Friday, June 20, 2014


Attorney General Kathleen Kane has scheduled for Monday the release of a report on her review of Tom Corbett's three-year-long investigation of serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

One of the main complaints about the glacial pace of  Corbett's investigation is the near-certainty that Sandusky continued to abuse children even as the investigation crept along.

Given what we know about child molesters, it's nearly impossible that a pedophile in his 60s, whose victims likely number in the hundreds, simply ... stopped. Why would he? How could he? Corbett apologists argue that Sandusky knew he was being investigated, but he'd been investigated before and didn't stop. Many believe he'd lost his coaching job with Penn State over the incident, and still he didn't stop. The fact that he'd escaped without criminal charges may even have emboldened him.

We've always maintained that Sandusky most likely continued to abuse children after Corbett took over the investigation in March of 2009, but doubted that Corbett's OAG would advertise the fact by prosecuting any case involving one of those victims.

Or were we wrong?

At least one Corbett critic - Ray Blehar of - insists that the abuse of Victim 9 continued at least until July 29, 2009, when Victim 9 turned 16 - four months after Corbett took over the case. Blehar's case is strong, but not conclusive.

The original criminal complaint  involving victims 9 and 10 alleges the crimes took place "on or about January 1997 to December 2008." The grand jury presentment  also suggests Sandusky's abuse of Victim 9 ended in 2008. However, according to a February 21, 2012, Bill of Particulars, the abuse continued until 2009, when the victim was "15/16." The dates change again in the amended Bill of Particulars, filed May 18, 2012, in which the dates of abuse are listed as July 2005 to December of 2008.

A month later, during testimony at Sandusky's trial, Victim 9 testifies that he continued to see Sandusky until he was 15 or 16 - with the witness, prosecutor and defense attorney all seeming to settle on age 16.

As we've said, the question really isn't whether Sandusky continued molesting children while Corbett dawdled over the investigation - he almost certainly did. The question is whether any of those victims had any hope of seeking justice from an Attorney General's office that has so much to hide.


Ray Blehar said...

Sandusky dropped his initial appeal of his child abuse finding in February 2009, but refiled the appeal in August 2009.

At that time, Sandusky had yet to resign from The Second Mile and, contrary to the constant lies of the Patriot News, was not prevented from participating in programs involving children.

A KDKA report noted that Sandusky had attended the charity's Summer Challenge program in 2010.

There is little doubt that Sandusky continued to access children up until his arrest. The estranged wife of Matt Sandusky filed a protective order shortly after the arrest to ensure that Matt didn't take the kids to see Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Segnor Ferrari,
You are absolutely right, Ray Blehar, The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal, has done stellar work analyzing the Sandusky investigation. His research is priceless.

The key is The Second Mile and the tie between money and politicians.
Corbett directed the media to PSU and protected his source for campaign donations.

Let's hope the report explains Corbett "prosecutorial discretionary" powers. The public will be sickened by the system in place.

Anonymous said...

Sexual assault is non-consensual sexual touching of a person. A minor boy cannot give legal consent. You see?

Those that pretend to be wise but are really fools, are confounded because this is so very simple.

Let us see....4 people decided to use Prosecution Discretion and SAT on Victim's info that would have been the total "corroboration" of the known
victims at the time, and just now Thomas Corbett squirms.....whatever one does avoid Saint Mary's Law School in Texas, they graduated Tom Corbett.

Even worse, Deputy Attorney General BILL RYAN erased all Emails to save the Commonwealth money after knowing AG Kane was going to investigate him and others at the PAOAG?


Two more children were molested while FINA stonewalled for Corbett.

Did Playing politics justifies what you did in your mind?

What does your wife think of you?

What if it was your child molested while Tommy was running for Governor with his second Mile Contributors to his campaign?

How do you justify your job at the mercy of 2 children?

BILL RYAN, BILL RYAN, BILL RYAN a name that will go down in covering up Children Abuse Infamy with Frank Fina and Tommy Corbett!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the IRS Investigation by the Republican Congress took a page out of the Republican Office of Attorney General by destroying Emails to have themselves from Jail?

How sweet the Bi-Partisan Parties turn on themselves to save themselves.

Anonymous said...

Any IT Engineer will tell anyone the installation of a huge network including email services at the Treasury Department in Washington D.C., including both the IRS and the then named FMS departments were formidable enough to handle all emails.

This was in the very same building that Lois Lerner worked in and Lerner’s reported her hard drive failed on, or around, June 13, 2011.

The first time the IRS learned Congress was looking into the targeting of conservatives was on June 3, 2011.

That means two years of Lerner’s communications disappeared just 10 days (or fewer) after Congress had made its first inquiry into the IRS targeting of conservatives, a coincidence that many GOP lawmakers found too suspicious to be happenstance.

The systems installed back then contained the email within it and the procedures included performing daily backups and then a weekly backup tape was sent to another government facility for long term storage and record keeping as required even then by federal law.

As recently as a meeting last Monday with Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore. and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, Koskinen failed to inform investigators that the emails of six others IRS employees were missing, in addition to Lerner’s.

Koskinen withheld that information even though Hatch had asked the IRS chief to formally attest that all communications had been provided to Congress.

The IRS boss testified that he wanted to complete the collection of all of Lerner’s emails before informing Congress of the two years of missing emails, a claim that made GOP lawmakers howl with anger.

Something else that has congressional investigations very suspicious is the remarkable coincidence that Lerner’s supposed hard drive crash happened just 10 days after the very first time Congress asked the IRS whether it was targeting of conservatives.

To claim that they lost the emails has to be maybe THE most blatant lie by the administration.

This lie can only succeed with the complicity of other agencies, the Congress, and the media.

There is absolutely no way that this could be possible unless it was intentional. There would be dozens or maybe even hundreds of tapes containing her email.

Anonymous said...

"No direct evidence that electoral politics influenced any important decision made in the Sandusky investigation,"

Let's take a second to analyze that statement (much as many, incorrectly I might add, analyzed Joe's statements).

I believe the wording is critical and probably more spot on than people think.

When they state 'electoral politics' they are talking about republican vs democrats and elections per se.

However, make no mistake this WAS about politics - just not 'electoral' politics.

From Tom Corbett's perspective the politics was Graham Spanier politics.

Tom didn't do what he did (or didn't do) to win an election - he did it to win a political battle against Graham Spanier?

Key and very interesting choice of words.....Kane/Moulton slammed the investigation hard.

When she was asked by some mealy mouthed stooge if she owed Corbett an apology, she dismissed that idea.

There was no "smoking gun" (well besides that Eshbach email which will probably get no traction in the media) but Kane/Moulton laid it out there for Governor Corbett to explain the inexcusable lapses and poor investigative far the Tommy's response has been, "uh well . . . conviction! kids!"

1 - the MM tip comes the day after TC is elected governor

#2 - more victims are "discovered" within weeks of Spanier humiliating Corbett in the budget battles.

Plus they did not like Eshbach's "tone" when she was pressing them to get Sandusky indicted.

I tend to believe a bit of Blehar's theory that they never intended to indict Sandusky until after TC won the election, and made it stick to Penn State University once Spanier displayed disdain of the Governor!!!!

Tommy brain is off the bulb of plum and that alone disqualifies him to remain a Governor.

Anonymous said...

Cover up of child abuse by same agencies claiming to protect children in Penn State scandal-- State Police confirmed ". . . . Violations (by government officials) of the Crimes code. . exist."

Staff from a Legislative Committee indicated they are utterly convinced, that J Singer was specifically maliciously targeted, as a result of his mandated report of suspected child abuse and government is about to put more people in that position (to be targeted, as a result of the Penn State scandal)

Even the victim of the Penn State scandal confirms that the aftermath of reporting Jerry Sandusky 'worse' than abuse.

[i] Victim 1 says aftermath of reporting Jerry Sandusky 'worse' than abuse

State Police summary confirmed "... Violations (by government officials) of the Crimes code. . exist” to retaliate to cover up child abuse that J Singer reported

Fina contended that lost in that description is the fact that Penn State police had stashed the report - Sandusky was not charged at the time - away in an administrative file, so it never showed up through earlier reviews of normal investigative channels . . . . .that they knew to press Penn State police for the missing records, Fina said.

County DA/prosecutor requested a criminal investigation by the Attorney General OAG (similar to the Penn State scandal),because it “. . . . clearly involves allegations that persons were attempting to influence state officials . . . or benefit from such influence . . . (71 PS §732=205 (1) Commonwealth Attorneys Act."

But, instead of investigating, law enforcement wrote letters contrary to the State’s own legal record to commit fraudulent concealment of crimes.

The same thread runs through Bonusgate, Computergate, the Black Caucus sting, and Sandusky: Frank Fina leaves files sit on his desk for months at a time, while subordinates twiddle their thumbs waiting for him to do something.

Anonymous said...

The IRS now responsible for ObamaCare Compliance and the IRS Commissioner admits they don't have server capacity and now they control our health records????

If the buck stopped with Lois Lerner we would have all her emails but cause this goes all the way to the top (WH) the hard drives have gone missing and apparently no emails can be recovered . It stinks of a cover up.

Remember Lerner was using a private email account to send IRS emails, in violation of the law. Is anyone looking for those emails?

Now the IRS Commissioner and his Democratic Congressional Supporters are arguing that the IRS needs wider powers and a bigger budget.

Voters, take note! Then there is Bill Ryan destroying all OAG Emails to save money?

Anonymous said...

The irony is just too great. The liberal socialist democrats are now forced to defend any and all actions of the IRS. Let the dems explain how a minimum of 6 copies of emails are erased, deleted or simply vaporized, eh?

Whomever Lois Lerner corresponded with has her emails on their hard drive and wherever those servers are. These emails cannot just disappear.

Interesting what you find out when you choose to find out, eh?

FISMA, Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) governs the retention and storage of government data, specifically including email and all other electronic correspondence.

Simply put, under the banner of FISMA, the emails of Lois Lerner, which were stored by the IRS on an Exchange server store, should have been backed up externally at regular intervals as governed by FISMA.

A simple crash of a laptop or desktop computer should not be enough to erase sensitive communications from an individual at the highest levels of a major government agency.

However, Prosecutors Misconduct exempts themselves when saving costs like Bill Ryan did when destroying PAOAG emails to prevent anyone from reading how Tom Corbett, Linda Kelly, and Frank Fina conducted themselves as Prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett booed at the Philadelphia Game!!!!

Looks like and now a fact that Corbett has been the worse thing that has happen to the Republican Party and the Republican Leadership can blame only Corbett and those that ever put him in politics in the first place.

Henry and Elsie Hillman and their UPMC Hospital Investments are about to take a fall.

It is all over and Corbett's Minions are running for the caves to hide, the Reckoning has come upon them.

Anonymous said...

The choice of Tom Corbett a not so bright person to become Governor who used criminal misconduct prosecutions on ethical violations was a serious misjudgment.

Karma has come home to roost and now hurts the entire Republican Party and those people will be held accountable one way or another.

Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Corbett stonewalled Eshbach for years so he could run for Governor. Kane cannot prove that fact. There is no smoking gun e-mail. But to say there were inexcuseable ,unexplainable delays IS saying politics were involved. The prosecutors,investigators and CYS all did their jobs. Corbett had 2 objectives 1) WIN Governor 2) Successful Prosecution= IN THAT ORDER !! That is the point ! A MONSTER was free so he could win the Governors office......

Anonymous said...

UPMC Computer IT Department is in ruins whereby Doctors cannot gain access to up to date information and Malpractice Lawsuits are on the way.

Every UPMC Employees personal data including Social Security Numbers has been hacked just like Target and they still have bigger problems.

UPMC had three Administrators all being paid over $200,000 held meetings with Doctors that do the work, bill out for services, and being cutback were asked by these Administrators what can be done to make more money for UPMC.....someone held up her hand and said, cutting their 3 jobs would be a good start!

UPMC is going to be in bigger trouble after Corbett is removed as Governor and will be bought by someone that knows how to run it properly.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Corbett was incompetent and just did a poor job. I can believe that being an accurate assessment of his track record. But everyone knows that before and after the Kane Report.

Also, giving Second Mile and Paterno a pass any AG Investigations by Corbett was not honest either.

Pennsylvania is better off without Governor Corbett, DAG Fina, Ryan, and Blessington, and UPMC is in shambles for selecting Corbett for Governor.

Joe Knew and did as little as possible so he could get more wins....but Paterno knew enough that he should have either gone to the police, or followed up on what he was told.. it is not enough to just tell your superior?

I don't think he was malicious in what he did or didn't do.. I just feel in my heart that he didn't do enough.

Kathleen, at the end of the day, is True to her self, and she is true to all spectators of one of the most heinous and devious and wicked crimes known to child kind.

As Corbett's AG Staff turned ethical violations into criminal charges and then destroyed their emails and notes so no one could see what theyw ere doing.

Anonymous said...

What’s at stake nationally this year is control of the U.S. Senate, and Republican chances of taking the majority went up significantly Tuesday night.

From Natchez to Norwood to Naples - Not only will Democrats be denied the opportunity to keep control of the senate.

The voting public is deeply frustrated with the Washington power structure.

The overall climate could hardly be worse for Democrats.

The president continues to find new lows and the ongoing international crises are taking a deepening toll.

Add to that today’s news about the skidding economy – the nation’s economic output was worse in the first three months of the year than any time since the immediate aftermath of the Panic of 2008 – and the picture becomes clear:

Democrats have their hands full preventing another “shellacking” like the one they took in 2010, let alone holding their Senate majority.

Except in Pennsylvania, where Corbett's performance and persona is actually worse than President's Obama.

Anonymous said...

Corbett has accomplished much of what he proposed in his initial campaign, the Governor’s policies are not politically popular overall.

Corbett tends to do what he thinks is right over general consensus, which is not a popular approach in a bipartisan state such as Pennsylvania.

It’s going to be up to the governor to control the narrative of the campaign, and keep it away from himself and on Tom Wolfe.

We can’t have another untested Tom!