So if flip-flop Folmer now believes the Tomalis appointment was legal, then there is no need to review a similar appointment in the future.

We desperately need legislators who will stand up and fight for the taxpayers. Folmer should have stayed on the bench.

Let's hope the Attorney General, state Inspector General or Auditor General questions DOE employees from the Executive Office and asks them how many times they actually saw Tomalis in the office.

TV 27 Dennis Owens called the DOE Executive Office and discovered Tomalis did not have a phone number and the spelling of his name was requested by the receptionist.

Once again we have been disappointed by the acquiescence of the legislature branch to the executive branch.

Anonymous said...

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"PornGate" is heating up. Another eyesore for Corbett. State pays $15,000 to OAG Agent for enduring sexual harassment in the workplace. Federal charges were filed.

So just what were those prosecutors and agents doing all day in the Attorney General's Office, on state time?

According to Corbett's interpretation of the law, criminal charges should be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Spanier's attorneys want access to the 20 million emails that Acting Attorney General Ryan ordered to be destroyed in 2011. Since OAG determined they were of no value, certainly Spanier and former defense attorneys should have access to the emails.

So what about the witness and proffer notes that Fina reported destroyed shortly after Ryan's actions? Are copies of the hand written notes also available?

The sex email reports indicate a friendly relationship between OAG and judges. Why would PA judges side with OAG on the the destruction of evidence unless OAG held them hostage due to the pornographic content of the email activity?

The sex emails must be disclosed to help cleanse the legal system in PA. Right now the system is in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

HARRISBURG - The Corbett administration is
trying to block the release of emails from top officials in the
governor's office to former Education Secretary Ron Tomalis when he was
the point man for Gov. Tom Corbett on the Penn State University board
regarding serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

The Department of Education has asked
Commonwealth Court to block release of 644 pages of emails between
Corbett, his top aides, other members of the Penn State Board of
Trustees, and Tomalis.

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina is in serious trouble. He was reported to be the person trying to supress the "racy" emails from OAG. It is interesting watching Fina play defense.

His Appeal should also be denied. I would imagine Fina is now experiencing the fear he placed in others.

If he can get judges to share porno emails, then he can get judges to favor his prosecution activities. Everything he touched is now suspect.

Anonymous said...

Saw this article over the weekend, and not sure it was posted here. It looks like possibly Fina, and others in the OAG were into sharing porn via state email accounts. I thought it interesting that Fina is trying to block the release of these emails behind a grand jury. Fascinating state politics between past and present AG's and their staffs.

I'm thinking these emails came to light as a result of Moulter's review of Corebutt's handling of the Sandusky investigation.


Anonymous said...

A BIG BATCH of porny emails may be the very last thing Gov. Corbett, trailing badly in the polls to Democrat Tom Wolf, needs to hear about right now.

Still, a judge yesterday said the state Attorney General's Office may release emails requested in the last two months by four newspapers, including the Daily News, which may have been sent or received by Corbett's top deputies when he was attorney general.

The newspapers, in requests filed under the state's Right-to-Know law, described the emails as "pornographic" in nature.

They have been described to the Daily News as sexually explicit and, at times, misogynistic.

One of Corbett's former top deputies, Frank Fina, asked Cambria County Common Pleas Judge Norman Krumenacker on Aug. 28 to block the newspapers' requests.

Krumenacker, who oversees a statewide grand jury, did so until issuing yesterday's order.

Fina, a former chief deputy attorney general, argued in his motion for a protective order that the emails were discovered during a review of the Attorney General's Office's handling of the child sexual abuse investigation that eventually sent former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky to prison in 2012 for 30 to 60 years.

Fina, who prosecuted Sandusky, claimed the emails were covered by grand-jury secrecy laws.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day in PA when a former Chief Deputy AG argues that his pornographic emails, distributed during Grand Jury work, are protected under the Grand Jury law.

Frank Fina, who demanded years worth of old emails during his prosecutions, was sending sex emails on state time while prosecuting others for sending campaign emails.

You can bribe a judge with sex or money.

Anonymous said...

Various newspaper reports indicate that 30+ people were sharing porno emails over a five year period.

This was not a one time or short time anomaly.

This was the culture of the day-to-day operation of the chief law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth.

Supervisors should have stopped this abuse of Policy, however it appears to have been the Supervisors leading the infractions.

What action will the Supreme Court take in this matter regarding the fraternization and bribery exposure brought upon the actions of judge who were involved?

What action will Governor Corbett take to investigate his Administration's email system where a number of his former staff in the Office of Attorney General currently work?

What action will the Philadelphia DA take to investigate and discipline the former staff of the Office of Attorney General currently working for him?

The ongoing investigation refers to AG Kane and her staff checking on Career Staffers that are currently turning Corbett's Staffers in on alleged crimes they may done while running the office?

Stay tune, a bigger scandal will be found among this one known as the "AG Porn Scandal!

Anonymous said...

Well, time to lawyer up for the Prosecutors and they can't be Grand Jury protected since over 30 employees and some outside of the OAG was ending them among themselves. Fina, Sprow, Brown, Brandstter, and Blessington are the one that needs special attention and bring them before a Grand Jury! I think some Career OAG Employees will take an Immunity Plea and this group is going to jail.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the judges.
Sex = bribes.
Fraternization between law enforcement and judges = too many people in jail

Anonymous said...

Additional information regarding the September 26, 2014 at 1:04 am comment:

The Actors:
Fina - Frank Fina, former OAG prosecutor, currently a prosecutor with Office of the District Attorney, City of Philadelphia

Sprow - Michael A. Sprow, former OAG prosecutor, currently the Inspector General, Commonwealth of PA, appointed by Governor Tom Corbett

Brown - K. Kenneth Brown, II, former OAG prosecutor, currently Chief Counsel, Office of the Inspector General, Commonwealth of PA, appointed by Governor Tom Corbett

Brandstetter - Laurel Brandstetter, former OAG prosecutor, currently Law Clerk for Judge Bill Ward, Allegheny Co. Court of Common Pleas. Brandstetter is building a risk management practice in Pittsburgh for Leech Tishman. Judge Ward was the former Chief of Staff for Governor Tom Corbett. Judge Ward was appointed to the Bench by Governor Tom Corbett

Blessington - Patrick Blessington, former OAG prosecutor, currently a prosecutor in the Office of the District Attorney, City of Philadelphia

Details added for informational purposes only

Anonymous said...

What about the women in these photos and emails? How old were they? What were circumstances? Desperate? Trafficked? Abuse survuvors? Small percentage of women who would do these things willingly. And what makes these questions relevant is the fact that it happened in an office that should be acting in the interest of those being exploited rather then using it for self gratification.

Anonymous said...

The actions of AG Corbett's supposedly professional Law Enforcement Officials for the Commonwealth were and are disgraceful showing they were not professional at all, and not only should be disciplined but investigated by a Grand Jury.

These are the same people that investigated Sandusky so long as he molested young men, and then claim they did their jobs???

All the while, they were using pornography during professional hours for personal pleasures?

These people were working on state time and passing porno around on state computers while claiming to uphold justice?

Shame on them and all should be released from Public Service without Pensions!

Anonymous said...

If Dennis Roddey had any character at all he would resign for working for Corbett but cares more about his own Pension apparently???

These are Governor Corbett AG Hires watching Porno on State Computers on State Time while prosecuting Republican Perzel for Computergate and not investigating Republican Senators while lying to the public, press, and citizens?

Hyperbole Hypocrisy from the Republican Party claiming "Family Values" while their Law Enforcement is seeking out Porn on Commonwealth Time and taking their good old time investigating Sandusky and saying they did it right????

Republicans Family Values has a propensity of making exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally and the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform?????

Anonymous said...

The late great Dick Scaife supported Nixon until it was proven he lied and had to resign?

Corbett's career has taken the same steps in those directions with Tomalis Ghost Employees, Pennsylvania Pornogate on State Time, and making sure they keep and up their Pensions??

Didn't Corbett become Governor by prosecuting other State Employees supposedly using State Computers on State Time for Campaigns while his own Prosecutors were doing the same thing with Porno for Personal Pleasure???

Anonymous said...

These State Employees have an odd sense of values claiming to protect taxpayers money while committing crimes such as Obstruction of Justice of their own and refusing to investigate themselves and destroyed evidence in emails claiming to save money for the state by covering up their criminal behavior?

Anonymous said...

The issues are serious.

Fraternization between law enforcement and judges jeopardizes our criminal justice system.

Sex has long been used to bribe people in official capacities.

Consider your own freedom to be at risk by these actions.

Anonymous said...

If you are Tom Corbett, do you fire State Police chief Noonan today, or make some pretend show of gathering all the facts?

Won't it be better to cut him loose as the bag of poison he is right now than to wait around while we fully explore just how bad a bag of poison he is by watching Porn on State Time with State Computers?

Just speaking purely tactically for Corbett now. I see he is asking Kane for all the emails. Doesn't that just prolong the pain or is it another cover up of his staff illegal actions?

I love how Corbett has supposedly been aware of the emails since May but waited until just now to ask to see them...Umm...why the delay?? Did he have no curiosity to see them until his efforts to keep the emails from the public failed? One would think he would want to see them and take disciplinary actions ASAP!

The truth is he knows exactly what's in them and always has, that's why he ordered his cronie to change the email retention policy to 6 freaking months right after Corbett left the OAG causing the deletion of over 20 million emails....smh

Anonymous said...

Since when did Corbett need all of the facts to encourage that someone be fired?

Since Corbett's AG Prosecutors, Agents and 30 Staffers were caught watching porn while hounding Sandusky over 5 years in a slow walk of justice?

Some Governor all of these employees full of hypocrisy and criminal behavior as Ag staffers.

Governor Corbett threatens to "review" porn emails. Maybe Noonan, Abruzzo and Feathers can get Carusone to be their attorney and Harley to be their spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

Patrick Blessington of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Among Recipients of Pornographic and Misogynistic Emails!

He needs investigated and Indicted and lose his Pensions, he is the one that threaten everyone to lie under oath!

This is a very Evil Man!

Anonymous said...

Is not having to spend your own money to buy porn the same as not having to spend your campaign money to run a campaign? Just wondering Office of AG and Ethics Commission?

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement failures: Fraternization with judges, potential bribery, destruction of witness and proffer notes, exchanging pornographic emails.

It is time to release Mike Veon and Brett Feese from jail so they can prepare their appeals.

Veon - Incarcerated June 18, 2010
Feese - Incarcerated February 28, 2012

The system failed these citizens.

Anonymous said...

“If (judges) are involved, they'll have to pay the piper,” Castille said.

Based on information Kane provided, the photos and videos from emails implicate at least eight former office employees, including State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan and Department of Environmental Resources Secretary E. Christopher Abruzzo.

All eight were hired by Republican administrations before Kane, a Democrat, took office last year. They worked under Corbett when he was the attorney general from 2005 to 2011. Four of the men still work for Corbett.

In Pittsburgh on Monday, Corbett said he asked for “additional information” and will reserve judgment until Kane provides it. He has not asked Noonan or Abruzzo to resign.

“We have to have the facts,” Corbett reiterated, when asked about his cabinet members. “I need to see exactly what all the decisions that were made, what happened. Right now, I'm reading newspaper accounts. That's not sufficient.”

Kane's office has said Noonan received 338 images but transmitted none, and Abruzzo received 46 and sent eight, according to Kane's office.

Neither man has commented.

Read more: http://triblive.com/news/adminpage/6883152-74/corbett-kane-office#ixzz3EmXf1EAM
Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Now all of a sudden Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams cannot explain his own Twitter Accounts never being followed by him????

Come on- does eth Williams expect the Public and Investigators to believe Seth had no way of knowing who he was following Porno Pictures on his accounts despite approving to follow them???

Perjury under Oath is Obstruction of Justice just like Spanier, Curley, and Schultz according to Frank Fina?

Looks like Seth was obviously too busy filing charges on the 'obvious and mandatory prosecution' of those politicians Kane wouldn't charge.

Steh and Fina He were too busy putting those corrupt politicians in jail.......oh wait a minute........it may be people on their own staff and themselves that were watching personal pleasures of Porno on State Computers using State time doing the same thing?

If Judges were par of it they too have to be Indicted and Suspended ASAP.

This will be a deterrence for all future Prosecutors using Prosecutors Misconduct to seek public convictions while prowling for political power is it not?

For a Deterrence Sake people like the Judges, State police Chief Noonan, Prosecutors Fina, Blessington, and now Williams need to be made an example of so others do not follow their mis-justice deeds in seeking justice for political power like Corbett did too.

Anonymous said...

It is like Tme Machine of corrective justice as we read how expos√© of Fina’s & Blessington's shoddy, racist, irresponsible investigative methods are being exposed now.

Time for a Grand Jury and have Federal Prosecutors put these filthy guys under Investigations and on the record for future Indictments and Prosecutions.

Tom Corbett failed to prosecute wrongdoing by political allies. York County District Attorney Stan Rebert. Rep. Matt Wright. Rep. James Lynch. State Rep. Mauree Gingrich. State Rep. Eugene McGill. Crawford County Treasurer Fred Wagner. And these are just a few that we know about.

Perhaps most egregiously, Corbett “cleared” the Senate Republican Caucus - which awarded the largest taxpayer-funded bonuses to staff who worked on campaigns – of wrongdoing without subpoenaing a single witness to appear before the grand jury.

Even a Republican Senator called Corbett’s investigation “a joke” and said his lack of action was politically motivated. Corbett in fact blew off an intern who tried to report illegal campaigning in Sen. Jane Orie’s office, then Porno King Harley Corbett's spokesman tried to lie about it.

Senate Republicans contributed at least $90,000 to Corbett’s campaign????

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina and his Co-Hort in Crime Blessington were hired an used the Oldest Trick in the prosecutors' book.

1. Misused the Investigators and the Grand Jurors and carefully select certain targets and threaten them, tell them their children will be wards of the state, and then have them lie under oath so they can keep their jobs and freedom.

2. After selecting certain Political Leadership then publicly charge a person with nefarious wrong-doing while knowing that any chance to convict is slim to nonexistent.

3. Make sure certain chosen Media are given illegal Grand Juror leaks and pretend you will investigate that within your own Staffs and Office.

4. Let the media feed the public curiosity and make public pronouncements of guilt so Corbett could win the governor's election.

5. Outgoing AG destroys all Emails and other Documentations so it cannot be reviewed and shared with future Defense Counsel, outright lying it saves money.

It's almost as though it had been orchestrated, and the defendants remain guilty in the eyes of the public.

But the real criminals were Corbett, Fina and Blessington all along and no one can makes this up anymore!

Anonymous said...

fina and his crew will be very rich when the lawsuits against kane and company are settled.they will get the last laugh as usual. While you and your criminal scumbag pals continue to rot in prison. Ha Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech in a self-governing society demands that citizens act with moderation, respect, and responsibility. People like Frederick Douglass, Mary Beth Tinker and Martin Luther King, Jr. have all exercised and fought for the right to freedom of speech.

The previously posted comment would probably be viewed as deficient by Frederick Douglas, Mary Beth Tinker and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Corbett goes after his perceived political enemies by misusing the justice system and protects his political friends and contributors by not investigating them.

There needs to a be a Grand Jury on how Corbett and his Porno Prosecutors operated that corrupt office and that includes relationships with Judges of the Commonwealth Supreme Court Chief Justice Castille should call for one and no one should fear it, because it is the way to insure equally justice under due process of law.

These so-called Porno Professional Prosecutors still try to hold onto their jobs and pensions they should be ashamed of themselves.

This includes Frank Fina, Blessington, and all of them!

They revealed their own personal lack of values by how they misused the laws and refuse d to apply to them to political friends.

Anonymous said...

Seth Williams now has his own problems and it begins with firing or asking for the resignations of Fina and Blessington.

So much for scumbags hanging on huh!

Anonymous said...

I can see “Judicial Censures” coming for all judges involved except those that favored Corbett’s Corrupt Prosecutors like Fina and Blessington involving the cases they prosecuted while breaking state laws on state time using state computers for personal pornography self-pleasures.

Noonan, Fina and Blessington need to resign before they are fired and they need to be investigated!

Anonymous said...

Harley is as smarmy as they come...bottom line, if you are an employee of the state, it is made extremely clear what you can and cannot do on state computers, on state time. If it were a rank and file employee, or if it were an employee in the private sector, there would likely be an immediate suspension or full out termination of their job.

Anonymous said...

The better question is when is Corbett and his Former prosecutors will be Indicted for using State Computers, State resources and State Time on Political Activities in the AG and Governor office and personal pleasures of pornography.

As Frank Fina once said, they went after other State Employees as a "Deterrence" using State time, Employees, and Resources for Personal Political activities just a Corbett’s Prosecutors and Agents did the same with Personal Pornography!

Some of these people and it may include Judges need to go to jail if Corbett’s Former Prosecutors were correct to put others in jail for personal use of state resources, is that not fait or fair?

Anonymous said...

Harley is full of Poppycock, Pure Poppycock now that he has been caught breaking the laws he called other criminals for breaking under AG Corbett!

Republicans controlled the Office of Attorney General for over 20 years. In that time Republican AG Zimmerman Hershey Trust Shenigans ignored, Supreme Court Chief Justice Castille & Former Supreme court Justice Newman $12 million Dollar Courthouse Scandal ignored, Corbett’s use of State Resources, Offices Rents for political activity ignored, Corbett’s Campaign manager of beaver County using County Time and his Campaign Money to complete his Master’s Degree ignored, Pennsylvania Cyber School Scandal ignored, Senate Bonusgate Investigation ignored, and Sandusky sex Scandal ignored and when investigated these same OAG Employees many promoted by Corbett were using State Time & State Computers to pay for and watch Pornography and Feathers calls it political????

Supreme Court Justice McCafferty is a Democrat by the way!

Harley broke the same laws of using State Time, Computers, and Resources for personal pleasures and use as the same as the Bonusgate and Computergate employees he helped put in jail?

Anonymous said...

Corbett's Former Employees, Spokesperson, Prosecutors and Agents email all had release these critical details that will make it hard to deny in a court of law or before a Grand Jury:
1. Time stamps that show the emails were sent regularly through the years in question, and pushed around the office among different clusters of closely-knit colleagues at various times during long work weeks.

2. Occasional repartee between recipients that not only indicates the images have been opened, but that they have been viewed with some degrees of enthusiasm.

3. Some of that chatter also makes humiliatingly clear that these messages – shared by co-workers close enough to feel safe using their office emails - were never meant for a public reading, especially by the women the men worked or lived with.

However, all done on State Time using State Computers and State Resources and why they have to be prosecuted since they did that to other State Officials and Employees!

Anonymous said...

As a woman and state employee who has a history of trauma, I cannot begin to describe the impact of these emails, not because I'm a survivor or a naive innocent, but because of the level of exploitation. It is beyond the realm of comprehension.

Anonymous said...

The irony?

During this period, top lawmakers went to prison - including former House speakers, Democrat Bill DeWeese and Republican John Perzel; former House whips, Democrat Mike Veon and Republican Brett Feese - for, among other things, "theft of services": In this case, using government resources for politics.

The agency that pursued, charged and prosecuted them, often on the basis of email evidence, is the same agency whose top officials were pushing email porn.

Watching porn isn't a crime. Watching at work on government computers is merely a violation of policy. But could using government computers and email for porn instead of politics be considered theft of services?

And if all the time and use were added up, might it reach the theft-of-services felony threshold of $2,000?

Also, Frank Fina, a lead prosecutor on Sandusky and cases against lawmakers, who now works for Philly District Attorney Seth Williams, went to court to prevent release of emails.

Need a map?

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/20141006_The_porn_case_you_couldn_t_make_up.html#5R1iRE4pVtWjsVFj.99

Anonymous said...

Brad Bumsted, Tribune-Review, is reporting that Attorney General Kane and PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Castille are negotiating over the release of some 4,000 emails between judges and the Office of Attorney General.

This could settle the issue of judicial manipulation by Corbett, Fina and his team of prosecutors.

A review of all cases involving these people will be demanded.

Anonymous said...

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - A former high-ranking supervisor with the Pennsylvania attorney general's office has resigned from his job in a county prosecutor's office, the latest fallout from the disclosure that employees of the office swapped emails with pornographic images or videos.

Rick Sheetz, who led the criminal division until Attorney General Kathleen Kane took office early last year, resigned Monday from his part-time job as an assistant district attorney in Lancaster County.

District Attorney Craig Stedman said the email scandal prompted Sheetz's departure, which was first reported Tuesday by Lancaster Newspapers. Sheetz and his attorney did not respond to requests for comment.

Two other former prosecutors from the office, Chris Abruzzo and Glenn Parno, resigned from the Department of Environmental Protection last week after Kane released redacted copies of emails sent or received by eight former employees of the office. Abruzzo was the DEP secretary and Parno a department lawyer.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/20141008_ap_31e8c43cedb34c289a0b8bc1ae37e433.html#LL94wDYfYjrEFoDD.99

Anonymous said...

Once again it is an election year and Corbett's Departments are running radio Public Service Announcements which include Corbett's name at the end of the ad.

Mentioning his name during an election cycle should be illegal. The taxpayers are paying for the production and possible air time for these ads.

Wolf could demand equal time and state financing to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari,
by Laura Vecsey
"Imagine! Tom Corbett's Former Top Prosecutor Afraid Porn Emails Would Be Used To Intimidate Him And Silence Others."


Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari, O Wise One!!!
Your devoted followers are concerned that you have returned to Casablanca and lost your Internet access.

Please say it isn't so.

Anonymous said...

In the September 2014, the General Fund ruptured $700 million in red ink, we lost 9,600 jobs, dropping us from 7th to 50th in job creation.

Since 2011, Moody's and Standard & Poor tanked our credit rating, 31.400 teachers have lost their jobs, 23 schools closed in Philly, 80% of school districts have cut staff or programs or raised taxes.

The transportation bill has our gasoline price 50 cents/gallon higher than New Jersey. This while PA is the only state not to charge a natural gas severance tax - which would net the tax payer $500 million to a billion dollars/year over the next 15-20 years. All because Big Gas dropped $3 million into Corbett's 2010 & 2014 gube campaigns.

We have ghost employees, fake campaign pics, rampant porn emails, denigrating comments to and about women, Hispanics, gays and the unemployed, Sandusky scandal and 6,800 driller violations over the last 5 years.

Corbett's tenure has been an unparalleled disaster and will go down in history as the first governor to lose re-election, because he was the worst governor in history.

Anonymous said...

With the capture of Eric Frein, it is time for Frank Noonan, PA State Police Commissioner, and Tom Corbett, Governor of the Cpommonwealth of PA, to come clean regarding PornGate.

Last night shortly after the start of the 11:00 PM evening news on TV27, Corbett hosted a live Press Conference announcing the capture of Frein. Corbett stated that he and Noonnan spoke sometimes every hour. Noonan later stated he and Corbett spoke 3 or 4 times a day regarding the search for Frein. The two have worked together for years and have earned each others trust.

Back to reality, Noonan had over 300 pornographic emails in his Inbox and did not stop the circulation or tell his boss Attorney General Corbett about the abusive communications that infiltrated the Office of the Attorney General.

Noonan must resign immediately. If a senior member of the state police had over 300 porn emails in his Inbox and did not stop the circulation and notify the Commissioner, would Noonan allow that person to remain on the job and be potentially promoted to Commissioner? I hope not.

Noonan failed the Office of the Attorney General and we can not afford to have him fail the trust and traditions of the PA State Police.

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari's absence is as likely explained by reincarceration as anything else.

Anonymous said...

November 3, 2014.
The citizens of Pennsylvania have investigated, indicted and convicted Tom Corbett by handing him an historic landslide re-election defeat.

Anonymous said...

Thank God it is over.

Anonymous said...

FATE ACCOMPLI! The People convicted by Prosecutors who were using State Computers on State Time and State Resource and destroying evidence, notes, and emails for Pornography that were prosecuting others for State Conflicts of Interests and Theft need to come together and file Prosecutors Misconduct against Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan including the Pattern and Practice of illegally leaking secret Grand Jury proceedings need to file an Appeal as well action at Disciplinary Board against these AGs and Prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly no question that the Pennsylvania Govonor's election was impacted by negative feelings by JoeBots and PSU alumni that in some way faulted Corbett for some role in the down fall of their beloved JokePa and the institutions probation, etc. I do not think it was the tipping point in the election...but it obviously had an impact if you listened to what people said and look at historical voting patterns.

That said, these folks really are zealots and have been so brain-washed since a young age that they just cannot accept the fact that their beloved JokePa had any role in this whole sorrid affair.

I know a lot of very educated and otherwise bright people that honestly believe this whole thing was a set up and that JokePa and PSU did nothing wrong.

There are even some freaks that believe that Sandusky was railroaded and did nothing wrong.

It is what it is...I've generally chosen to avoid the subject with these people...as it never leads to anything productive or happy.

Anonymous said...

AG Kane needs to convene a Grand Jury and bring each employee with the Porn using on state computers on state time as well as all county judges and their employees, and investigate all of the Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan's tenures and reveal this deep corruption.

Anything less and she will look like a cover up and she should do the right thing. Follow the evidence and don't leak any Grand Jury proceedings unlike the Corbett Porno Prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

AG Kane needs to convene a Grand Jury and bring each employee with the Porn using on state computers on state time as well as all county judges and their employees, and investigate all of the Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan's tenures and reveal this deep corruption.

Anything less and she will look like a cover up and she should do the right thing. Follow the evidence and don't leak any Grand Jury proceedings unlike the Corbett Porno Prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

A 62-year-old Republican, Corbett is a blunt-spoken former prosecutor whose political career has been built pursuing powerful people who, he has said, "believe they are beyond the law." And his role in the Penn State scandal, fraught with potential conflicts, placed him in a remarkable position.

As Pennsylvania's attorney general, he investigated Sandusky for nearly two years but failed to make an arrest. But then, as governor, he blamed the university's leaders for not doing more.

Of course, the whole investigation festered under Corbett's watch as attorney general, he had one investigator investigating Jerry Sandusky while 14 were piling on in a probe of Mike Veon and Bill DeWeese, a political enemy.

Anonymous said...

On the Saturday morning of the Nov. 12 Nebraska game -- the first Penn State game without Paterno on the staff since 1949 -- Bob Capretto, a 65-year-old former Penn State player who admittedly "loves Joe Paterno," had a conversation with Corbett, whom he considers a friend. Capretto says he asked Corbett, "Who told the board to fire Joe and fire Spanier?"

"And the governor said, 'I told them to do it,'" Capretto says. "He was proud of it. I told him, 'You don't realize what you have created here. The damage to Penn State is enormous.'"

Anonymous said...

Shame on the posters that attacks Tom Corbett and his Prosecutors, it is a sin to scold people that are sick and they should be prayed for not condemned.

Here is the link to read about them:

Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 2013 six-month investigation ordered by Judge Feudale to discover the sources of the Sandusky and DsNaples Grand Jury leaks? Feudale named two former OAG prosecutors, James Reeder and Kenneth Brown to conduct the investigation.

There appears to be no public information regarding the results of the investigation.

Were the leaks from Frank Fina and others from the Office of the Attorney General under Corbett and Linda Kelly?

A few months into the investigation, Feudale was removed by the state Supreme Court following a request from AG Kane.

Did Corbett, Fina and Kelly benefit from the unreported investigation of Grand Jury leaks?

Pennsylvania investigator said...

AG Kane needs to convene a Grand Jury to bring each employee with the Porn using on state computers on state time as well as all county judges and their employees, and investigate all of the Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan's tenures and reveal this deep corruption.